After recall and removal of some textured implants from France and the rest of the European Union in December 2018, Allergan, Mentor Worldwide LLC and Ideal Implant continue to sell textured breast implants in Canada and USA, while failing to disclose serious health risks of textured breast implants including the link to a BIA-ALCL cancer of the immune system.  Failure to warn may pave the way for class action lawsuits in Quebec, Canada against textured breast implant manufacturers.   LPC Lawyer Inc. filed a potential class action lawsuit regarding textured implants of all kinds CaseNO: 500-06-000966-198 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  Additionally, Rice Harbut Elliot filed a potential class action lawsuit on January 3, 2018, CaseNO: VLC-S-S-190084 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on behalf of four women who suffered from Mentor Cohesive Gel Implants.  If you are Canadian and interested in litigation in regard to textured implants or Mentor silicone cohesive gel implants contact them.

If you are interested to follow the further developments of these cases make a comment below and then come to our facebook group Breast Implant Lawsuits where you can discuss breast implant lawsuits with over 5000 other women.   


But in the USA breast implant illess lawsuits are stalling because breast implants are Class III medical devices and are protected by USA preemption laws due to the 2008 Supreme Court case Riegel v Medtronic which gave broad federal protection to manufacturers citing that Class III medical devices are only accountable to the regulations and surveillance of the FDA who approves them for use.  After Riegel, the only way to sue for a Class III medical device is to “identify conduct by the manufacturer which violated the PreMarket Approval or other specific requirements related to safety or efficacy of the device as set out by the FDA.  If such conduct can also be stated in terms of a breach of a parallel common law duty (e.g, failure to warn under strict liability or negligence, manufacturing defect or breach of warranty), then it would appear the claim is not preempted. Alternatively, regardless of a specific violation, common law remedies are not preempted by general CGMP requirements.” from the Guide to Preemption of State-Law Claims Against Class III PMA medical devices.

Here is a drug and device lawsuit blog, which discusses why some of the latest breast implant cases have been dismissed.  

In order to overcome preemption laws broadly protecting Class III medical devices,  a bill was introduced in 2017 to restore consumer’s rights to sue Class III medical devices that are currently preempted by federal protection due to Riegel.  Please sign and support the Medical Device Safety Act H.R. 2164, which restores an injured consumer’s rights to sue Class III medical devices.


Breast implants are warranted to be safe and last a certain amount of time.  A warranty is a guarantee that the product will perform in a certain way or will conform to certain standards. If the breast implant is defective and ruptures, leaks or becomes deformed before it’s warranty period expires and causes you harm or the breast implant is deemed to be safe and causes you a serious disease such as BIA-ALCL you may have a case.  A recent case of a defective breast implant rupturing and causing harm did pass preemption, in part.  Read Mentor Silicone Breast Implant Lawsuit Not Preempted, Cleared to Proceed.   In light of preemption in the USA, it can be difficult to find a firm to take your case however we suggest contacting lawyers with existing cases such as these:  


1.  Mary Sewell and several additional Plaintiffs filed complaints in the Superior Court of the State of California Case No. 30-2018-01040633 against Mentor Worldwide, LLC: Nusil, LLC and Nusil Technology, LLC alleging various complaints and injuries from breast implants.  

2.  Nicole Vieira and Emilia Barozzi filed a complaint in Los Angeles County Superior Court at the time Case No. BC711663.  They were both implanted with Mentor MemoryGel Silicone Breast Implants and “experienced various medical complications, including fatigue, weakness, memory loss, and nausea.”  After explantation it was discovered that the implants’ silicone gel had bled.  The complaint alleges mistakes in the manufacturing of the implants and defects in the silicone used resulting in silicone gel to bleed which triggered medical problems.  In July the case was moved to Federal Court, Case No. 2:18-cv-06502, and in September it was remanded back to Los Angeles Superior Court.  They are represented by Lenze Lawyers, PLC in Manhattan Beach, California;  Finson Law Firm, LLP in Playa Vista and Marina Del Rey, California; and by Angwin Law Firm in Los Angeles, California

3.  Michelle Rea of Fairfax, Virginia filed a lawsuit here on May 8, 2018  in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County.  Rea under underwent reconstructive surgery for a partial mastectomy in 2011.  Approximately five years later, she was diagnosed with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, which was caused by a Natrelle Style 410 implant made by Allergan, Inc., the suit alleges.  The suit alleges that Allergan fraudulently conveyed false and misleading information “and concealed the risks of serious adverse events associated with its breast implants from plaintiffs, the public, physicians, and other healthcare providers,” the lawsuit said.  Michelle is represented by Ross Feller Casey LLP of Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

