Breast Implant Lawsuits Filed Globally

Since our last update there has been a growing number of lawsuits filed globally in court systems due to harm caused by breast implants.  In the U.S. some early cases were dismissed due to U.S. pre-emption however three cases have now passed a stage(s) of pre-emption, the Gravitt versus Mentor Case Number in Illinois, the Sumpter versus Allergan case in Missouri and the Graham versus Mentor case in St Louis.  Since the FDA announcement of textured implants causing BIA-ALCL cancer, BIA-ALCL cases continue to be filed and since textured implants were pulled from markets in Europe and Canada, two Canadian lawfirms requested to file class action lawsuits against three textured implant manufacturers selling implants in Canada; Mentor, Allergan and Ideal for failing to warn Canadians about the potential of BIA-ALCL cancer.  Another Canadian lawfirm filed a request for a potential class action against Mentor silicone for systemic symptoms caused by Mentor silicone breast implants.   Recently and since Allergan pulled their textured implants from the U.S. market other class actions against Allergan textured implants may be underway in the U.S. and other countries.

If you are interested to follow the global developments of breast implant lawsuits and most importantly which law firms are accepting cases read on and make a comment below and then come to our Lawsuit Facebook group where you can get support from over 10,000 other women going through the same process.

Defective Breast Implants are Viable Cases

Breast implants are warranted to be safe and last a certain amount of time.  A warranty is a guarantee that the product will perform in a certain way or will conform to certain standards. If the breast implant is defective and ruptures, leaks or becomes deformed before it’s warranty period expires and causes you harm or the breast implant is deemed to be safe and causes you a serious disease such as BIA-ALCL you may have a case.  

Informed Consent Not Given to Women

Informed Consent
Not Given to Women

Many women implanted with breast implants were not given prior informed consent before surgery as required.  Prior informed consent before surgery is mandated and outlined by the FDA in the Pre-Market Assessment Letters and the Post Approval Study Criterias.  Failing to give proper informed consent to users as mandated by the FDA and noncompliance may result in lawsuits passing pre-emption.  We have collected some of the Pre-Market Assessment/ Post Approval Study Letters so you can read and assess if you were given proper informed consent prior to surgery:

Spectrum Saline Mentor PMA

Inamed PMA 2000

Mentor MemoryShape PMA 2013

Mentor MemoryGel PMA 2006

Allergan Highly Cohesive 140 Naturelle PMA 2013

Allergan PMA 2006

Lenze Lawyers/Jennifer Lenze 1 (310) 322-8800

CityWide Law Group/Oliver 1 (424) 248-2700/[email protected]

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 450-1837

SWMW Law/Tara King 1 (314) 480-5180

Lenze Lawyers/Jennifer Lenze 1 (310) 322-8800

Ross Feller Casey/Dena Young 1 (267) 443-3056

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 450-1837

Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 450-1837

Williams Dirks Dameron LLC/Matthew L Dameron 1 (816) 945-7135

Shell Law LLC/Mandy M Shell 1 (816) 399-5030

Girard Sharp LLC 1 (415) 981-4800 (Class Action Case)


Dampier Law/Megan McBride 1 (850) 450-1837

CityWide Law Group/Oliver 1 (424) 248-2700/[email protected]

Lenze Lawyers/Amanda McGee 1 (310) 322-8800

Joey Zukran of LPC Advocate Inc. in Quebec for class action for textured implants  Contact: 1 (514) 379-1572

Anthony Leoni of Rice Harbut Elliott LLP  in Vancouver for class action for Mentor silicone breast implants  Contact: 1 (604) 682-3771

Tanya A Pagliaroli of Tanya Pagliaroli Law in Toronto for BIA-ALCL Contact: 1 (416) 583-1570

Renee Vinett of Howie Sacks and Henry LLP for mass tort for women diagnosed with BIA-ALCL from textured implants  Contact: 1 (877) 771-7006

Pagliaroli Law/Tanya A Pagliaroli 1 (416) 583-1570

Rise Lawyers Pty Ltd/Rosemary Listing  0413634739

Vogel Law in: Munich 0049 89 59997400, Baden Baden 0049 7221 9250974, London 0044 2077706344 and Zurich 0041 43 5083605

There are many new law firms and attorneys starting to file cases and the attorneys listed above are some that have been verified by the Admin(s) of Breast Implant Lawsuits.  If you would like to be added to this list please contact Nicole at [email protected].

Please join our Facebook group of over 10,000 women for more information regarding Breast Implant Lawsuits.

We look forward to your comments, feedback and personal stories about your symptoms due to breast implants. Please see the comment form below. Thank you.

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  1. Hi thank you for all your work. I have had my textured implants since 1997 and Explanted 2/5/2019. I have so many of the symptoms of BII for most of the time when Explanted most have gone but I’m back with so many of the symptoms again as they are flair ups because I had a ruptured implant and I’m fighting the detoxing chemicals left in my body. Please help me and my insurance did not cover my explanting😞

  2. I had Allergan Natrelle Silicone Style 115 implants for almost 6 years, I had an explant 3/28/2019, before explant I had so many BII symptoms, 90% of these symptoms are now gone. Thank you for caring so much, getting us all of the information and connecting us together.

  3. I had over 30 BII symptoms since 2017. I had Mentor Smooth saline implants since 2014. I have over $20,000 in dental and vision out of pocket expenses. I live in VA. Thought I had an attorney until after his research could not find a medical expert willing to say definitively the implants were the cause of my illnesses, thus no direct evidence he would not pursue the case any further. He was also concerned lawyers could not get past US pre-emption. I explanted Oct 7, 2019 and no issues with my implants. I’m looking for a contingency lawyer and willing to represent me and preferably not by a class action suit. I NEED at least my medical bills covered and would love pain and suffering. I’m praying there is an attorney willing to take my case. Someone please help me.

  4. Thank you for the information! 2001 Mentor Saline, style unknown. Contacted Mentor, no record of PS making a Mentor implant order until Dec. 2001, my implanted May 2001. Received a black and white zeroed copy of a lifetime warranty replacement for deflation due to crease fold, trauma, loss of valve integrity, shell integrity? So who knows what this PS actually implanted? Sick since 2008, autoimmune, more Dr., ER, blood test then should ever be normal, and no diagnosis.

  5. Nicole,
    I am ecstatic that you continue to pursue answers for our path. I have had 3 sets of implants for over half my life. I explanted the 3rd time on April 2, 2019 and had to pay for their removal out of pocket due to “Medicare” regulations. I saw the FDA meeting in March and knew that I had to get those toxins out of my body. I am going to try and appeal Medicare’s denial, but would appreciate anyone’s advice/experience with this.

    Also, any input on joining a lawsuit would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!

  6. Thank u for your self-less support of so many women around the world. You are truly making a difference & I’m so appreciative of all of your hard-work & efforts. God Bless from Mississippi.

  7. I have McGhan textured implants from 1991.
    I have medical documentation regarding leakage/rupture with implants capsular contraction. I have many medical issues

    1. I am in the same boat as you and it is great to find another to feel some kind of validation for myself!! Thank you! 1993 allergan/mcghan saline implants.

  8. Good job on the website!

  9. Thank your for for paving the way for so many of us.

  10. Lawsuit Facebook group

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