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Breast implant illness is a period of sickness affecting the body caused by silicone or saline breast implants.  Symptoms of breast implant illness vary from body to body due to personal differences, the type of breast implants and the progression of the illness however it appears that a few symptoms show up a little earlier and more consistently such as fatigue, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), joint and muscle pain, hair loss and dryness throughout the body including organs and glands.  In my personal opinion, if you are experiencing fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, joint and muscle pain, hair loss and dryness throughout the body, it is your body indicating to you that the implants are causing illness and should be removed as soon as possible. Because breast implants affect most body systems, symptoms are widespread and can be related to immune impairment/failure, auto-immune diseases, neurological symptoms, endocrine symptoms and metabolic symptoms.   Here is a longer list of some of the symptoms, but in no way complete, that have been associated with breast implants:



Breast implants cause illness because they are foreign objects which impair our immune systems causing immune system failure, auto-immune symptoms and disease, in addition, implants are made up of silicone which is a chemical soup of dangerous toxins that when implanted in the body begin breaking down due to body chemistry and activity thereby releasing and circulating particulates of silicone and toxic, carcinogenic chemicals throughout contaminating tissues, organs and body systems.  Simply put silicone is a biologically active and toxic substance that poisons and impairs the functions of the body.


It makes no difference whether your implants are cohesive gel, saline with a silicone shell or silicone with a silicone shell.  In fact, the cohesive gel implants seem to be the worst implants because they contain more aggressive chemicals used in making the silicone cohesive.  However, no matter the implant type, sooner than you realize, all breast implants impair our immune system and the silicone shell deteriorates releasing toxins and allowing the filling whether toxic cohesive gel, saline or regular toxic silicone to permeate the shell and contaminate our body.  According to several studies, most implants deteriorate and or rupture within six to ten years but sooner in many cases.

For instance, I was implanted with cohesive gel implants October 2005.  The plastic surgeon informed me breast implants should be replaced every ten years to be on the safe side and I was planning on having them removed in ten years.  Despite the ten year safety plan, I first noticed breast implant symptoms only three years after implantation in October 2008.  The first symptoms I noted were brain fog and what appeared to be hypothyroidism.   Not realizing my symptoms could be from breast implants, I attempted to manage with better nutrition, exercise and supplements with some success.  But as time progressed, more symptoms appeared such as ringing in my ears, easy bruising, slow healing of cuts and scrapes, hormonal imbalances, yeast infections, ear infections, hair loss and fatigue.  Shortly, the fatigue worsened to the point I felt something was very wrong.  Then in a six month period a storm of other symptoms quickly showed up such as food intolerance/allergies, headaches, sore/aching shoulder and hip joints, aching backbone, severe dehydration at times, muscle weakness, swollen and sore lymph in the upper body, sore kidneys and liver, fevers during day, night sweats, fast/irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, burning/pain around the implant and underarm, panic attacks all finally culminating in toxic shock due to the amount of toxic chemicals circulating in my body from the silicone.

According to the plastic surgeon who removed my implants seven years and three months after initial implantation, they were intact with no ruptures.  Before explantation surgery, I requested my implants back and they were brought to me a few hours after I woke from surgery.  They smelled strongly of chemicals similar to kitchen or bathroom silicone caulking.  I inspected them very carefully and the left breast implant has an air bubble in it less than one cm in width at the inside surface of the shell.  There should be no air bubbles in cohesive gel implants which tells me the silicone shell was permeable inside my body for some time even though not obviously ruptured.  The history of my symptoms also tells me that the silicone shells of my breast implants were permeable and poisoning me me as early as the first few years after being implanted.

I look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants.  Please see the comment form below.  Thank you.

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  1. Terry

    I had old silicone implants for 1988 until 2012; no problems. Had them replaced in 2012 with Cohesive Gel implants. Already having problems 8 months later.