4.  Renee Cashen and her husband Richard Cashen filed a lawsuit here in the Superior Court of New Jersey on April 27, 2018 against Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon Inc. and Mentor Worldwide LLC alleging that Mentor’s textured MemoryGel Siltex silicone breast implants caused her BIA-ALCL breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma which is a form of cancer and alleging Mentor failed to properly comply with the FDA’s requirements to collect data to track longterm safety of their implants.  Renee and Richard Cashen are represented by Ross Feller Casey LLP and McEldrew Young of Philidelphia, Pennsylvania.

5.  Vivian Skelton filed a complaint here in Los Angeles County Superior Court on March 2, 2018 against Allergan Inc and Allergan USA Inc. alleging that Allergan’s Natrelle silicone breast implants caused her BIA-ALCL breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma which is a from of cancer.   Skelton’s complaint says “Allergan failed to report adverse events from the post market approval studies commissioned as part of the implant’s PMA approval, which would have led to reports suggesting the device’s contribution to serious injury,” and her lawsuit states. “The purpose of monitoring a product’s post-market experience is to detect potential safety signals that could indicate to the manufacturer and the medical community that a public safety problem exists. If a manufacturer waits to report post-market information, even for a few weeks or months, that bottleneck could mean that researchers, regulatory bodies, and the medical community are years behind in identifying a public safety issue associated with the device. In the meantime, more patients are harmed by using the product without understanding its true risks.”  Vivian Skelton is represented by Lenze Lawyers PLC of Manhattan Beach, California and Finson Law Firm LLC of Marina Del Ray, California.

1.  Catherine and Travis Gravitt
, a Will County couple filed against Mentor Worldwide LLC case number 1:2017cv05428 in Illnois Northern District Court, Chicago “alleging the corporation manufactured defective breast implants and sold them to consumers.” from article here.  On January 11, 2018 the motion to dismiss by Mentor was denied and this case was cleared to proceed, see article here.

2.  The FDA issued a warning confirming breast implants cause BIA-ALCL cancer.  Lawsuits will follow soon.

3.  Rexina Mize, et al. v. Mentor Worldwide LLC
The case is Mize v. Mentor Worldwide LLC, No. CV 17-1747 DMG (KSx).  Her husband, Spouse Plaintiff Minh Nguyen, is also suing Mentor on loss of consortium. They are represented by Jaime Moss and Jennifer Lenze at the Lenze Moss Law Firm, contact form, and Jason Jordan at Jordan Law.   From the article, Johnson & Johnson Unit Sued Over Leaking Breast Implants:  “We believe the problems with Mentor’s silicone implant are pervasive and may have harmed thousands of women,” Moss said. “This suit may be just the tip of the iceberg.”  “The suit filed yesterday contends Mentor officials failed to warn Mize, who says she’s suffering from pain, nausea, skin rashes and extreme fatigue, and her physician about “the risk of serious defects and life-altering complications” tied to the leaking implants.”





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  1. Becky Ornellas

    I explanted August 7, 2019. Had them for 31 years since 1988. We were never told they would have to be replaced. Both ruptured, one totally encapsulated was calcified. Surgeon found a palm of a glove under that implant. I have kept implants so that i can identify manufacture. The laytex glove also. My timeline of illnesses is extensive. Please keep me informed of any litigation going forward. Thank you

  2. Terasa VanCoppenolle

    I have Mentor saline implants but I have suffered many of the reported symptoms.

    Please add me to your email so I can be kept up to date.

    Thank you

  3. katisha

    Hi, it seems my implants that I had in 1991 by a certified top plastic surgeon were not actually registered in Australia until 1996 when allergan applied with 12 other implants. No wonder I some how fell off the class action lawsuit, I have serial#, original court documents from 20yrs ago & Dr quotes etc, ruptures. capsulation & so on.
    I get explanted next week, and they don’t even want my 28yo implants for testing ???
    Talk about corrupt. Is there anyone else having similar issues, what do I do ?

