Timely and proper explantation (removal) of breast implants is the most crucial step to your recovery from breast implant illness.  As soon as the implants are properly removed, you will likely notice a reduction or clearing of some of your SYMPTOMS.  However, some symptoms may linger until your body has completed a DETOXIFICATION process and had a chance to heal.   Good news is, we note a number of women who were symptomatic and had timely explantation and felt that they recovered their health within approximately a year after removal of implants.  Unfortunately, there are other women who do not ever fully recover their health or quality of life due to breast implants and some women who develop deadly disease and die prematurely due to breast implants.


No matter what you read or are told from your plastic surgeon about explantation of breast implants, if you are symptomatic ALL BREAST IMPLANTS SHOULD BE REMOVED EN-BLOC NO MATTER THE TYPE OF IMPLANT.   En-bloc is a breast implant removal procedure first developed in France to deal with the earlier versions of silicone breast implants when ruptured and leaking silicone.  En-bloc removal means the surgeon removes the surrounding tissue capsule and the implant together, intact, as one unit, without disrupting either capsule or implant to avoid further contamination of the body tissues.  If you are symptomatic it should be obvious to you and your doctor that the tissue capsule around your implant is contaminated and En-bloc removal is necessary.  Proper En-bloc removal is your best chance at recovering your health.  Even if you are not symptomatic and you have silicone, cohesive gel or textured saline implants they should be removed En-bloc for your utmost health because there will be contamination in the capsule.

Recently, I have been hearing from several women who just got implants in the last few months and are reacting immediately and having them removed.  In the case that your implants are only a few months old, En-bloc removal would not be necessary as there would be very little capsule tissue built by your body in the first few months of having implants.


Some plastic surgeons argue against En-bloc removal saying it is unnecessary as they do not believe implants cause illness, or unnecessary due to thin capsules or it carries undue risk.  Again, if you’ve had your implants for twelve months or longer you will have capsule tissue and if you are symptomatic, it should be obvious that your breast implants have contaminated the surrounding tissue capsule and En-bloc removal is necessary.  The real reason some plastic surgeon’s avoid En-bloc removal is because it takes a more skilled surgeon with experience and it takes extra time and requires a general anesthetic which carries more risk than a local anesthetic.  Your placing plastic surgeon will only get paid a nominal sum, if at all, for breast implant removal and so they prefer to do a short 20 minute procedure, in their office, under a local anesthetic simply cutting you and pulling out the implants leaving the contaminated capsules in your body.  Easy for them.  Bad for you!  Leaving the capsules in your body whether thin or not means all the contamination within the capsules will be left behind and eventually taken up into your body which results in a longer and more severe illness for you.  Some plastic surgeons even rupture the implant while removing it causing additional contamination.  Some plastic surgeons will argue that En-bloc removal could result in disfigurement of your breast or ribcage but this is mostly untrue.  A skilled and experienced En-bloc surgeon should be able to avoid further disfigurement than the disfigurement already caused by implantation.

If your plastic surgeon does not acknowledge breast implant illness, silicone toxicity, argues against En-bloc implant removal, or cannot prove their En-bloc skill and experience to you, we suggest not using him for the explant.  There are stories of women who thought they were getting a proper En-bloc removal because their surgeon lied or confused them with the terms Total Capsulectomy, Capsulectomy and Capsulotomy and they suffered further contamination.


I read a brief piece on someone’s personal site that said some surgeon’s may refer to the French En-bloc removal procedure as “Total Capsulectomy” in North America and it may be essentially the same procedure but I would not count on this.  Have your surgeon explain to you in detail exactly how the explantation procedure will be done and then record the details in writing for you so you both can sign off on it.  Keep a copy of signed document for your records.   Do not get confused by the terms En-bloc, Total Capsulectomy, Capsulectomy and Capsulotomy:

En-bloc – is the French term that references the proper procedure for removing all  breast implants and capsules.  

Total Capsulectomy – may be your surgeon’s reference for En-bloc removal but not necessarily.  It may also be your surgeon’s reference for removing the implant first and then removing the capsule tissue after and this procedure may further contaminate your tissues.  You must find out exactly what he means if he uses the term Total Capsulectomy instead of En-bloc.  