  2. Rhonda

    I just read all of your symptoms, and mine are exactly the same. I have been fighting serious illness since 2008, almost lost my daughter due to major complications during pregnancy, since then I have been in and out of the hospital too many times to mention with no clear answers. In 2010 I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, and in 2013 spent almost 6 months in the hospital due to several tia’s and pulmonary embolisms. The neurological symptoms are still here and, after testing show that I have what looks to be permanent damage….several small spots on MRI of brain have shown up (back in 2008) when they first thought that I have MS. My blood pressure goes down to next to nothing, I have no energy, and after spending 9 years towards my professional degree, I am unable to work. I had my implants in 1997′ and they are still in, I never even knew that they needed to be replaced and after all my health issues, no one led me to be believe that they could be the reason for all of my health problems. I almost died twice last year and am now on prednisone just to have the energy to get through each day as a mom and wife. I would do anything just to have the energy and health to do well at these two important jobs. Are there any good doctors in Houston/Clear Lake area that can help me? I am having a mamogram tom. and ultrasound for a strange lump that showed up on my left breast. I am not even afraid anymore, I am just so tired and this body seems to be giving out on me. If I get them out, do you think there is any possible way that I can have energy and health again?

  3. To Rhonda:

    Rhonda this is Tanya, you say you had a pregnancy while very ill? Please tell me, how is your baby doing and did you breast feed? I’m very ill too, but thankfully got my implants removed just before I got pregnant, still deathly ill. It’s been a crazy one, but I’d just like some feedback as to how your baby did and is doing now, thanks!

  4. camellia

    August 2013 had major rupture on left breast and was told the right breast was leaking also. Had mammograms and sonogram. The surgeon I chose did not even put me to sleep, he strapped my arms down, draped my face, used numbing cream and started taking out the right implant. I felt it come out like a balloon and then he used his hands squeezing and pulling my breast down to get silicone out. It hurt very bad and I was saying OH, OH! Then he goes over to my left breast and does the same thing but the left breast had trauma and ruptured and the implant was leaking bad. He takes out the implant, starts squeezing and pulling to clean out the silicone, then he starts cutting and clipping on the inside of my breast. I was wrestling on the table, the pain was so bad I started praying to GOD to help me. The surgery was a nightmare. Silicone was left in my breast . I have been to another surgeon and mammograms showed left over silicone, it burns and hurts at times . Please listen to my story and please RESEARCH your surgeon. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. Research your surgeon before having surgery. Just be happy with what God gave you. Please pray for me as I don’t know what is in store for me.

  5. Crystal Davenport

    Hi, I am considering breast implant explantation. I’ve had saline implants for 11 years and they are sagging and look so fake. I’m sick of them, plus I have all the side effects listed here!! I have terrible insomnia, hair loss, etc. but I am 52 years old so thought it was hormone related, aka menopausal. Does anyone know of a good reputable removal surgeon in Tampa Bay Area? I live in Pinellas County, Florida, and need to find an excellent surgeon who knows his/her stuff about explantation. Mine are over the muscle.

    Thank you!
    Crystal D.

  6. Lisa

    I don’t know if this is due to my implants. Last April 2013 I had a breast lift with silicone implants in September. I started to gain weight rapidly and found out I have hypothyroid. I have since gone on medication and my thyroid is under control but have not been able to loose the 25 pound I gained. I’m not sure if this is directly related to my implants since I don’t have any other symptoms besides the hypo thyroid and weight gain Looking forward to your reply.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lisa,

      Silicone implants do cause weight gain and this is a common symptom. Silicone is an endocrine disrupter that really messes with our glandular system such as thyroid. Silicone mimics estrogen and binds with the estrogen receptors in our body causing hormonal imbalances. Too much estrogen or estrogenic like substances cause weight gain and also slow down our thyroid. Implants also cause an inflammatory condition in the body due to being a foreign body made of toxic substances and inflammatory conditions also signal the body to gain weight. I suggest having the implants properly removed and then working your way off the thyroid medication.

      1. Tammy

        I am reading many stories on breast implant illness and the symptoms. My daughter has been sick for 9 years, her implants get removed in 6 weeks. In all the research I’ve been doing I’m not finding anyone that is sharing with us if their symptoms are gone since removal. I would love to hear from those that have been ex planted to see how they are doing.

        1. Dana

          Too early for me to say, but I do not have the arm pain I was having. I am only two weeks out, but it will get better. Of that I am sure! Eat clean, follow detox instructions, exercise when you feel better. I believe we can heal if they are removed properly…I know I will get better…I am on a mission to help other women realize God made us beautiful just the way we are!

        2. Cathy

          I had my implants removed several weeks ago. I had my first set of implants put in 20 yrs ago, my second set 10 yrs ago. After almost 20 yrs of depression/ anxiety/ panic attacks , crippling insomnia, joint pain and unexplained skin rashes on my breasts and rib cage, and other health problems, I can happily tell you that I feel like a new woman! I sleep like a baby now, my skin has cleared up, and my joint pain has gotten much better. I fell stronger and more confident every day; I feel like I have my life back. I’m glad your daughter has chosen to take control of her health and will get her implants removed, and I hope she feels as good as I do. She’s lucky to have such a caring mom! Good luck to you both.

  7. Dodo

    My 76 mother had silicone implants over 30 years ago. Now, she can hardly breath, chronic fatigue and plotters of other symptoms and the doctors can’t find anything “wrong” The doctors (at kaiser) took MRI and say it hadn’t ruptured; therefore it’s ok . My family is fed up. I’ve read Dr. Mehmed works and would like to contact him. I’ve put a call in. Can anyone recommend a specialist like Dr Mehmed in the Bay Area that can help us? Had anyone else had airway/ breathing difficulty with their silicone implants?

    1. Andrea

      I just started noticing a couple of weeks ago that I was having trouble breathing and that my heart rate went up immediately with any exercise. I went to my primary care doctor and the first group of blood tests showed several liver enzymes being elevated.
      I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in September of 2012 and in January of 2014 I had surgery to replace the saline expanders with the permanent silicone implants. I have felt a little “off” since the January surgery. Until recently I didn’t feel bad, just different. I figured that I just needed to get used to these implants. I will get the results of the new bloodwork this week. I don’t know if my problems are from my implants, but I just wanted to start doing some research to figure out why I am having trouble breathing, feel tired and have elevated liver enzymes.

  8. Allison

    I’ve had my cohesive gel implants since 2011. I’ve begun to have severe insomnia beginning this past January and it is getting worse and worse. I’ve never had any health or sleeping problems until now. I have fatigue, headaches, some hair loss. But my main problem is the insomnia. It came out of no where. Could this be caused by my implants?? Is there a link?

  9. Juli Peterson

    I am experiencing fatigue, muscle fatigue, joint pain almost everywhere, brain fog, etc……… I just figured out that it might be my silicone implants. They are starting to feel foreign in my body and I can feel the “sickness” coming from them almost. I really think I need to get them taken out. Juli

    1. Anita F

      Cheri, very sorry to hear you are having problems also. I had Dow silicone implants (1985) . If you are willing to travel, I highly recommend Dr. Lu Jean Feng. I live in CT and after all the research I had done, she was one to go to. She has been dealing with women since the early 1990′s when all the problems started. She removed (ruptured) implants and what leaked outside of the capsule and did an uplift. Over 4 hours of surgery and I went back to hotel made phone calls, jumped on computer. I felt great! She uses nerve block and Propofol , more doctors should operate this ways. No vomiting, no pain, the only thing I took was extra strength Tylenol because my back hurt from sleeping. She is located in Pepper Pike, Ohio . Dr. Feng was the best decision i made, I have no regrets. Best of luck.

  10. Cheri /MI

    Found out I had breast cancer in July 2012, double mastectomy in Oct. 2012 with immediate breast reconstruction with expander placed. Did chemotherapy (with a few problems) between Nov 2011 & May 2012. In July 2013 had a full hysterectomy. Complete breast implants in Nov. 2013. Since then I have had joint pain, fatigue, trouble with going #2 (bowel movements) and extreme memory loss, insomnia. After 6 months seeing family doctors and trying different things, seeing specialist, My oncologists said to check with surgeon who did breast implants because they could be causing problems.
    So my appointment today was with breast surgeon and of course he doesn’t believe for a minute that they are the result of the implants.
    I do believe I am going to look for a surgeon in Michigan who will do what Dr. Melmed does.