  4. Anonymous

    I have most of the symptoms everyone here has talked about. Utterly miserable. Sick, hurting, sad, tested for this, for that. Can I add a new one? At age 45, after having had mentor saline implants for 6 years I developed cataracts and was declared legally blind. Everyone was baffled as to why, don’t smoke, don’t drink, great eater, exerciser etc. Eventually it was attributed to all the antibiotics I had to take for lyme and the co-infections for two years. I finally had to have cataract surgery at age 52 which went very well (had lens implanted, YAY more implants!!). I see very well but of course it is not the same as natural eye sight. Very tough as I am an artist. I continued to slowly get sicker. Its has been so gradual I attributed it age and/or lyme complications.

    Now at age 61 I am suspecting the implants. The knowlege stunned me. I got these in 2001. They still look nice. and I am in contstant terrible pain. I wept when I read all these stories and the stolen, agonizing years, pain and sadness for everyone. The mood swings especially have been horrible, on me, my family, I fight daily to stay decent and civil and loving. I am now researching for doctors to explant. Praying for guidance and recovery.

  5. Stephanie Richards

    I’ve had 2 sets of textured implants.
    My last was in May 2005.
    My implants are 14 years old.

    I have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

    I have too many symptoms to mention from blurred vision… weight gain of 50lbs … hair loss… brain fog…. memory loss… teeth and gum problems…chronic fatigue… the list goes on and on.

    Prior to this I was so incredibly healthy and vibrant.

    1. Karen

      I have the McGhan/Allergan textured implants from 2004. Going to a seminar at my surgeon’s office today to get information regarding the recall. My symptoms are the same, blurred vision… weight gain of 50lbs … hair loss… brain fog…. memory loss… chronic fatigue …

  6. Jill gee

    I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I thought my implant was to blame for right breast discomfort never thought cancer. Biopsy showed HER2 positive gene
    Can silicone implants cause such a thing???
    Heading back to AZ to get second opinion!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jill,
      We think breast implants can and do cause cancers of all kinds, after all they are made with carcinogenic chemicals.

  7. Lydia Crawford

    I have been implanted with Strattice Mesh without implant. Strattice Mesh was cut and inserted under my nipple. It has now formed a mass of itself. I can’t find any surgeries like mine. The doctors want to remove my whole breast now. Explanation would be removing the Strattice Mesh.

  8. Joy Throm

    [email protected]. I had bilateral post mastectomy implants for nine years until the right one burst. During those years I definitely had multiple symptoms of breast implant illness. Healing has progressed but hind-sight is 20:20. Unfortunately there was s nothing to be done to undo the damage and suffering I experienced for years s.

  9. Shiney Duvall

    I had a breast implant 2005 December. Now it’s leaking .I have to take it out . Do I have a case for lawsuit .

  10. denielle Redondo

    What’s sad is the US FDA is in bed with the pharmaceutical companies and write these pathetic little loop holes to get them out of harmful situations that they know will arise because they know what they are producing is toxic and harmful. Nice job punks.

  11. Shirley

    I have textured gel implants and I’m suffering from symptoms of BII. I am trying to get an explant but would like to know more about the class action lawsuit on Allergan implants.

  12. Gabriela

    Hi, I have been in this website before and I’m looking for a reccomendation for a surgeon in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our health are system covers the explantation so I can’t go to another province to this. My implants have been in for more than 14 years. I am experiencing all the symptoms of a silent leak. It feels like rehumathoid arthritis.

  13. Erin Leen

    I have McGhan under the muscle with many bii symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, joint pain, bloating , pain In hands, feet ,shoulder, haioss, brain fog,blurry vision, dry eyes, red eyes, pressure In my head. years of documentation with my dr. How do I start a lawsuit or become part of one against Mentor or Allegan or who ever is responsible.

  14. Laurie Eby

    I am interested in breast implant lawsuits against Allergan in Canada. I have made a few phone calls, but would also like to see the Facebook group comments.

  15. Claudia Falz

    I have mentor saline smooth under the muscle with many bii symptoms such as depression, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, joint pain, bloating , pain In hands, feet ,shoulder, haioss, brain fog,blurry vision, dry eyes, red eyes, pressure In my head. years of documentation with my dr. How do I start a lawsuit or become part of one against Mentor.

  16. Celeste Baxa

    I have Mentor saline implants since 2006. I have so many of the symptoms. I am divorced and retired and can’t afford to have them removed. How do I find a lawyer that can help me in Raleigh NC?