Capsulectomy – is a procedure in which the entire capsule of tissue surrounding a breast implant is surgically removed and this procedure is generally used to fix capsular constracture.  

Capsulotomy – there are two types of Capsulotomy:  Open Capsulotomy is a procedure in which the capsule is surgically released and/or partially removed through an incision within the breast area.  Closed Capsulotomy refers to a procedure where the surgeon breaks down capsule tissue while leaving the implant in place using vigorous compression.  Closed Capsulotomy is not recommended due to risk of rupture of the implant and voids the warranty on most breast implants.

If your implants are placed sub-muscularly a small part of the capsule may have to be left because it is stuck to your rib(s).  This was true in my case.  I had cohesive gel implants which were stuck to my ribs and my surgeon had to leave approximately 5 per cent of the capsule tissue because removing it would damage the rib.


A good way to find an En-bloc surgeon for explant in your area is word of mouth referrals via Internet from happy explant clients.  Here is a list of EXPLANT SURGEONS  which I gathered from the net.


READY YOUR BODY BEFORE SURGERY – Depending on the time frame before your explant, you can prepare your body by nourishing yourself as well as you can, fueling with extra high quality vitamins and minerals to support healing and improving your gut health through a organic, wholefoods diet and lots of soil based probiotics.  Do not start any detoxification procedures until about a month after explant as you do not want to spread anymore toxins than necessary through your system and organs.  Your surgeon may request that all supplements be stopped at least two weeks prior to your surgery so as not to affect the actual surgery itself.

OBTAIN A COPY OF YOUR IMPLANTATION OPERATIVE REPORT – Obtain a copy of the operative report for your implantation from the placing plastic surgeon.  The operative report will help the explant surgeon and will be helpful if you decide to get your implants analyzed and or explore legal avenues.

OBTAIN A COPY OF YOUR EXPLANTATI0N OPERATIVE REPORT – Obtain a copy of the operative report for your explantation from the explanting plastic surgeon.  The operative report will help analysis and may also be required down the road for legal proceedings.

OBTAIN WARRANTY INFORMATION AND SERIAL NUMBERS OF YOUR IMPLANTS FROM THE PLACING SURGEON – All breast implants have serial numbers so they can be tracked because they are classed as medical devices.  The serial number is on the breast implant itself and should be recorded in your placing surgeon’s files.  Breast implants usually have a warranty of ten years and the manufacturer may cover some expenses of surgery due to a ruptured, leaking or defective implant.

ENSURE THAT YOUR IMPLANTS ARE RETURNED TO YOU IMMEDIATELY AFTER REMOVAL -You paid for your implants and they belong to you and should be returned to you directly after explant.  Don’t let your plastic surgeon keep them, throw them away or tell you they have to go to pathology for testing.  The capsule tissue does have to go to pathology for testing for cancer.  You will want to inspect your breast implants yourself after removal.  Mine smelled strongly of chemicals.  You may want to send them to Dr. Blais, more about Dr. Blais under RESOURCESfor analysis to understand exactly what toxins contaminated you.  You may need your breast implants for future legal proceedings.

ENSURE THAT YOUR CAPSULE TISSUE IS RETURNED TO YOU – If you are planning on having your implants analyzed by Dr. Blais request your capsule tissue back after pathology is done testing it for cancer.  Capsule tissue will be able to tell Dr. Blais the story of what happened in your body in regard to the implants and illness.

CONTACT THE IMPLANT MANUFACTURER FOR WARRANTY AND EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT – If you obtained your implant information from the placing plastic surgeon or if you received your implants after explantation you will be able to determine the manufacturer.  Contact the manufacturer to see what is available to you in regard to warranty or reimbursement for surgeon fees.

I wish you the very best in a speedy explant and full recovery of your health as soon as possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us below.

