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It is important that we report what breast implants have done to us to the FDA in the US at: Medwatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form and to Health Canada in Canada at: Health Product Complaint Process. It is also very important that we report what breast implants have done to our children. The organization Birth Defect Research for Children Inc. is collecting data on disabilities that may be related to breast implants through an ongoing research project titled The National Birth Defect Registry. To declare go to  Please note the form does not have a specific category for breast implants, so Mothers are asked to enter information in the “Other Exposures Not Listed” at the end of the Maternal Exposure section.

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We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Had Mentor under the muscle for 10 years !!! Had numerous symptoms. Explanted Oct 30th/2019. Better. But being patient for all symptoms to pass !!!! So thankful for this group 😘❤️🙏🏻

    1. Hi Cheryl, I also had Mentor under the muscle and for almost 6 years. After the past 6 months of a multitude of symptoms and a RA diagnosis I scheduled my en bloc surgery which was last week. One week in I already am feeling my body detox. My face has color and skin looks radiant, my joints are not hurting!! I’m also anxious to feel better and better.

  2. The Doctors TV show I watched last week had many women with BII on show with their testimonies. Many women on TV show had Explant surgery and feeling better instantly. One lady was still ill from BII after explant. Got my attention. I have almost all symptoms. In hospitals Specialists, Doctors, MRIs Cat Scans Ultrasounds x rays, blood work, had silicone implants 30 yrs ago. 6 yrs ago explant surgery. Surgeon said both ruptured and she could not get out all silicone. Said it won’t cause health issues….never gave it a second thought trusted surgeon with my life. Not now that I watched The Doctors TV show!! I as many women Lost so much life can’t buy time. Health is Wealth. I want my life back! Positive solutions please anyone where do I start? This is a crime making us ladies sick I thought so many time I was going to die. I have been hiding in pain suffering anxiety from my health issues how extreme it’s effecting my well being and life. Way to much life to live and love to share! I want my LIFE Back!! They must be accountable! Please can anyone help? 💓

  3. Have almost all symptoms where do I start? What tests? Who? Where? How to detox?

    1. Hi Bonnie-Lou,
      Read each page of this website, all your questions will be answered.

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