  17. Constance Lamberto

    How can I get in touch with a good strong United States Law firm to sue for Bio elk gummy bear breast implants I have been ill for more than five years, I believe it it due to as the symptoms coincide with those of gummy bear breast implant. I had saline implants and one leaked, I was told these were a much better implant as they would not leak. Please help me find a good law firm to contact.
    My name is Constance Marie Lamberto
    My phone number is 529-971-5820 email [email protected] I have have fatigue and many other adverse symptoms that are described in the documentation I have read due to these new implants
    I would like to find a lidigation list or law firm to help me have them removed and be tested for the autoimmune and cancers related to these implant, please help I am so tired of being sick haven’t been able to work for more than two years all because a saline implant leaked while still under warentee my plastic surgeon recommended the gummy bears as they did not leak.
    My address is
    223 N. Rojen Court
    Tucson Arizona 85711
    Phone 520-971-5820

    1. Stacie L Burke

      Omg I had the exact same thing done. I had saline put in and got horrible infection due to the dr not being a plastic surgeon as he claimed and operated on me in his office while I was wide awake. Then attempted to go back in a month later and “fix” one of the implants that was all the way up to my neck. (I started to swell extremely bad in my legs and feet) but they said it wasn’t due to any of that. I had to file a lawsuit and get reconstruction surgery and the plastic surgeon used gummy bear implants and the past two years the swelling has gotten so bad I can’t walk or wear normal clothes. Then I started getting so tired all I could do is roll out of bed and sleep all day. Depression kicked in really bad and my hair started thinning. I went to the Drs and was diagnosed with hashimoto’s thyroiditis an autoimmune disease. My breast hurt so bad it feels like I’m having a heart attack sometimes. I cry every single day. I wish I never got my breast done. So I’m so sorry you’re going through this as well. It’s awful and I don’t know if I should get a hold of a lawyer

  18. Stephanie Hogen

    I just had my silicone implants removed by Dr. Virden in Reno NV. Date of Surgery March 18,2019.
    They were put in Spring of 1987, by Dr. Hastings, Reno NV
    When I had them removed the scar tissue in the left breast was so calcified it was like bone.
    I have images to share.
    I tried to have insurance cover the removal, nope only if you have cancer, Really, Geeze!
    I would like to be put on a litigation list, if there’s one.
    Thank You for your time.
    Stephanie Hogen

    1. Katisha

      Hi, let me know if you find one.
      I was registered with class action but some how no record of me being on it arose, just after closing date at that.
      Even though I still have some 20+ yo usa court documents, we didn’t have pc’s then, it was posted the old way.
      This is for microcell mlp-260 by Dow, I mean McGhan, I mean Allergan which is now Activas.. lol
      And from the research I have done, its disgusting.
      These implantys never got approved in usa, only 2yo so don’t classify as enough history for fda approvals etc, yet Australia got lumped with them, I had them put in 1991, yet the TGA registration was only 1996 about the time my class action documents went missing im sure.
      Registration by Allergan in Australia was not until 1996, yet they stopped being manufactured un 1992, so in other words we got sent mass supplies of unapproved, unwanted, old, test implants, a run most likely to teach new manufacturer McGhan as he was taking over CUI technology & ownership, we were guinea pigs but no one seems to care. And im sitting here with all the proof, hospital admission in 1991, serial # tag, ruptures, capsulations, immune disease, copd, nerve damage etc…
      I get explanted next week but Allergan don’t even want my 28yo implants for testing & have no warranty or compensation for me now, yet I have original quote to replace from my surgeon in 2013 & he says on it implants are free, under warranty. Who is responsible for putting unregistered implants in me?
      Who can I sue for damages as this has ruined my life, so much dishonesty ???

  19. Carla Case

    I have Mentor Memory Gel Silicone (since 11/13). I explant on 6/14/19 due to a multitude of medical issues.

    1. Sydney Tyler Parsley

      I hope you are feeling better since surgery, I am 5 months post op and feel amazing. I had the same type.

  20. Sonja Winebarger

    I have the Mentor Saline implants, as mentioned In my previous post, any lawsuits against this company for saline implants???? I plan to find a dr & have the En Bloc total capsulectomy!!! How do find out about any lawsuits with the kind I have?????

    1. Debra Twomey

      I have Mentor saline implants from 2014. In 2017, I began having a list of symptoms. My list is longer after 2 yrs to include $10,000 in dental bills. The bone in my upper jaw is crumbling. I live in VA and seeking lawyers for a class action suit.

    2. Amanda Toussaint

      I too am experiencing 10-12 symptoms from my saline over the muscle implants. I chose them to avoid the bad things I heard about silicone and my reaction was instant, 3 days post op. I have the bloodwork and mental health records to prove the negative affects.

