If you would like your breast implants analyzed for identification of the manufacturer, implant failure product information and analysis and extensive details about how and why your implants caused symptoms and illness in your body please contact Dr. Pierre Blais who is the world’s foremost expert on breast implant failure:

Dr. Pierre Blais
Innoval Failure Analysis
496 Westminister Avenue
Ottawa, Canada
K2A 2V1
Phone (613) 728-8688
Fax (613) 728-0687

If you would like the saline fluid in your implants tested for fungus or other microorganisms, Mycometrics and Real-Time Labs are two microbiology service laboratories specializing in the identification of fungi (molds), bacteria and viruses from the environment, food, pharmaceutical or biological products.


If you live in the U.S. and have been affected negatively by breast implants and need help convincing your insurance to cover your explant, Dr. Diana Zuckerman would like to hear from you .  Since 1990, Dr. Zuckerman has been working to warn women about the dangers of breast implants and is the only doctor collecting and presenting accurate statistics and research, as listed on the Breast Implant Safety page of this site, evidencing the negative health consequences of breast implants.  Presently Dr. Zuckerman is working toward having explants covered by health insurance in the U.S.   Please contact Dr. Diana Zuckerman at .  Please see this link about the ins and outs of insurance coverage:  The codes you need for claiming explant on your insurance are as follows:

Procedure Codes CPT
19371 – 50   Periprosthetic capsulectomy breast, the 50 is the modifier for Bilateral ProcedureDiagnostic Codes ICD10
T85.49XA – Mechanical complication of breast prosthesis and implant
T85.79XA – Infection and inflammatory reaction due to other internal prosthetic devices, implants, grafts.
T85.84XA – Pain due to internal prosthetic devices, implants and grafts.
T85.44XA – Contracture of Breast Prosthesis
T85.43XA – Rupture of Breast Prosthesis
N64.81 – Breast Ptosis
N64.4 – Mastodynia


If you feel you may be mercury poisoned from your mercury fillings or another source, please order and read Andy Cutler’s book:  Amalgam Illness: Diagnoses and Treatment from Amazon or here:

Andrew Cutler
3006 – 230th Lane SE #X103
Sammamish, WA  98075
Phone (425) 557-8299
Fax (425) 557-2104


Breast Implants contain different heavy metals and hair testing will indicate if heavy metals from breast implants or other sources are causing you toxicity.   I suggest getting both the Hair Elements test which will give you your mineral status and the Hair Toxicities test if they are separate.  Part of your detox will include supplying your body with any minerals that are low so your body will let go of heavy metals.  Hair Testing in the U.S. can be obtained from Doctors Data here:  Hair Testing in Canada can be obtained from Rocky Mountain Analytical here:   Medical doctors do not acknowledge hair testing or toxicity because they did not learn about it in school but Naturopathic Doctors often use hair tests to identify hidden toxicities and balance minerals. If you would like to learn to interpret your own hair tests and identify toxicities from hair tests, please order and read Andy Cutler’s book:  Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities which can be purchased on Amazon.


If you have auto-immune symptoms, the Paleo Auto-immune Protocol Diet could be very helpful in minimizing your symptoms and modulating your immune system responses while healing and recovering.  Information on the Paleo Auto-Immune Protocol Diet can be found here:


In 2003  the Human Genome Project revealed an important gene to our detoxification, the MTHFR, is defective and mutated in many people.

When it’s working correctly the MTHFR gene produces the MTHFR enzyme.  The MTHFR enzyme works with folate vitamins (B9, folic acid), breaking down and converting to the amino acids homocysteine and methionine which is used by your body to make proteins, utilize antioxidants, and to assist your liver to process fats.  Methionine helps with depression and inflammation. It also helps convert estradiol (E2) into estriol (E3).  Methionine is converted in your liver into SAM-e, which is anti-inflammatory, supports your immune system, helps produce and breakdown your brain chemicals serotonin, dopamine and melatonin, and is involved in the growth, repair and maintenance of your cells.  So a proper methylation pathway means you will be able to eliminate toxins and heavy metals easier than if it is defective and mutated.

When it is not working correctly the MTHFR gene only functions at 40% or 70% of its capacity which means you won’t break down toxins or heavy metals very well and you could find yourself accumulating heavy metals.  The defective gene does not break down folate vitamins properly which can cause high homocysteine and homocysteine is poorly converted to glutathione which is your body’s master detoxifier and so you are more susceptible to toxin buildup.

How to treat it?  You can’t change a defective gene but you can help it do its job better and minimize problems.  Some find their folic acid lab test levels are high (it’s one of several folate vitamins) since a defect in the gene prevents your body from using it, it goes high.  The recommended solution is avoid supplements and many processed foods with folic acid.   Healthy foods that contain folate should be okay, as would be the active form of folate called methylfolate as a supplement, also called 5-MTHF (5-methyltetrahydrofolate).  B12 might also be high, so patients tend to avoid the synthetic supplemental version of B12 called cyanocobalamin and instead favor the more useable methylcobalamin (methylB12), which will help break down those high levels. But the methylB12 will be used by your body in detoxing you from toxins, so you may need to start low to avoid detox side effects like fatigue, achiness, etc.  Another good B-vitamin is the methyl version of B6, called P-5-P.

Dr. Ben Lynch feels that “repairing the digestive system and optimizing the flora should be one of the first steps in correcting methylation deficiency”, and that especially includes treating candida because of the toxins it releases, inhibiting proper methylation.  Some experts recommend eating clean, such as Paleo or the GAPS diet.  Avoiding exposure to toxins is important. Minerals play a key role in several enzymatic functions. Vitamin C helps reduce oxidants.  Molybdenum (500 mcg) helps break down excess sulfates and sulfites

High copper and low zinc is a common finding when you have an MTHFR defect–a high level of copper, which will conversely mean your zinc levels will fall. And since the ratio of these two metals is highly important, correcting the problem is crucial, since high copper can be related to hyperactivity, depression, headaches, acne, frequent colds due to lowered immunity, sensitive skin and/or bruising, worsening hypothyroid, adrenal stress and more.

Here are two great resources about MTHFR:


2.  Video and talk by Dr. Ben Lynch, ND.

  More coming soon.