    1. Joe

      To Cheri, Our daughter is 23 and has many of the symptoms of the other women. We live in Michigan and need to know if you have found a surgeon who can help you. We might need some help also. Thanks, Joe

  11. Melissa/IN

    I had first set of saline implants in 2006. They did not look right so had 2nd set and repair in 2009 and they are still not right. Was supposed to have a 3rd surgery for repair once again but for the last 2yrs have been suffering from severe fatigue, horrific muscle & joint pain, muscle spasms & body jerks. Hair is falling out by the handfulls. Hand tremors, rash on my chest that comes and goes. Chest & breast pain, shortness of breath. Bruise and skin bleeds easily. Horrible insomnia, have gone 2 days at a time with no sleep. Intolerance to medications and smells.. I could go on and on.. Have been to at least 10 different doc’s this year alone and had every test ran under the sun.. Nothing ever shows up but consistantly a slightly elevated white count. Have been told I have dermatomyositis then they changed it to mixed connective tissue disease and now they are saying no because of my blood work. Just had scope put down my throat and left vocal chord is paralyzed but they can find no explanation as to why.. I can barely work, let alone get out of bed.. Just saw a plastic surgeon to have them removed and he almost laughed me out of his office, telling me there was absolutely no way I was sick from my saline implants. He said there was no scientific proof and a group of very educated doctors got together a few years ago and determined all implants are safe.. I think he’s full of it.. I have been doing extensive research and am convinced this is what’s wrong with me.. I too would like to know if the people are getting better after removal and the general length of time it takes to get better.. I realize everyone is different.. Also does anyone know any plastic surgeons in Indiana that are knowledeable about this. I want them out ASAP but I want someone who is familiar with explantation.. I will also follow the detox…

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Melissa, Absolutely it is your implants causing your sickness. Your plastic surgeon is lying to you. There are numerous studies which show the devastating health consequences from implants, both saline and silicone. The first and most important step is a proper explant. Due to your symptoms, if I was you I would go to Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta Georgia for your explant. She is perhaps the most skilled doctor and surgeon in the U.S. helping sick women recover from implants. Contact her right away. I have healed from implants and coach women worldwide who have healed or are in the process of healing. It takes about a year with proper support to gain your health back, give or take. Please let me know how things unfold. I am here for you every step of the way. Nicole

      1. sick of being sick

        DrHi I am 54 years old. Had breast cancer 5 years ago. Had both breasted removed. Silicone implants. About 3 years ago my health has started down hill. I have severe joint pain, all over body pain, severe breast pain, memory loss, hair loss, muscle pain, fatique, insomnia. My list goes on and on. I have seen multiply drs that find nothing but a slightly eleveted white blood count. I m seeing my cancer Dr.,an ooorthapedic dr my gp. No one will help with this pain Bc they cant find anything wrong with me. I have tried multiple anti depressants for the anxiety that I now have. I have also become gluten and dairy intolerant. Can all of this be coming from my implants? Please help with some advise. I am 54 years old and I feel 90. I been thinking lately that I don’t know how much more I can stand of this pain. Oh yeah these artificial boobs hurt all the time. Too sore to touch and cant stand to wear a bra. Too painful. Thanks for any advice

  12. Sumer

    I had implants done 3 months ago & every day since I’ve had to deal with extremely sore feet. If I sit for a few minutes standing is very painful. I’m sure I’ll be told it has nothing to do with my implants. I wonder tho.

  13. Kelly

    Hi, i never normally type anything on the internet but just feel i need to get it all off my chest! Forgive the pun! But seriously… I had pip implants inserted in 2004 and ever since many incidences have happened and it cant be just coincidence! In the first yr i used to get heart pulpatations and one day when i was at an event and my adrenilin was pumping i started to feel my chest tightening, my head felt hot and flushed, i couldnt breath. I think it was a panic attack? Still not sure then soon after i had a few series of hives? Didnt know why? Always felt tired but manage to always push my self to the limit to complete daily tasks! So exhausted every day but cant get to sleep! Im only 32 and feel 72! I have had a 10yr cold and am told that my childhood asthma has returned! But im nof sure i think i couldnt breath since the implants. I also remember having a nap one afternoon and waking up gasping for breath…i actually thought i was going to die! Then 2 – 3 yrs ago i started getting funny de ja vu experiences where i could smell and taste things that wasnt there and feel a strange presence of the past! Really weird! I didnt know what they were and when i asked people do u get de ja vu alot? They would say ‘ yeah sure ‘ so i thought it ws normal untill they got worse and worse. I googled my symptoms recetly to find out that they were partial seizures. I decided that it was finally time to see the doctor( j hadnt been before with any symptoms because i was scared they would take them away and i be left with nothing- im still scared of this. I only had this done because i was more flat chested then my brother!) now i feel a fool because recently i had 2 fits ( tonic clonic seizures in my sleep and was rushed to hospital) i am told i now have epilepsy – due for an eeg in sept! Only recently i have started wondering if it has anything to do with implants? Surely epilepsy dont come from no where? Im so scared and depressed and dont know what to do? Even my own partner dont know all of this as im scared he will say remove and no replace but i really dont think i can love my self with sagging pockets that look any worse then i did before! I hate myself already for paying someone to fit me up with dodgy pips! I think i need to tell the doctor my findings on the internet and hope she can link the both together…. Also had fatigue and foggy brain since but always put it down to being a tired mum! Sorry to moan on but finally to write all my problems in one place has made things a little clearer. X

  14. Jessica

    I got my saline implants in May of 2013. I almost feel like I haven’t been the same since. I immediately noticed depression and anxiety symptoms afterward, then the memory loss began. I began a new job earlier this year and have had extreme memory problems to the point it has effected my performance. I’ve also had food intolerances, and get akathisia (inner and muscle restlessness) now when I eat certain proteins. I basically can’t eat any meat or nuts now unless I want to suffer the consequences. My blood pressure is lowering (last was 100/56). I’ve had upper arm and neck rashes, as well as yeast infections. It is now about 1 yr. 5 mo. after implantation and I have an appointment to see a plastic surgeon next week. I saw a plastic surgeon about 3 weeks ago and he told me there’s no scientific evidence, and advised me to see a rheumatologist. He charged a $150 consultation fee too!! Ridiculous! I’m definitely going to go through with explantation with this next surgeon. I cannot wait to get these out!

    1. Tammy

      The upper arm and neck rash is mold/ toxin coming from the implants. My daughter suffered from this rash too. It was verified by Dr. Kolb that it was from mold.

  15. Melanie

    First, I want to thank all the women who have posted their concerns and experiences on this forum regarding breast implants. I have had saline implants for seven years. I did not have any issues the first three years. During year four, I started having shoulder and back pain. I attributed these problems to my known scoliosis and the size of my implants, which I thought were too large for my frame from the beginning (I went from a 32A/B to a 32 D/DD). Year five, I started gaining weight, had memory issues, problems concentrating, hormonal imbalance, arthritis, and chronic fatigue. (I visited my implanting physician twice during this time and was not offered a solution.). I thought if I exercised and ate better I would get better – that did not happen. For the next two years, symptoms continued and I felt like I was aging rapidly (I’m 51), often wondering how I’d feel at 70 when I felt so bad now. Last September (2013), I had an abnormal mammogram. This was the critical point for me in deciding the implants needed to go. All of this while running an audiology practice (3 offices) and taking care of six children. Can I say stressful?!?!

    Yesterday, I underwent bilateral breast implant removal, and am looking forward to regaining my health. Yes, I was afraid, but not knowing how rapidly I would continue to decline was even more frightening to me. Today, I feel very sore, (muscular) apparently from the anesthesia. But I can already tell my head is clearer. If you are considering this procedure, I recommend you listen to your body and intuition, and not let others tell you your symptoms are not related to your implants.

    1. Bliss

      Hi Melanie – I am so thankful you are POST surgery – and recovering- AND, already noticing improvement in your symptoms!! I, too, have had saline implants – mine for 10 years – and have been having health issues for 3 1/2 – 4 years – REALLY bad health for the last year – and, I finally came across this wonderful site a couple of months ago – AND, I am scheduled to have my implants OUT at the end of Sept. – I can’t wait!! :) Praying for your continued/complete recovery – and for good health for ALL of the wonderful women who visit this site – and for all women struggling with this illness. God Bless You All!

      1. Melanie

        Thank you for your encouragement! I continue to feel better each day. One thing I have noticed as I am healing is that the moderate to severe arthritis pain in my left knee and left thumb have almost completely subsided. I will be praying for your upcoming surgery!

  16. Tammy

    My daughter had her implants removed July 24 2014. Dr. Kolb was wonderful. I recommend her highly. My daughters condition is improving. She told me today she feels like she has been reborn into a new body. She is still very fatigue but she has not experienced any joint /muscle pain, brain fog, numbness or flue like symptoms since her implant have been removed. First time in 9 years she has been able to get out of bed without pain. Removing the implants was the best decision she could have ever made. I will post again with her progress in 6-7 months.

  17. Karena poulos

    I had saline implants from 2001 and was explanted and had a capsule removed by Dr Kolb, the instant I woke up after surgery I felt the difference and am getting better but still have to go thru detoxification, it’s been a living hell, and I had autoimmune issue candida and fungal infections mold inside implants they are being analyzed but they already found staph and E. coli, I believe I was close to death several times and was in renal failure in 2013- I breast fed my daughter and she also has traces of silicone in her body. This is a cover up and pure evil what they are doing to us. God bless all, I will be fighting for this cause as soon as I am well…it’s a miracle that I finally figured it out and but the grace Of God!

  18. Jeanette Floyd

    I had Saline implants put in and 1995. June this year I had them removed, had a breast lift and silicone implants put in. I’m in middle of August I started experiencing a feeling of being off balance, walking issues and feeling confusion and anxiety in crowded places. I have balance and vision issues so bad that I can no longer drive. Of course I have had many test done, MRI, numerous blood panels and nothing is showing up. I have been seeing a neurologist. Prior to surgery in June I was a healthy 48-year-old female. Could
    The symptoms be related to the implants so soon after surgery?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jeanette,
      Yes, it is the implants causing your symptoms. You would not believe how many ladies I hear from who just got implants and are very, very ill. There are very toxic chemicals in these new series of implants that are poisoning ladies immediately. You have to have the implants and capsules removed as soon as possible and then go through detox. Your placing surgeon may not be the best person to remove them as most will not readily admit that implants cause illness and will try to steer you elsewhere and waste your time with misdiagnoses. Please read the Explant page so you know how to determine what a proper explant is. Where do you live? I will start looking for an explant surgeon in your area in the meantime. After explant and with some support and detox you will recover your health. Chin up Jeanette, you are headed in the right direction. Nicole

  19. Rebecca Boyd

    OMG, I am SO thankful I came across this! Had bi lateral mastectomy & Finally got silicone implants June 3 & been I’ll every since. In hospital 2 1/2 days just 9 days after surgery for low blood pressures, dizzy, lite headed, etc & goin downhill fast last 3 months. Extreme left breast pain (cancer breast x2), right breast implant bunched up, very dizzy, dry skin & hair, jittery, eyesight change, extreme fatigue, non healing small sores on neck, hairline & face, muscle loss & So many more symptoms & Now am sure r my implants. Have had 2 bad surgeons in KC, MO & will see a 3rd ASAP 2 remove implants as Very depressed & ill. I Will be suing both surgeons & hospital for All I’ve been thru as negligent on all aspects. We Must be informed of all risks & i Never was. Told I needed silicone as I’m thin skinned & would look more natural & they are Perfectly safe. Bullshit! Been SO I’ll since surgery! Thnx for info here as Now know what is wrong! Any Good surgeons in KC, MO to assist me?? Please any recommendations much appreciated. I’ve been considering All morning on going to ER again as can’t hardly walk correctly.

  20. Trish

    I’ve been reading all of your comments and now know I’m not imagining that these sysmptoms are being caused by my silicone implants somehow.
    I had bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction in 2011. I’ve always thought that all of the aches and pains, numbness and tingling were side effects of the dose dense Chemo. Brain fog has been with me since 2005 when my cancer was first diagnosed and treated. It’s embarrassing at times and causes problems in my marriage as I am adamant that I wasn’t told something only to find out my short term memory is shot and that I WAS told after reliving the senario when I was told.
    Lately, my vision has been really doing strange things especially late in the day when blurring,burning and excessive watering happens. I’m also very light sensitive to the point that I wear my sunglasses even in the house.
    After reading all of your stories I think a visit to my doctor is in order. I’m only 62 and I don’t want to wait until my age plays a factor in the ability to have something done about this.
    Thanks for all of the input.

  21. allie traylor

    I need to share my story so it may others. I got my saline implants in 1998. I thought thatthey never gave me any problems but looking back they havr since 2004. That when I started having chronic fatigue syndrome. My bloodwork was fine so I just attributed it to being a busy mom. I didn’t have pain though. I had a physical in 2013 and told my doctor that I was tired and somedays just had to go to bed. So she ran extensive blood work and found that I had high levels of the Epstein B
    arr virus and my adrenals were fatigued. My symptoms of CFS got worse and in 2014 I developed severe joint pain. My friend suggested I read about breasted implant illness. Docters will tell you that there is no connection. But I have three friends with saline implants that are 10 years or older and they share my symptoms. One woman has fibromyalgia and lupus the other has rheumatoid arthritis. And my coworker has fibromyalgia and CFS. My symptoms got worse this year and I knew I just had to have removed. So yesterday I had a breast explanation. I will post again after a month to report on my joint pain and fatigue.

  22. Ashley

    I could of wrote this word for word on everythiNG I am feeling the same. I’m on the verge of killing myself because it is impossible for me to get money to get them removed. It’s unfair and I’m so tired of feeling like this. These implants have ruined my life.

  23. gina


    I had my first set put in in 1993, they were saline and they looked terrible from the beginning and I always had so much pain. I eventually got used to them, but then they started to separate from my chest muscle, so I had what is called the “double bubble” which is when it looks like two boobs on each side. I finally saved up to have them taken out but was convinced by my doctor not to, stating he could make them gorgeous with a much bigger implant, otherwise without implants in I would have two concave holes in my chest where the implants used to be. I had the reconstructive surgery in 2003 and was part of a trial before the new wave of silicon came out. I actually did love the look of them, but starting getting sick about four years ago with all if the symptoms above. The doctors had no idea what was wrong with me at first, said I was depressed, etc. Finally saw a natural path and he urged me to take them out. My surgeon was livid with me, he refused to take them out and accused me of self diagnosis via the internet. He said they were completely safe and said I’d look terrible without them, maybe I should just put smaller ones in. I had them removed by a great surgeon here in Seattle, she didn’t come out and say silicon was dangerous, but she did say “the body fights anything foreign object that comes in…say u have a small sliver, your body fights it and pushes it out…why would an implant be any different. Your body fights for so long until it just can’t anymore and becomes diseased/worn out” . I had them out 3 years ago. I still felt like crap. I started seeing a rheumatologist, and was placed on steriods, chemo pills, etc. I still felt like shit and said that’s it, I’m going natural and cleansing my body out so it can finally heal the right way. I have been following the Gerson protocol, juicing, enemas, etc. Three months later I’m starting to get my life back. It’s been a tough battle and some days I just didn’t want to live anymore with the pain, exhaustion, my mind was shot, and I’m only 41. I spent 3 weeks in Sedona at a gerson clinic and an odd thing happened…they switched their iv needles two weeks into my trip, and started using ones that were coated with silicon. I had a terrible reaction, the vein would always infiltrate and never allow the needle in, and would swell up tremdously, so I don’t know if my body developed an allergy or what. I was told to get an allergy test when I got back home, still have to do that.

  24. Linda

    In 2009 I had a bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction at the same time. Ever since I had the surgery I have been experiencing all the symptoms most of you ladies have. My Primary Doctor referred me to an Rheumatologist for the pain & I was diagnosed with Hoshimotos Disease & Fibromyalgia. I also was tested for Gluten allergy & I am now gluten intolerant. I am on 5 different medications & still experience a lot of pain…. Some days tolerable & some days intolerable…. It never goes away! I really believe it is my Implants making me sick because I started having symptoms right after I got the implants.
    The question I have is what is an alternative to the implants? Because of my mastectomy I am not sure what can be done. Any Help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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