  21. Chassidy chelsea

    I have had mine removed. I went to hospital many times with severe dizziness.
    Drs thought I was silly when I mentioned my implants
    I had and have many of symptoms I was healthy til they were ruptured due to mammogram.

  22. Sandra Dean

    I am trying to find out info on my implants but cant remember a lot ….I know the Plastic surgeon was Dr Castellano who performed the surgery in 1979 in Orlando fl…. I need his full name, the actual date performed, name of facility where implanted and who the manufacturer was of the silicone implants….can u help me on how to find this info and my records? Thanks…

    1. Susan Lyons

      Hello Sandra,
      My name is Susan, & I am trying to collect on my deceased mother’s implant lawsuit, but like you, am having an issue with finding out which Denver physician implanted her Dow Corning implants back in 1980. Was just wondering if you ever discovered a way to track down your doctors information?

      Susan Lyons
      [email protected]

  23. Suzi White

    I truly believe I am suffering with this. I’m am undergoing testing but some of the symptoms have been going on well over a year. I’ll have an MRI next week.

  24. Kensi Sterling

    Is there anything that women with BII can do? Health issues stemming from BII caused me to lose my job. I have been out of work since October 2018 and now I am filing for bankruptcy.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kensi,
      If you have bii and explant properly, detox the infections and chemicals/heavy metals you will heal over time.

  25. Shairoon McCullough


    1. Rosemary

      In each state, there is a state department that handles complaints regarding MDs. In New York, it’s the Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC). I’m not sure what the department name would be for other states….I would start there….good luck

  26. Tamara Votaw

    Is there any action being taken for those of us who have the textured implants & want them removed before we are diagnosed with ALCL??

  27. Sonya Farmer

    I’m 51 had my breast implants put in 2006 and taken out in 2018 as I was deathly ill, now I’m left with a scarred body and still repercussions from those toxic bags.

  28. Cynthia Irvine

    I live in Ontario Canada and I have texture implants due to losing my breast to cancer. I’ve been basically bedridden due to them!

  29. Bonnie corbett

    I am a 58 year old widow lady. I’ve had silicone breast implants going on 31 years. I’m a sick all the time with no reason why except the silicone. Could you please help me. Bonnie Corbett 5023897936. Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Bonnie,
      You have to find a way to explant. Proper explant is the most important step to healing.

  30. Tena Wilder

    I’ve had breast implants for around 30 years. Besides one side ruptured about 10 years ago. I would love to follow the class action lawsuit. And I would love more information on this.
    Thank you .

  31. Leah jones

    I have had my leg amputated due to having such bad nerve damage due to having implants after a double mastectomy i have severe nerve damage in my stomach and found out i had a rupture for prob 10 years.

    1. Debra

      I have nerve damage also and it’s caused me to loos muscle strength and have to use a cane, I just explanted 3 weeks ago doing detox and diet, allergan saline 17 yrs

  32. Lisa

    I am in Canada, Hamilton Ontario
    I have textured 12 years now and so many issues including swelling and pain in the right one. I need to come up with 10000 to remove and fix the issue what can I do???

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lisa,
      Is your explant not covered under OHIP? You may have to approach on rupture, capsular contracture, pain or infection/necrosis to get it covered. If that is not effective you need to save for your explant, others have sold vehicles/jewelry, used savings/retirement funds, usedcredit cards, borrowed funds from family and done gofundme etc.

  33. Shandra

    I would like to follow the development of the class action lawsuit. I signed for the Quebec class action lawsuit. I have had almost all the symptoms of BII. I will be explanting April 17th 2019. I have Natrelle textured Silicone implants. Allegran is the makers. I got them in 2010.

    1. Lindsey

      I have the same issues, Natrelle textured Silicone implants implant sept 2010. Im trying to find a doctor to explant right now. Ive been in extreme pain which keeps getting worse for years 🙁 heartbroken and in pain, Has affected all areas of my life.

    2. Jaime

      Hi, I too have a similar situation, and live in Ontario. Please let me know how it went and which doctor you used. Just want them out without being disfigured.

  34. Kensi

    I can’t seem to find an attorney who will take my case because I don’t have cancer yet. It doesn’t seem to matter to any of them that I am sick, lost my job due to health issues, and have been unable to regain employment. Are lawyers only helping women who have cancer from the implants?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kensi,
      So far those are the cases that they are accepting because the other cases seem to be getting punted out of court unless you have an obviously defective implant such as a rupture then you may have a case.

      1. Jolene

        I have had thymoma and had to have surgery and also have proof of a ruptured implant from Allergen and all of my medical papers and cant find a Lawyer here in Houston to take my case not to mention I will have proof of silicone poisoning that my Doctor is working with me to get.

        1. Sherry Fuller

          Please tell me who your doctor is. I cannot find a doctor to help me. I am in Baytown Texas. If you don’t want to put the name on here I will give you my phone number.

  35. Laura Rodrigue

    I got breast implants 13 years ago mentor smooth saline. My PS told me at that saline was a better and safer alternative to silicone. I began to get sick 6 years out, with extreme fatigue, joint pain, chronic headaches, depression, Weight gain, swollen lymph nodes and severe hair loss. H. Pylori I live taking meds 💊but it won’t go away Hip pain InIlammation throughout my body I had brain. Fog 2mri’s 4CT scans What the PS failed to tell me is that the shell holding the saline is silicone and therefore just as equally as toxic for your body. Women deserve to hear the whole truth about breast implants and the serious consequences they can face by this surgery. I need to have surgery to have them remove but I can’t afford to take them out I’ve asked my doctors if there’s anyway we can put this through my insurance I was told that I need to get letters which I still don’t understand what letters I need to get I need a lot of help I’m always in pain I’ll still get whelps around my boob I get electric feeling shackle round them can someone explain to me what that could be.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Laura,
      Get a copy of your full insurance policy and read how you may be covered for explant. In general you are covered for explant if you have a rupture, bad capsular contracture, pain or infection/necrosis and those are the symptoms you must approach on. The letter(s) that you need are letters from your doctor/surgeon saying you need to explant based on the symptoms and reasons listed in your insurance policy.

    2. Linda Pearson

      Hi Laura
      I to got saline implant In 2006. The right side failed in 2007 and was replaced that year. In 2008 i started having really bad headaches. By 2009 i was experiencing cognitive issues, dizziness, vision problems, fatigue, joint pain. I started going to a pain management doctor getting multiple injection and pain medication.
      In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer at the age of 42.
      In 2011 the right implant failed again. Since then I’ve not had the financial resources to have it fixed.
      Like you because of all the different symptoms over the course of years. And the neurological difficulties coupled with fatigue and pain. Not to mention depression and frustration. I’m at a complete loss as where I need to start. If I ever want to attempt to file a claim with Medicare. To have them removed. I wish I had help. But I don’t.
      I just wanted to let you know, your not alone.
      I wish you all the best. Keep the faith. God Bless.

  36. Janice

    How many people have gotten the illness or cancer with saline implants? Most of the information I’ve read talks about silicone.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Janice,
      Saline implants are no different than silicone, the shell is also silicone and saline implants come with other problems such as mold etc.

  37. Jessica Tedder

    I’ve been so sick with no answers for five years now.. this is so awful what’s happening to all of us!

  38. Cynthia Besson

    I am interested in following the outcomes, or being of a part of a class action suit. I became ill 4 years into having saline implanted and have been sick for 20 YEARS NOW.

    1. Elaine Jones

      My saline implants were done in November 1997. I have Sjogrens and connective tissue issues for the past three years dignosed by a Rheumatologist in Winston Salem NC. I have also experienced and have been treated for many of the symptoms discribed in the articles here. I am searching for more guidance and help in an effort to have my implants removed. Can I get more direction to help me find an economical solution to improving my health. Thank you Elaine M. Jones

      1. admin Post author

        Hi Elaine,
        Your insurance may pay for your explant if you have a ruptured implant, bad capsular contracture, pain or infection necrosis. Get a copy of your full insurance policy and read if explant coverage may be an option for you. Other than insurance, my only suggestions are a gofundme, borrowing, saving or Care Credit. There are no large funds paying for explants right now. Good luck

  39. A train

    So how can you improve if you can’t explant? I don’t have 15 grand. It’s laughable. My health is horrible. I can’t work so I can’t get a loan. And Drs don’t believe this is a real thing. So what to do???

  40. Claire M Newby


    I had Reconstruction done to TNBC breast cancer. The first implant was under the muscle and it turned out aweful. The second implants were put over the muscle and they did look nice. In a short time my body was rejecting them. The surgeon replaced them several times. My body rejected them and started to swell. The only other thing he could do was remove them. When he took them out it was December 15th. He butchered me and said he could fix it 6 months down the road. I’m on disability and can’t afford to have the surgery again. I had already met my deductible for the year. It should have been done properly the first time. All of this could have been avoided if he had told me the implants had talc in them. I’m highly allergic to talc. Now I am stuck with this Frankenstein body

  41. Alana Reynolds

    In 2001 I was a 19 year old single mom who just finished breast feeding. I was concerned about implanting silicone vs saline but was told that even if there was a rupture, which would only happen if there was trauma, like I was in a car accident or punched in the chest, it would stay inside the cavity of the scar tissue, the capsule.

    Just a couple years after silicone implants, I started having symptoms. A couple of years after that I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was at the peak of my life, academic scholarships and accolades, raising my daughter etc when my health went downhill. Over a decade-and-a-half of severe health issues which of course affected my daughter’s life as well. I never Associated it with my silicone breast implant since I was told they’re safe.

    How was I even given silicone in 2001 though when the FDA had a ban on them? I’m so confused!

    I’ve recently had two more children and they are being evaluated for developmental delays in the next few weeks and I am having my consult 4 explant immediately with Dr Chun.

    Does anyone have any insight into the legality of having silicone implants in 2001 as a 19 year old?

    No one ever told me about any study. And of course I can’t find my medical records. I believe they are Mentor silicone. I will know more after Explant and talking to a lawyer. I’m also having more lab work done with a endocrinologist re thyroid issues. I’m hoping they will assist in getting the right labs done for heavy metal testing as well.

    Keep you posted!

    I’m just starting off on this BII journey after aong road of suffering and I’m scared. Having this resource and all of you other women sharing and loving on each other makes me feel so not alone. Ty all for sharing and wishing you all healing, health and happiness!



    1. Cammie Jones

      I have lost everything as well. My home, my health! I now have no money to have an explant. I have autoimmune, fibro, 3 kinds of arthritis, the list goes on and on. Was awarded full disability. Any known resources to help with those who cannot afford the cost of surgery?

      1. Hannah

        I’m in the same boat. Struck down in the prime of life 16 yrs ago. 39 yrs old, working full-time as a very busy legal secretary and mother of 2 boys, doing aerobics, weightlifting, caring for my own house and lawn, etc. One of my implants broke, I had them re-done, and 5 months later I was in terrible, burning pain all over and could not go back to work even though God knows I tried. I lost my home on 4 acres, everything I’d worked for on my excellent resumé, my good credit, etc. I have helped to care for my father and my mother during this time and, frankly, if it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable how my pain is/was worse than either of my elderly parents.

        I never put two and two together because every doctor I saw all these years always said that didn’t have anything to do with it, and my mother had been diagnosed in her younger life with fibromyalgia, so I never blamed it on the implants.

        Thank you, Ladies, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing all your painful stories about your losses, so that all of the rest of us can feel validation and like there’s hope post-breast implants. Thank God I had a tiny stash of savings to pay for my surgery because other than that I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I’m planning to get them out immediately and have confidence He’s gonna resurrect me from the ashes!

        I pray hope and recovery for you all. Never give up hope! The Lord can do miraculous things when we invoke His help. If it weren’t for Him, I never would have been able to live through this past 16 years of loss or finally figured out what is wrong.


  43. Debra Larrison

    After chemo treatment was completed, I was given a date for surgery for a double mastectomy. On October 28, 2018, I was admitted to the Texas Women’s Hospital in Houston,Texas. I did not sign an authorization for implants to be put in for reconstruction,but after waking up from surgery, I found that I was given implants that were inflated to a 38c. Before surgery, I was no larger than a 32aa cup. I was sent home the very next day with the tubes still in my chest. The surgeon from Lift Plastic at 7400 Fannin Street, never explained the ups and downs that I would be facing. Having to sleep sitting up and staying so exhausted, I stayed completely depressed and emotional. Feeling that I was used to do his experiments, as he lacked experience, I felt like I was forced into having implants. I informed the doctor that I was 62 years of age, and I was not vain in any aspect of my life. He did not explain what and how he was going to do the surgery…he demanded and told me what he was going to do. He would not take no for an answer. He made me feel intimadated as he took full control. When I asked for copies of my medical records and any authorizations….his office said there were none. He refused to see me again, only adding more antibiotics….5 in one day. After 10 days, I went to the emergency room, as the incisions had opened up 3″ and the implants were falling out. Emergency surgery was done….supposedly to remove the implants. When I woke up, the “filler tubes” were still there, infected, but the implants had been deflated…not removed AS REQUESTED. My body is still rejecting them, trying to push them out, but apparently they are stitched to the muscles in my chest….they couldn’t remove all the stitches, when I went in this time….but to a different doctor.

    What are my options to get this remedied? No one wants to fix the incompetant mess that the first doctor made. I need this fixed ASAP.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Debra,
      I am so sorry you have suffered so much. Do you live in Texas? We can help you find a surgeon that will help you. It sounds like you have expanders in you and you need them removed along with any capsule tissue that may have formed.

    2. Cynthia Besson

      My only idea for you would be to write the Doctors who have the show on T.V that do reconstructed surgeries called “Botched”. Maybe…God willing they will hear your story and bless you. I am So very very sorry this has happened to you. These stories just keep blowing me away! I thought I was alone!

    1. Lisa

      I’m having all of symptoms including flu like symptoms and those of different sensations. Feel like a frozen lake in middle of my chest. I swelled a lot up until recently where I’m losing a lot of weight. I’ve had to toss my family dr because he knows everything but does nothing. I’ve been composing if chest pain bc of my heart condition I get sent to cardiology they confirm heart and were done. I’ve now learned I have to same dr with each symptom one at a time so they get paid. I pay a lot of money for health care. We have double private insurance and pay the maximum for MSP but still can’t get any medical attention. I went to the hospital when the serious symptoms were present. The Dr was rude and told me to go home and pick a dr. He was only concerned that I had gotten this far after two hospital visits and four different clinics with my GP being one and the clinic that finally helped me happen to have two different and caring Dr. Yes at least two exist still. Everyone things I’m faking my symptoms. I’m finally getting a cut soon I hope. But I’m in lust for every specialist at this point. Scared don’t know what to do or where to get help. I got mine 5 years ago and learned today about how often they should get checked. 5 years not checked. No one told me that I remember or followed up with me

  44. Christina

    All of the companies that make these death bags should be shut down for good so they can’t keep making people sick.
    I was not informed of all the risks when I got mine in 1998.
    Now I’ve been pretty much bedridden for 4 years, I’m on 11 different medications just to get through each painful day. The worst part is I don’t even have the money to get them taken out.

  45. Mary (Missy) Creel

    I would like to follow further developement of lawsuits….I explanted in Sept 2016 after having almost every symptom on the BII list.

  46. Carol Brown

    I have silicone breast implants that are about 35 years old. I have had problems for many years with hardening of my left breast. My right breast is not as bad, but still painful. I saw a plastic surgeon about 2 weeks ago for a consultation on getting them removed. I have Hypothyroidism and recently had a positive ANA, although the ANA was only slightly positive. I’ve suffered with many autoimmune type symptoms for many, many years. At one time was told I “probably have fibromyalgia”. I ran across this information totally by “chance”…as I was seeking information to deal with the hypothyroidism. The surgeon said the operation would take 3 hours and suggested I probably would not be happy with the cosmetic result. Also, I learned that my insurance probably would not agree to pay for the surgery. I have Medicare and a Medicare Supplement. My other option would be to pay over $3000.00 for the operation myself. My right breast is very painful and the scarring (?) was even mentioned on recent CT Chest imaging reports. I am very interested in this lawsuit. I joined the previous lawsuit years ago, but after the initial settlement, they said I didn’t quality for the remainder due to not receiving my information (I did send it). I gave up..but have continued to suffer all these years with this mysterious cascade of vague symptoms. Please advise me.

  47. Glenna Herman

    I am 70 and had silicone gel implants put in 40 years ago. They have ruptured, are leaking & hardening my one breast. I have pain sleeping at night & am having explanations surgery Nov 16.

  48. cheryl galloway

    I had 30 year old implants removed in 2010, they were calcified and I have to use a walker to even balance and walk. I feel the silica in my hands and feet. I have infections and rashes, still having incontinence problems. feel terrible and pissed off that no one will admit this is real and Im so sick. I was diagnosed with MS –14 years after implants, went to MS doctors with my heavy metal charts with mercury and lead over load and they said we dont treat that. My primary does not believe any of this, even after seeing pathology reports that show the crushed glass they pulled out of my chest. I feel these people owe me . I live alone and take care of my seizure dog (Ruby) who I love.please pray for me cause I dont know if Im going to make it. this is not good gods keeping me here for some reason are there any attorneys in Buffalo NY to help with this? thank you cheryl

    1. