Healing Breast Implant Illness Society of North America is a not-for-profit society with a dedicated constitution to educate globally regarding the health affects of saline and silicone breast implants, to emotionally support women through breast implant illness, explant of implants, detoxification and most importantly to help women overcome societies false concepts of beauty, trivialization and oversexualization.

For five years we operated without any financial support however it’s no longer sustainable or feasible to do so due to the tremendous growth of our facebook group membership now over 50,000 requiring both full and part time Administrators and due to the ongoing expenses for internet, website, devices, adminstration, professional fees and funding of necessary projects to further our cause.  We need the financial support of our members to continue to support them and to further this cause for women.

Nothing on our website or in the facebook group will be behind a paywall however we do need reciprocal support from our facebook members in the form of donations.   If you have benefited from our website and the facebook group please consider a suggested minimum donation of $10.00 per annum, if you can afford more that would be wonderful.  A minimum $10.00 donation per annum from our facebook members could support the platform well.

We will also be seeking donations from our Explant Surgeons, who we have supported for several years, and if possible, donating an explant for members that truly cannot afford an explant and whose life is gravely affected by breast implants.  We envision a program where the surgeons from the Explant Surgeon’s list give back to the community which is supporting them.

Making a donation through Paypal in either US, Canadian or Euros is fast and easy.  Click the button below to make a donation through paypal or your debit/credit card, if Paypal asks you for an email please use

Or make a donation by check in either US or Canadian funds, please make your check payable to Healing Breast Implant Illness and send to:

70 Jamieson Road
Bowser, British Columbia
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