26 thoughts on “Explantation

  1. Tamara

    I have troubled with my implants since the very beginning, nad no one wishes to remove them here in France, yet your article mentions that this was first done in France, would you be able to suggest a dr please?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tamara,
      I know another lady, Maria, that was recently explanted in France. I will get the name of her plastic surgeon for you and write you back. Would you like to talk to Maria as well? Perhaps you can support each other through detox. Nicole

      1. shelley hart

        Help does anyone know an eminent explant surgeon in the UK. I had naturell gel implants 3 years ago, and for the last year have been really ill.
        Have So many of the symptoms listed on here. ATM Im on a permanent antibiotic and pills to treat hiatus hernia. Ive been to numerous Doctors and had numerous tests. Its a nightmare. Please can anyone help


  2. tara

    hey there. i am from nz and ive had implants since 2005. im looking at getting explanted now. i have really minor symptoms but i believe they are related to my implants and noone believes me. im scared and i want these things out. im really just reaching out for some support. would be great to talk to someone who understands.

  3. Bethany

    I had saline implants put in 6 yrs ago. I was just really had little self esteem after having 2 kids. I had NO boobs left at all. It took me four years to convince my husband to let me get them. Of course he now loves them! I am thinking of having my removed because they are just really bigger than I wanted them in the first place. I went from an A to a D, but I only wanted a small C. I guess that’s a chance you take. I do have some weird things going on with my body though and am wondering if it is because of the implants or am I just trying to find an excuse to justify the costs of removing them. Any advice would be appreciated. I have severe hip/butt pain. I often can’t sleep because I cannot find a comfortable position. I have had an MRI and it shows tendonitis. I am an RN and have a demanding ICU job. I figure the tendonitis is caused from the “up and down” motion I constantly do while at work….sit, stand, sit, stand, sit, stand, etc. I also have a weird metal taste in my mouth that I have seeen my dentist about and he cannot find the source of it. I was thinking that it was from having a glass of wine or two on most nights. I also have severe itching in my feet when they get warm. My mind is often foggy, but I am chalking that up to having a child recently leave for the Marine Corp and I haven’t adjusted to it very well. I also have been having some pains in my chest area, not heart related though. I just had my well-woman visit last week and my doc said he didn’t think it could be my implants. Wow! I am a nurse and I sound like a nut case!!!! I just didn’t think saline implants were unsafe! Any advice is welcome!!!!!! Thank you! Bethany

    1. Dana

      I just had my explant two weeks ago! I do feel better, but anxiety has been my worst complaint. I finally had to resort to take something to sleep. I KNOW this will be a journey, but I also know these implants were making me very sick! My capsule tested positive for staph! Ultrasound showed leaking of saline! I am so thankful to this forum for giving me complete peace upon making the decision to rid myself of these toxic bombs. My doctor informed me that fungus dying off caused anxiety. I started my protocol right away for detox as that is what my doctor does. It is hard. I mainly feel weak. Pain is not that bad considering all that takes place inside our poor breasts. I am here if anyone needs encouragement. I want you all to know that we will get better…one moment at a time. Be patient and trust…

      1. Arianna

        Where did you have your explantation. Is there any other way I can contact you?
        I would like to ask you a lot of things since I am going to have my explantation in 2 weeks!

        Thanks a lot!

    2. Dana

      Bethany…I am an RN also. I believe performing CPR started my journey to illness…I wasn’t spelled for a long time and after that my chest always hurt! Trust your instinct!

  4. Patricia

    Hi Marian & Linsey , It is wonderful news you both are feeling so well so soon after your surgery, is there anything in particular you would recommend I do before my surgery ? I am going in for breast explantation surgery on 21st July in Australia after having my implants for 27 years , I have been unwell for approx 15 years with very low iron stores , very low immune system , tired , depressed etc for all these years , I finally asked my doctor to have a MRI scan of my breasts which revealed both of them have ruptured . Reading your comments have given me the confidence I need at this time , Thankyou both so much for sharing your experience , I am looking forward to feeling well & enjoying my life again ! :))

  5. linsey

    I had explant surgery last Thursday and I feel tons better. It was a long 4 hour surgery but my surgeon was able to get everything, Does anyone still have anxiety after they got theirs out. It comes and goes but not sure if it wilL take time or if I should go talk to someone about getting on medication? I get these weird chest sensations and sometimes head sensations but i have had 2 ekgs, chest xrays and brain mri’s so I think its anxiety. anybody have this or any input? tHANKS!

  6. Marian

    Had explant yesterday! I feel like its a dream come true.
    I had implants for 19 years and was very sick from the implants.
    It seems the surgeon told me before the op I could have them back and then as I remembered he said hes sent them away or something I was only in the recovery room. I do want them back to send to Dr Blaise for analaysis.
    I m really looking forward to a healthy life full of vitality and strength. Heres hoping:} It took surgery for me to realise I must love my self so that I can be a part of life and accept myself so I can accept others. I don`t know why I ever thought breast augmentation was the answer to my problems. Looking back I was young and lacking confidence. I`m fifty now and accept myself the way God intended me. I no longer worry about what some people may think of me:} I feel like a happy child of God today.Amen.
    Good luck to all of you courageous women standing your ground against tyranny.
    Get an Explant as soon as you can. Its not worth the great risk to health.

    1. explantasap

      Did you regain health well? I am explanting in two days with a great surgeon but he doesn’t do en bloc. Wondering if you had capsule tissue removed around implany or simply implant pulled out? Thanks for the support!! :)

  7. Denette

    I had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction with Contoured Saline implants in a textured silicone shell in AUG2013 and am already having issue. Routine blood work detected elevated liver enzyme (ALT) in JAN2014 and I developed a rash on my mastectomy scar that went away with cortisone cream. U/S revealed Fatty Liver Disease but my Oncologist said I do not fit the profile. I am 105lbs, eat healthy, and exercise regularly. He suspects autoimmune disease, possibly Lupus. Doing additional testing starting with extensive blood work. A google search led me to you…. and the connection between breast implants and illness is an eye opener and I am considering having my implants removed. Can you recommend a doctor in Northern California? Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your story in the hopes of helping others. You’re a god-send. I hope you are feeling well :)

  8. Shyla

    Do you know any good explant surgeons in the Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin areas? I’m an hour outside of Chicago and and hour from Milwaukee Wisconsin

  9. Leanne

    Do you have any names/lists for Doctors providing proper explant surgery in Ontario, Canada?
    (I am in London Ontario)

    Thank you for your time

      1. Heather

        Did u get any names of Dr’s in Ontario experienced in the enbloc method of explantation.yet? If so could u forward names to me.Thanks

        1. admin Post author

          Hi Heather, here are a couple recommended surgeons; Dr. Mitchell Brown, Suite #650, 76 Grenville Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1B2 and Dr. martin Jugenberg, Fairmont Royal York Hotel Level B, 100 Front Street West, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3.

    1. tammi

      hi leanne, im from london ontaro too. any luck on your search in our area reguarding ex-plant surgeons in our area, had my saline implants since 1996 and been sick for 4 years now, this last year I feel like I’m dying, dont leave my house, only 46 now. Desperate to connect with someone near by who understands this torture.

  10. Cheryl Leeman

    Seriously considering explant of breast implants due to autoimmune issues. Looking for doctors in Maine, Massachusetts area. Could you be so kind as to provide me with some recommended doctors who do explant with “en bloc” procedure. Thank you!

    1. Marian

      Did you find a good En – block surgeon in the area? I live in Phoenix. I have a complex case with muscle, connective tissue, and lymph node involvement. It is painful. My MRI lit up like a Christmas tree, per the plastic surgeon. She does not believe silicone is dangerous. I have many of the classic symptoms of Silicone Implant Disease.
      I hope your surgery went well.

  11. Vicki Booth

    Hi, glad I found your site. I’ve been having weird symptoms exactly and almost all you describe for over a year now. I had implant surgery in 2002, and have saline implants. Can you recommend a doctor in the Nashville area to remove them?

  12. Tanja

    What legal recourse do we have for PIP implants? My doctor will remove them at a 25% discount! Says its not his fault.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tanja, look for a PIP Implant Support group in your country or on the net such as the PIP Action Campaign on Facebook, which should lead you to more information and possible recourse. The most important thing is to have the implants removed properly as soon as possible.


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