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101 thoughts on “RESOURCES

  1. Kristy Byerley

    Hi Nicole.

    Wow, what a great site – thank you! I’m 12 years with saline implants and eight years of chronic illness, which initially manifested as late-stage Neuro-Lyme disease and co-infections, rendering me bedridden for much of the first three years. While my health has improved gradually over the years I’m still ‘down’ about 30% of the time and have added many diagnosis/labels to the mix such as reactive Epstein Barr and CMV, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, SIBO, Raynaud’s, and others. Why I hadn’t considered these foreign objects in my body to be co-contributors to my heath issues is beyond me.

    Again, thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.


  2. Jacque

    I had saline implants in 97 within yrs had my right one rupture from capsular contracture had just that one replaced. Six months later woke up and it was ruptured again that time got both of them replaced to textured saline..I don’t remember if those were mentor or meghan. Dr wanted me to get saline gel but I didn’t. He has since had several lawsuits and allegedly killed someone during surgery, and has since past on. My right implant since his replacement is twisted with a faulty valve under my arm above ribcage. He would repair it when he was still alive unless completely deflated. I have since been diagnosed with fibromyalg and lupus and continue to get pluerisy and atypical pneumonia in lung where that implant is. Two weeks ago had a pulmonary embolism. I don’t have insurance other than tx women’s Medicaid and I believe that only covers one anual and birth control. I have been trying to find a Dr to work with me with explantation cost. With no luck. I’ve also been diagnosed with lymphendopathy 4 times in last yrs and have constant lymph pain and skin rash. I’m a single mother of 5 and live in dfw. I heard fda posted recently that textured saline have been linked to ACLC NON HODGKINS LYMPHOMA..I have extreme fatigue and muscle weakness as well as rash and blurred vision, vertigo and fainting spells. If anyone can help or knows of someone who can please let me know . Thanks my email is

  3. Tina scanlon

    Hi my name is Tina scanlon about 3 weeks ago I started having heart pains, and felt really sick after went to the ER they said I was fine to rest, I then started feeling chest discomfort and hard to breath. No energy each week is new symptoms I feel like I’m going to blackout every other day and I have heart palpitations and jaw pain and panic attacks that has led me to the ER 3 times, they say everything is fine, I went to a cardiologist and he said my heart looks healthy and he mentions my breath implants , I’ve had saline implants for 10 years, I’m very scared and want to know how to go about getting proper blood work done ASAP to see if this is what is causing this. Can you please give me the info on how to ask the doc what to test for so I can handle this right away! Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tina,
      There are no test(s) to prove your breast implants are causing your symptoms but those are classic symptoms. You need to start planning your proper explant, that is the first step to recovery. Read all the pages of the website for information that you need. Nicole

  4. Ann

    I had my breast removed in 1980 do to Doctors thinking that fibrous breast cysts were a precursor to breast cancer my breast was nothing but cysts. I had a bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy, I’ve had Saline and Silicone from the beginning, I’ve had at least 8 surgeries and two broken implants since the beginning. I have almost every symptom listed. I was very lucky to find the surgeon that actually did my last implant change. I knew about the leakage from the beginning, probably thought I was young and invincible. I have an appointment with the surgeon in January, it is probably too late for me, but believe they need to come out.

  5. Christy

    Nicole~Hello from Nashville. I had saline breast implants for 18 yrs and had them removed 5 yrs ago since I thought they were the cause of my constant upper respiratory sickness. They’ve been out for 5 yrs (Dr Kolb did my explant). I’m still sick though I’ve been detoxing. My question is do you think it’s something other than my implants? I’m super unhappy with the look of my breasts after the explant and I’m condsidering either a fat transfer or more saline implants (if I’m going to be sick, I might as well have great boobs)!! What are your thought, Nicole? I’m truly on the fence as to which I should do to get my curves back!!


  6. Ellie

    Hi my name is Ellie, I had implants done back in 1986 and still have the same ones. Through out the years, I have joint pain in fingers, bad knees (bone on bone) and the last couple months now my hips are now achy, and sore. My hair seems to be falling out, not a lot, but enough when I shampoo and on the floor Went to Ortho doctor where he did an xray on figures and hips and he said they look good. So now I am thinking it might be my breast implants. I just don’t know where to begin? what doctor to go to? Is there a test to see if they are my implants. Any idea on how to start the process?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ellie,
      The first real step to the process is planning your explant. Find a surgeon that removes silicone implants properly which means En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy. After all this time your implants are likely ruptured and well leaking and you need En Bloc removal which prevents contamination of silicone to you. Read the rest of the website for Explant info, surgeons etc. Nicole

  7. charlotte hartley

    I was hoping i could find someone in the uk that could help me with this, I strongly believe i have breast implant illness, i have quite a few symptoms yet my surgeon in the uk had called me a liar, i cant seem to get through to anyone in the uk this is actually happening.

  8. Frank Vasey MD

    As a rheumatologist in the forefront of understanding this problem, I evaluated 2-3000 sick women with implants and watched those who removed them slowly improve. You should include my paper on silicone disease as a reference. It appears on the website “New York Journal of style and Medicine [google NYJSM].
    I recently retired, but extend sympathy to affected women. I see the risk at 1% per year with 300,000 women getting implants every year that is many sick women.

    1. Brigette

      Hi Dr Vasey,
      I have read your article – thank you for being one of the few doctors to acknowledge this illness. Do you know of any practicing rheumatologists who acknowledge this illness?
      Also are you aware if there any studies that are more current?
      Thank you.

    2. Shirley

      Dr. DR.r. Vasey,

      Thank you so much for all the work and research you have done for women with breast implant illness. It is encouraging to know you were a vouce for us!

      Would it be possible to have a private consult with you about my case? I would greatly appreciate your time. I explanted in 1993 but recently found out I have left over silicone granulomas in my breast and possibly some left over capsule as well. I am really struggling with my health right now and would love the opportunity to discuss a few things with you.

      With much gratitude,

  9. Faye emordeno

    If a capsule isn’t fully removed or they’re is more than the 2 capsules, what is the outcome of healing after explant?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Faye,
      We know that removing capsules correlates with recovery. Left over capsules are going to cause problems in the body. They are full of biofilms of bacteria and fungus etc, silicone particles and chemicals, inflammatory, stimulate systemic autoimmune/immune responses on and on. If you are not improving you may need to consider removing your left over capsules. Nicole

  10. Jo

    About 3 months ago had tissue expanders put in to prepare for implants in Nov. The tissue expanders have been a problem (i.e., tightness, getting out of bed, dizzyness, don’t have full range in arm due to cording, pain when I yoga breathe, back pain). My question is: Does can the expanders cause silicone poisoning?

    I don’t want implants, but I’m concerned if I need an En Bloc with total capulectomy when I get the expanders out? Should I let my current PS remove them?

    Thank you,

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jo,
      Yes expanders are made out of the same material as implants, essentially they are fillable implants and they will also cause capsules to grow and those capsules need to be removed entirely for your best recovery. Nicole

  11. Di

    I am going to ask what might not seem like the “right” question to ask – and that is what does your breast tissue you look like after explant? I have had my implants 20 years – too long and am having many symptoms. But I would like the full picture of what to expect afterwards. I am single – no spring chicken – want to feel good again – but want to know if my breasts will be like two empty sandwich bags? And what if anything have others done to correct the aftermath of explanting. I haven’t been intimate in years due to fatigue, migraines, depression etc. Yes, the right man won’t care – but I care. I hope you will receive my question kindly and with understanding for my wanting to know the full ramifications of explanting. Thank you Di

  12. Katherine

    I had saline implants done four months ago. My plastic surgeon only does saline because he feels it is a safer option. They look great and feel fine. My problem is that approximately two months ago I woke up with my face feeling numb and tingling. This has continued every day, along with my legs feeling the same. My vision is starting to become cloudy. When I asked my surgeon at my last appointment he said he thinks it’s completely unrelated. My blood work comes back normal and my regular doctor wants me to see a neurologist. I feel like I should get the implants out right away as these symptoms started two months after and I don’t feel this is a coincidence, but the thought of spending the money and going through surgery sounds horrible too because maybe it is unrelated. I’m looking for advice on this and wondering if anyone else can relate to my situation?

  13. Lori

    I had the implants that are covered in the Dow Corning lawsuit. Originally I was stationed in Scotland and missed the deadline but it appears as though that’s been extended. One year after my implants were placed, I was diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease. In 2006 I was diagnosed with ruptured implants via an MRI. I had them out but the doctor did not remove the free silicone that had escaped the capsules. By 2010/2011 I began having horrible stomach pains, sweats, massive weight loss and after a hospital admission and plenty of tests, someone thought I should have my ovaries removed because I had a hemorrhagic cyst. The hospital stated they did not think that would solve the problem and possible causes could be intercystial cystitis, and several other things. I spoke to the surgeon and said why not just take the ugly ovary. He said we should just take them both instead of maybe having more problems later. Three months after surgery I couldn’t stand. I couldn’t stay awake. I was diagnosed with autoimmune Thyroiditis and Adrenal Insufficiency. They barely registered. I got on Hydrocortisone and Synthroid and Cytomel but still feel exhausted. I began having blood in my urine constantly and saw a urologist who did a cystoscopy and discovered I do have intercystial cystitis. I have recently become lactose intolerant. I have bottom of the barrel Vitamin D and B. I believe the last thing is that at Christmas, I had this huge ulcer come popping out of my breast. It did not hurt. It was just there one day. It is not a sebaceous cyst. I do have a granuloma under that area. Sooooo, do I go find someone to scrape all the silicone they can? I see the lawsuit has been reopened so I know I have work to do but how can I stop the damage? And, is it me, or is this silicone toxicity to a tee?

    1. Shirley

      Lori – i am sorry to hear all that you have been thru. Your journey is very similar to my story. I would love to connect with you . Would that be ok? My email is konagirl57@gmail. Com



  14. Stephanie

    Hello everyone,
    I am just finding out the illness caused by implants! I have all the symptoms. I have 15 year old implants and am wanting them out. Are there any skilled docs in Florida?
    Thanks for any help!!

  15. sophie

    Do you have any information on the polyurethane that leaked into women’s bodies there were about 20,000 of these implants used. would the detox protocol be the same for the polyurethane? i was given to understand fit is irretrievable. so please do let me know if you have any links, resources and such
    and thankyoufor you r great post

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sophie,
      Yes the detoxification principles will be the same for PIP implants too. Please see the entire website for detoxification information, it is all through the various pages of the website. Nicole

  16. Anna Wyke

    I seem to have become allergic to most foods and a lot of chemicals, Metallic salts and now hair dye or the ammonia to process the dye, which resulted in a major chemical burn to my head last time I had my hair colored?

    I am scheduled to have these removed in September but I am wondering could these be the source of what I am now experiencing. This year alone, I have become allergic to Cherries and Red Grapes and now Lanza Hair Dye/processing.

    I have had leaky gut and work on that daily and it has improved over time, I have also had all of my fillings replaced due to Nickel Allergy.

    since I got these in 10 years ago, I have become allergic to peanuts, strawberries, nickel, metallic salts, cherries, red grapes, pecans, cats, dogs, wheat/gluten, most laundry detergent, most shampoos even those that do not contain gluten.

    It has been an interesting journey, and I am hoping I can get on the path to healing my body of all of these reactions soon.

    Also, my IRON was extremely low, my b12 and my D-3, all of which I take heavy supplements to keep within normal ranges.

    Have you heard if these items above are connected to this?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Anna,
      Yes, almost all of us have very low iron and B vitamins and D vitamins out of ranges. Leaky gut is common for us and that is why you are developing allergies. Leaky gut allows food particles to slip past the gut into the blood stream and there they attract immune reactions developing into an allergy. Your symptoms are very indicative of breast implant illness. Nicole

  17. nancy hayes

    Thank you , thank you for being here for us. i have to ask… ! I am 6 mos post explant , and so many symtoms vanished… i was extremely happy. but occassionally i get full headed… brain fog… fatigued.. heady.. and i am wondering if this is just the weaning from the toxins. ?
    I am not really on a detox.. but do use a few things.. like green drink with kale,,, almond milk… and no junk food.. i drink some times.. water, with lemon and
    curcumin. i was thinking of sending in hair samples to a lab. i do have processed hair… would it have to be root hair ?
    thank you for being here for us.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Nancy,
      Make sure you are following a antifungal/low mycotoxin diet, many of us battle Candida, yeast and other fungus in the gut and your symptoms sound like that. Keep track of what you are eating, i bet it is linked to eating a diet that feeds fungus such as fruit, sugars and carbs. Cut those out and any alcohol too. Nicole

  18. Bonnie

    To Admin: I explanted in March, 2016 (no replacements) and I am trying to detox but still have fatigue and weakness after 4 months. My silicon implants were ruptured in my chest for many years. I even went to a Shaman in Mendocino, Ca who told me I needed to have bowel cleansing. That is how desperate I have become to be asking for mysticism help. My new medical Doctor is loading me up on 7 kinds of drugs. My Holistic Doctor made me very sick by doing Chelation IV’s. I am off the charts in Lead, Antimony, Cadmium, Gadolinium and high on Tin according to my Doctor’s Data urine test done with agents of EDTA and DMPS given to me through a IV, and then a urine test. But my MD Doctor gave me a blood test and said everything was normal?? So should I take the spiritual(?) advice of a Shaman and get a extensive 10 day colon hydrotherapy, etc. at a Detox Spa??? The Shaman said colon clean first, holistic diet, and then spiritual healing in that order.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Bonnie,
      Colon hydrotherapy can be beneficial for us in detoxing. Come to the facebook group so we can coach you more on detox. Nicole

  19. cheryl

    Can anyone help me explain to a doctor this is real I’ve been to er several times and they send me home I’m scared I may die if I don’t get help with these breast implants😕

  20. Rachel Adkins

    Hello my name is Rachel
    Babies injured in the womb!
    A year and a half ago I gave birth to my daughter Andi Jo. Two weeks after she was born she was air lifted out of our local hospital to Loma Linda’s infant icu where we spent a long time at. My baby has been misdiagnosed for over a year now. Today has changed this and I know now she was affected by my siliconosis, my toxic Breat implants.. I need help I still have my ruptured implants and they ruptured a year ago maybe a little over. I can’t afford my surgery I only have medical and my baby has been getting treated for GERD, sadifers syndrome and seizures, which I know has been caused by my implants. Please help me to find out where I start to get the help I need. I want to stat a lawsuit and I want to make it aware that sandifers syndrome which only affects 1 percent of infants with GERD may be caused toxic implants… I need these out asap my heath has gone horribly down hill and I feel like it might just be the death of me if not removed soon. That can’t happen my baby needs me more now then ever and this needs to be known what is going on and I want to help spread the word. Please help me!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Rachel,
      I am so sorry to hear about your daughter! Proper explants can be found for as little as approx $3,500.00. Where do you live? I can help you find a PS to remove your implants. Are you able to borrow the money from family or on credit? Nicole

      1. Rachel adkins

        Hello and thank you but no I can’t barrow the money and I’ve tried to get credit for the surgery but can not at this time… I live in twentynine palms CA, I want to start a lawsuit against the manufacturer or class action settlement or even sue the surgeon for defective breast implants for medical malpractice or product liability for conpensatory damages and punitive damages for what my baby and I have to deal with everyday.. What it has cost and is going to cost us and our family..

      2. Rachel Adkins

        Nicole please help me find a ps asap, I woke up this morning and cant move my left arm without my breast feeling like its on fire.. I have five kids and they count on me to tend to all there needs, my youngest just turned one and as I mentioned before has certain medical needs as well. I cant be in this much pain or limited to what im able to do because my mommy job demands a lot more then then what im able to perform at this moment. I also need help in find a solution to covering the cost I have horrible credit due to my last relationship and I currently cant work because of my daughter medical problems she has had to deal for the age of two weeks and now I believe in my heart my implants caused my daughters problems please please help me.

    2. Alexa

      I got implants and within a year started having seizures, yes seizures at 35 out of no where!!! I had 3 small children, I was an amazing athlete and fantastic business woman. I tried to figure out what was going on so I went to Stanford doctors and numerous other doctors but no one put it together. The seizures would come in the morning right after I’d wake up. It came the last day of the first and second week of my period. So day 6-8 or 12-14. Breast implants have so ruined my body chemistry!!! It used to flow and was amazingly reliable!!! But now those days, those toxic bags leached something into my system and it is really punishing me for it!!!! Please love your body!!! A seizure is heart breaking to have EVERY month- especially when it happens Infront of your children! 😔

      1. Alexa

        I am taking Vimpat and Lorazapam for the Stanford doctors
        Algae omega 3, gabatone, the big one migratol and vegan safe B12. ( I feel not peaceful- wow!)

        1. Bonnie

          Alexa, do you have a Doctor at Stanford? If so who is it? I just started Stanford and all they are doing is loading me up on drugs. I now take 7 of them. Does your Doctor understand Breast Implant Disease? So many questions. I will start taking the supplements you mentioned on your log. Thank you for any information.

  21. Stephanie

    I’m having intermittent swelling of the toes and fingers. In the past two years I’ve had ongoing gum issues with a biopsy that was diagnosed as lichen planus, interstitial cystitis which is better now, vaginal/labial irritation and increased migraines. It seems these all are auto immune issues from what I’ve read. I’m currently taking propanol and nortriptyline for migraine prevention. The new onset of swelling prompted my dr to order an ANA lab which was positive. Next step is a cascading wondering what to do next if they tell me I have lupus or something else? I’m wondering if this my implants causing this. My dr wouldn’t order the mold lab. I’m being referred to a rheumatologist.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Stephanie,
      Yes your implants are causing your symptoms and autoimmune diagnonses. Time to explant. Nicole

      1. nancy hayes

        Stephanie no matter what you do today… make an appt to explant those toxic bags. I was so sick.. and no one even believed me after a while. so i thought it was my implants for sure.. so i had them out.
        and slowly but surely my health is returning.. i still have small problems but staying on healthy diet and no junk food and i am sure i will be 100% soon.
        God Bless

  22. Juslynn Butts

    I need help with these symptoms I am experiencing it is easier to tell you what symptoms I do not have, which would be loosing my hair. That is the only symptom I am not experiencing. I had a left mastectomy and a tram flap in which Dr sommers still used an implant when it was not needed as I had and still have enough of my own tissue. Please just help I am tired I am homeless I’m bouncing around from place to place. I am scared I am alone in this I do not want to die.

  23. Barbarina Johnston

    Yes, thank god i saw your site. I need guidance and cant get help. I have had implants since 1996, those ruptured in 2000 i had a revision. In 2001 recieved a letter from the FDA ” i needed to have the new implants removed due to contamination of the saline”. Had another revision then in 2001 because of that. Everything was handled financial and medical. Now here it is 2016 and again i have another rupture. Only difference is im now on disability i have no insurance and no money. My credit sucks. Im 50 years old. I am in dire need. God knows after all this time and the issues i had to go through i cant be left with one large and one small. This cant be what im left with. Help

  24. Paula Lawrence

    Dear Nicole,

    Thank you for your website. I had “gummy” bear silicone implants put in March 2005. Within 2 yrs I started getting migraine headaches. Over the years I have given up a lot of migraine trigger foods trying to get to the root of the problem. In the back of mind I have wondered why I went ahead with BA. If I would have known all of the information you share on this website I wouldn’t have gotten them. I’ve been on a health journey since 1992 with only a few short “sabaticals” – but I’ve always said nothing tastes as good as feeling good! I have a consult coming up with my plastic surgeon and I will share my concerns with him and the proper protocol for explant described in your site. Thank you for all your hard work and God Bless You.

    PS – How did your breasts turn out after your explant? Thanks Paula Lawrence

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Paula,
      Thank you for your kind comments. My breasts are not bad, in fact, they are much better than I expected. If your cohesive gels are submuscular, your breasts will look much the same as before and perhaps bigger. Implants after explant seem to leave our breasts bigger than before for many. You can see tons of before and after explant pics on the facebook group. Nicole

      1. Paula Lawrence

        Hi Nicole,

        Oh my gosh – I just got on the computer and found your comment! Yes they are submuscular. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I can’t wait for my consultation on March 11, 2016 and I’m calling tomorrow to schedule them out on our vacation which is planned for May 4, 2016. I can’t tell you how stupid I feel for doing this to myself. I knew when I had them put in in March 2005 how bad mercury fillings were, fluoride, root canals and prescription drugs. How could I have been so naive to think that putting implants in my body would be ok? I can only say that I was blinded by what our society says looks good and filling out a bathing suit would be so great. I should have listened to my husband who said I don’t need them – but I barely filled out an A cup so I convinced him to let me do it. It is like a nightmare – but I’m thankful because I am much stronger and healthier to have them out because when I had them put in I didn’t realize I was blood transfusion anemic from fibroids. Ugh! Thank you so much for your help – you are a blessing, Nicole! 🙂

  25. Sheila

    I’ve tried to get on Facebook page but it said “The page you requested cannot be displayed right now. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may be broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.”
    I’ve tried several times in the past as well. I clicked the f on bottom of your page from website ava did a search on Facebook. Is there something wrong with Facebook page? I can get in other ones. Can you help? I’d really like to join the group.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sheila,
      The facebook pages is fine. I just checked every link and they are all working. Not sure what is happening but it appears to be on your end. Please try again and let me know. Nicole

  26. Cynthia Garton

    I didn’t see Dr Melmed on the list of recommended surgeons. I thought that he was one of the top surgeons. Is there a reason that he is no longer on the list?
    I was just about to book with him.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Cynthia,
      Dr. Melmed does believe in breast implant illness however he does not correlate capsule removal to recovery and so is not committed to removing all capsule tissue. If we know one thing in this community it is that your full and best recovery does depend on removing all capsule tissue. There are women that needed to have second surgeries after their original surgery with Melmed to remove capsule tissue in order to get well. Don’t take any chances Cynthia, please choose a surgeon committed to removing all capsule tissue. Nicole

      1. Cynthia Garton

        Thanks for your reply. I was hearing bits and pieces of this about Dr Melmed and have heard enough to make other arrangements.

  27. Melody Grove

    I have been very ill for the past year now. Visiting Doctor after Doctor, only to be told that they don’t know what is wrong. I use a wheelchair now because I have such severe dizziness and mental confusion. I drop everything. I have Raynauds, muscle and joint pain, burning in chest wall, shooting pains in arms, painful and swollen armpits, vision disturbance, nearly blind in one eye now, high ANA markers. The list goes on. I am scheduled to see a plastic surgeon in Iowa City tomorrow, but he does not believe in silicone toxicity. He removed my saline ruptured implants five years ago, and talked me into silicone ones. I want my life back! Does anyone know of an explanation surgeon in my area?

  28. Dena

    I am a breast cancer survivor and had a bi-lateral mastectomy in Feb 2014. My plastic surgeon put highly cohesive gel implants in in May 2014. Within 3 months of having the implants I started having bladder issues. It has gone from that to something else gradually but the last 6 months things are getting progressively worse. The last 2 1/2 months have been unbearable. I would never had implants put in had I known what was in them. The cancer was bad enough not to mention having to endure all these horrible symptoms from the implants.

    I am scheduled for a explant with Dr. Lu-Jean Feng in January. I have been suffering from GERD something terrible. It burns from my throat to my stomach. My primary care dr. put me on Prilosec 40MG last week and I’m no better. She told me to take the 40mg 2 times a day now for 1 week. I feel like I can’t clear my throat and something is sitting in my esophagus. Is there anything I can do that has helped others until my explant?

    My gum is inflamed and swollen behind my 2 upper front teeth. Do you know of anything that can help that until my surgery?

    Thank you for this website. It is saving women’s lives! I can’t wait to get these out. Going through the br

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Dena,
      Come to the Facebook group and ask over a 1000 other ladies what the did for those particular symptoms. You can find the Facebook group by clicking on the Facebook symbol at the end of any page of this site or directly on Facebook by searching the name of our group which is Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group. Nicole

  29. Janet

    I had silicon implants put in 1986. I signed for normal saline and was told by the Dr. that is what was put in. This Dr. has now passed away. I have had problems for years. I developed Raynaud’s Phenomena, muscle weakness, memory problems, joint pain, brain fog, hair loss, depression to point of taking RX., but the Drs. just keep telling me the scar tissue was from trauma I had received in 1994. Mammograms always came back ok. But one week ago I seen the implant in the right breast. The skin was red and there was a hard lump on the right upper breast. That night that lump ruptured. Unable to see Dr. until Tuesday AM. I was told both implants have been ruptured for quite awhile and the only thing holding everything together is the scar tissue that had started pulling away. The scar tissue is now gone and I have a bad burning sensation in the right breast all the time which keeps getting worse. The breast is now becoming disfigured. Surgery is sch. for Oct. 1. My insurance will pay for the removal, but not to replace them. I can’t even think of going without breasts. I don’t know how to go about contacting anyone to see where I can get financial help. I am a nurse but had to stop work when my husband got cancer from agent orange and needed someone with him at all times. That put us on a strict income and now the savings is also gone. I don’t know if anyone can guide me to where I need to be to get the help that is needed ASAP.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Janet,
      We don’t recommend re-implanting another set of breast implants after you explant as they all cause illness. Nicole

  30. Lindalee McCandlis

    Thank you and God Bless you for the work you have done here! I am beginning the journey of seeking a surgeon to do En Bloc in the Seattle area. I have a number of issues including hypothyroid, arthritis like pain in my fingers, brain fog, almost constant burning breast pain, and almost constant muscle pain. Recently, I had an inflammation panel done and my numbers are high risk for cardiovascular disease right on the border of being Very high risk. My life style is a lot like the protocol you describe. Paleo no processed food, no household or personal care chemicals etc. I have been shocked by the numbers. My implants are 28 year old Dow Corning Surgitek. I am so ashamed that I did this to myself! Although I was very young at the time and not accustom to questioning doctors. More than anything I want this poison out of my body and the detox protocol to begin!

    1. Susan Story

      Hi Lindalee
      Have you had your surgery? If not, get it done! Dr Lynn Sowder did mine last week. I got my drains out today. I feel better already. i’m hoping getting them out will allow my body to get rid of the cancer, now that I’m not being constantly poisoned.

  31. Caroline White

    I have Dow silicone implanted 1983. Very sick. Diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension in 2006. Anyone else dx of PH? And what kind of litigation is possible for personal injury? I’ve been told I missed the deadline for the class action settlement.? Any info. world be appreciated. Thanks!

  32. Amy L

    Back in 2005, when I got my implants, I was 26, very imbitious mother of a 3 yr old. I was very successful in the mortgage business. I was sent on trips. I felt great. Now, I have been progressively sicker for the past decade. I’m literally considered disabled by the government. I’m on disability SSD & on Medicare since I was 32. Trying to keep up with copays. I have mitral valve prolapse in addition to Hoshimotos, lupus, fibromyalgia, Renaud’s, you name it, been misdiagnosed over the years. Tested for MS twice. I have nonspecific white matter lesions on my brain. Huge lymph nodes. I can’t even breathe in my sleep. My vision is messed up. I could go on for days!
    Trying to raise my son who is 13 now. I could cry. I feel like I’m dying lately. All of this because of something selfish that I chose to do, my son has had an unhealthy mom. What’s the point of the implants when I look like hell & too sick to date anyway. Smh
    Sorry, I’m just beside myself. Your blog may have saved my life.

    1. Lucy

      Amy –
      Our stories are nearly identical. I’m so sorry you’ve endured this insanity for so long! I had a very successful career in politics starting at a very young age – got implants at age 25 – then dx with Lupus at 26 – many many other illnesses to include MS at age 40. Have been unable to work since age 30 and am on full SSDI. I too feel overwhelmed with giult at times as I have been such a boring mom to my two amazing kids. Always sick – too tired/ill to do much of anything without symptoms being exacerbated. I’ve come to realize that guilt, due to a poor decision that I made 20 years ago to have implants, is unhealthy and unneccessary. At this point, just being focused on healing- Had the amalgams/root canals removed 1 year ago and hoping to have explant soon. Being on a very fixed income, it is difficult but necessary to have at some semblance of a normal life.

      You’re not alone….. you can overcome this…….. life will get better.

      Take care,

      1. Alexa

        We will get better, don’t worry!!! Our bodies need the time it was poisoned them to heal, so go slow. It may be a years, it’s worth it and ✨I know it won’t be taken for granted again!✨

  33. Gail

    wow, all the pieces of my puzzle are coming together.
    I have twenty year old saline implants. For the last few years I’ve been going from one Dr. to another. None figuring out what is wrong with me. Blood work is great , but all my symptoms equal auto immune disease. Now after getting on line and pulling up breast implants gone wrong I’m reading the answer to my health issues.
    I live in Long Island, New York, I need to get to a explant Dr. asap! Dose anyone have a great Dr. they can refer in my area ?
    Thank you all for your voice and stories,

  34. Cammie

    Thank you for providing all the invaluable information on this site, and in such a concise, no-nonsense manner, it is very much appreciated. Question, though – how on earth does anyone implement the silicone immune supplement protocol with over 100 items, many to be taken several times/day? My eyes glazed over reading that, and neither my pocketbook, depleted energy level, nor schedule could possibly support such a regimen. I want to do everything in my power to heal, but that list just seems prohibitive. What are others doing? Any suggestions here? Thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Cammie,
      Dr. Kolb’s Silicone Immune Protocol supplement list is not meant to be taken in it’s entirety. Not everyone will need all those supplements or even many of the supplements. It depends on your symptoms which supplements you should take. Come to the Facebook group called Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group by clicking on the facebook button below and we can coach you from there. We have a copy of a supplement list based on symptoms which can be more helpful. Nicole

  35. Nina Hazime

    Good afternoon

    I stumbled upon your information online at; I had breast implants done June 2014 and required 2 revisions since and have been suffering terribly from chronic pain, fatigue, nerve pain and brain fog just to name a few symptoms.

    I had my implants done in the U.S as I often travel here to visit my father. I am currently in NY. I was hoping there was a way someone can help me remove my implants. I am extremely sick as a result and I do not have the financial means to cover this cost as I am an online stay at home student with a disability. I need them out asap I cannot take this any longer!! Plz help!!!

    Nina Hazime

    1. admin Post author

      Hi DDmarie,
      Please go directly under Anita’s comment and hit reply and send her a message asking for the name of her law firm.

    2. Anita

      The law office is:
      Fenstersheib & Berkowitz
      520 West Hallandale Beach Blvd.
      Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

      Ask for Attorney Sheryl Berkowitz

  36. Darlene Stump

    Hi Nicole..
    Just one month ago, Dr Feng removed my 23 yr old McGann implants. They were encapsulated, both ruptured, and leaked into my ribcage & my lymph nodes. DR. Feng removed as much gel as she could get to, but couldn’t get to my ribcage or my lymphnode in my left underarm. My question is this. Can you sue the manufacture (they have changed their name to Allergan) or the plastic surgeon? My original plastic surgeon told me they would last a lifetime. Also, I was part of that class action suit in 1992 when Connie Chung reported how bad they were for your health & I signed off & got a third of my money back. My implants were put in February 1st of 1992 & the story broke March 1st. HOW COULD MY DR NOT HAVE KNOWN THAT THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?? I absolutely feel that he knew when he put those implants in that things were about to blow! I developed a rash in July & had it for six weeks. Dr Feng said it was caused by the implants. I am just wondering if legally you can sue the Dr for putting them in & sue the manufacturer for the implants making you sick? Thanks for all your help! Darlene

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Darlene,
      I have not had an opportunity yet to research the legal proceedings going on against plastic surgeons and implant manufacturers. I do know that implant manufacturers do not disclose to anyone, including plastic surgeons, that their implants are filled with toxic chemicals and plastic surgeons are protected by junk science and junk scientific studies created by implant manufacturers or paid for by implant manufacturers which wrongly promotes silicone as a safe and inert substance. Breast implants are made by large chemical companies which have very powerful and wealthy lobbies in government and the legal system. However, I can refer you to Dr. Diana Zuckerman at who has been warning women of the dangers of implants since 1991 and who will be able to give you more information on legal matters and health insurance coverage. Hope it helps. Nicole

    2. Anita

      Hi Darlene, I also had Dr. Feng remove my implants 1/8/2014. I was very happy with the outcome. I have been sick for a long time ( social security disabilty since 2003). I was fortunate enough to be in the Dow Settlement; my claim for illness is almost completed. I’m using a law firm in FL; all Dow Settlement Claim deadlines are coming to a close. In my opinion, I think it will be only a matter of time before they start a Class Action against the ” new generation” implants. One piece of information for all of you ladies suffering with the newer implants, don’t take a payout. Once you take the payout or lump sum from the manufacture, you forfeit your rights to file claims for ruptures, illness etc. . Apparently this happened to many women when the Dow Settlement was formed. Some women took money for explant even if they weren’t sick, didn’t get them removed, and years later found they had ruptures and illness, all of which had different level of $$’s and could not be compensated because they took the (small) payment years earlier.

      1. teri grillo

        Can these companies be sued? Mine are not ruptured as far as I know but it’s proven by lab tests to now be autoimmune. Can you advise?

      2. Kim Griswold

        Hi, Anita,

        May I have the name of the law firm you used in regard to the Dow Corning suit? No lawyer in MN would take a client. I’m in the highest disease category. I called the settlement hotline, they said they wrote me, but I never got a letter. Obviously it was not sent certified. Also, I did not get a payout. They say (confusingly) they are waiting for verification of the implants, but I’ve never received a letter on that either. A lawyer here said Dow hasn’t paid much to even the earliest to file – that they’re waiting for us to die, better bottom line for them, money to keep… I have lost everything – can’t work – tired from trying so hard to get well – can’t afford an explant – or food…

  37. Conniem

    I’m wondering why I’m never hungry. Is it inflammation that makes you lose your appetite. I’m 5’8″ and only weigh 110 on a good day. Also, I’ve been playing the piano for 54 years and now my left hand is numb. I can’t even open a ziplock bag without using my teeth. I’m praying that the hand comes back, because I like to play at my bible study group. And I play concertos which I cannot play any more. I miss it terribly!!!!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Conniem,
      Lack of hunger may be from low thyroid and I suggest you have your thyroid tested. Thyroid and adrenals are often damaged from breast implants. If your thyroid tests in the low normal range you may still need to support it with either natural thyroid medication or iodine. I found iodine was very helpful to support my thyroid. Nicole

        1. admin Post author

          Hi Kim,
          There are several good iodine groups on Facebook, I highly suggest joining them to learn iodine protocols, a good one is called Iodine Protocols. Nicole

  38. cherlynn McCain

    I have 30year old silicone/gel implants(Dow Corning) and I know one is ruptured not to mention I have many of thede symptoms…please recommend any explant surgeons herein yuba city,California or Sacramento cal

  39. conniem

    I’m wondering if anyone knows of a lab that tests for the poisons in silicone implants. I was explanted about six weeks ago and I am so sick. I have lost 25 pounds and my family does not believe I have breast implant illness. I want test results to prove it.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Conniem,
      There are some test to test for silicone however they are both unnecessary or unreliable because every manufacturer of implants uses different chemicals in their silicone and even change up the chemicals in the different batches. You are obviously ill from your implants and you don’t need to prove that to anyone else. In any event here are some tests that may be available:
      1. Silicone Antibodies
      – UNILAB Test #8099 Cpt 86318
      Regular 4 ml Serum at room temperature
      = Analytic time 7-10 days
      2. Silicon Levels
      – UNILAB Test # 9025 CPT84285
      Minimum 2ml to 4 ml Serum Analytic time 7-10 days

      My questions for you: Did you get a proper explant? – which means was the entire capsule tissue removed as well as the implants? That is important for your best recovery and easiest detox. In any event, many women lose weight during detox for different reasons. For instance, I am 5 ft 7 inches tall and was 138 pounds before explant and lost 20 pounds in the hardest part of my detox process about five months after explant. Now nearly two years after explant, I am fully recovered and have gained it all back and am about 135 pounds which is my normal weight. Detoxification diets are very lean and based mostly on fruit and vegetables with some protein on purpose to minimize energy usage and minimize digestion stress which allows your body extra energy to detox chemicals but also results in weight loss. Silicone is estrogenic and causes weight gain in most women. Many women gain weight after getting implants and over the years of having implants. Some of your weight loss may be due to removing the implants and therefore removing the estrogenic activity. Further, silicone is an endocrine disruptor which damages our thyroid and adrenals which can also cause result in weight loss. Problems with low adrenals and over active thyroid can cause weight loss. What are all your symptoms? What is your diet like right now? You may need support for your adrenals and thyroid until they recover. Another suggestion I have for you is to supplement your diet with oils such as high quality krill oil, flax oil, avocados, coconut oil, olive oil and butter from organic grass fed cows. Detox is an up and down process and you are in the hardest part now. Over the months you will improve. Most women are generally recovered in about one year but the process can take longer. Pease read my Detox page here: I am here for you any time. Nicole

      1. conniem

        I was explanted properly. The entire implant came out after 27 years. The doctor said they were intact, and that they had not leaked. But we all know that silicone implants leak. I was originally diagnosed with Lyme, but I don’t have lyme. It was breast implant illness the whole time. I didn’t find out until I went for an echocardiogram. The tech told me they were leaking because an echo is like a sonogram and she could see it.

  40. Dr. Diana Zuckerman

    I was very glad to learn about this website today, because so many women are getting inaccurate information from other breast implant web sites that delete any comments that women make about their implant problems. I’ve been trying to provide accurate information to women with implant problems since 1990, and it is amazing how difficult that has become. Your web site really makes a difference.

    We greatly appreciate that links to articles from our website ( and are linked here.

    Nicole, I’d love to talk to you directly, so please contact me by email. And, please list our free online hotline for women with implants: we answer any and all questions that women with implant problems send to


  41. Susan Henry

    Hi there,
    I am 54 years old and had nonhodgkins lymphoma in 1980 with heavy radiation to the chest and chemo.
    In 2006, I developed breast cancer an had a bilateral mastectomy with total reconstruction completed in 2009 with Silicone Implants.
    Then in 2011 I had to have a double bypass
    Due to radiation damage from the nonhodgkins .
    RECENTLY I developed two blood clots from a picc line put in my left arm.!( one subclavian clot and one axilla) and they discovered an ” old rt. Jugular clot too in July 2014!
    I planned on removing my breast implants in September 2014 , as I’ve been VERY ILL .
    And have Capsule contracture ! The pain is like non other and MANY AUTOIMMUNE SYMPTOMS!
    I consulted with an explant surgeon in May 2014 and had planned on surgery in September 2014 ( my year anniversary of being on Plavix for a heart stent )
    I developed worsening chest pain and had to have a procedure done In July 2014 and a PICC LINE WAS PUT IN( I have difficult vein access) .
    The picc caused 2 blood clots and know I’ve become a surgical risk.
    The plastic surgeon mentioned I may not be able to have the capsules removed, only the implants!!
    The previous surgeon I CONSULTED IN MAY 2014 ( in OHIO ) won’t return my calls and now I’m really a prisoner to my potentially leaking SILICONE IMPLANTS! ( since she found out about my blood clots!)
    I also have fibrosis in my lungs and need to GET THESE IMPLANTS OUT!
    Cardiology has just cleared me for surgery
    Do you know of any explant surgeons in the Michigan area ? ( other than Dr Feng in Ohio)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Susan,
      It surprises me that Dr. Feng is refusing to do your surgery. She would be perfect because she is also a vascular surgeon. There are other good Drs. too. Linked here: is a list of plastic surgeons I gathered from recommendations and from internet explant sites but please do your due diligence with whoever you pick. Because your case is complicated I would recommend you see Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta Georgia or Dr. Jae Chun in New Port, California. Please let me know how things unfold. Nicole

    2. Caroline White

      I too have Pulmonary hypertension and having difficulty finding a surgeon who wil replant because off my illness. I want them out! I can’t breathe and am so sick. I was implanted Dow silicone 1983. Crazy long . Couldn’t afford to do anything when I started feeling bad. MIR shows rupture a n d x ray sho were encapsulation. My breasts are hard and disfigured. I live in So. Cal. I’m not going to give up. But truthfully I am scared I might not make it though recovery from expat.

  42. Shela

    I have silicon implants that r ruptured .
    I have had weight gain.Pain
    I live in Oklahoma and want to know if
    their is any financial help to remove ?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Shela,
      Most medical insurance companies will pay for removal of implants if they are making you sick and your doctor confirms they are. Some explant doctors such as Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta Georgia or Dr. Jae Chun of New Port, California will make an application to have removal paid for by your insurance if you have insurance. Hope this helps. Nicole

      1. GDMC

        I am in Missouri and feel like I am between a rock and a hard place. I have 24 year old McGhan silicone textured sub-muscular, and have Baker 4 and Baker 3, and am fairly certain they are either ruptured or leaking. My insurance WILL positively pay for explant (I checked the policy carefully). BUT, although there are a few qualified surgeons here who are experienced in explant, they will only code this as a cosmetic procedure and not a medically necessary one so that it will go through my insurance. All that I have researched require payment up front. I get that—fine….but they will not submit a claim to my insurance so that I can be compensated for the hefty fees, nor will they provide a surgical report using the “medical” procedure code which would allow me to file my own claim and be compensated. They will only treat my medically-necessary condition as cosmetic, will only invoice it that way, and will not help with insurance claims in any way. WHERE can I locate a surgeon who is experienced in explant but will help with filing an insurance claim so that I can take advantage of the coverage my policy offers? Isn’t there ANYONE in Missouri? So frustrated and in so much pain.

        1. admin Post author

          Hi GDMC,
          You may have to travel outside MO to get your explant covered on insurance. I know Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta Georgia goes through insurance and so does Dr. Jae Chun in Newport, California. They are both excellent explant surgeons. Dr. Kolb is the most knowledgeable doctor healing women from implants and supporting ladies through detox. Because you have textured implants your surgery has to be done Enbloc removing the implant and the capsule entirely together in one unit so as not to contaminate you further. If I was you I would go to Dr. Kolb. Here is there contact info: Nicole

  43. Chris

    I am also interested in the en bloc technique but I am not sure if my plastic surgeon performs this. He doesn’t believe implants can make you sick so I have a feeling he doesn’t. I live in Los Angeles so if you know of any surgeons in the LA area that would be great. Thanks!

  44. Leah

    Hi, I want to remove my silicone implants with En Bloc technique but do not know of any plastic surgeons who use this style of explantation. I live in Southern California. Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.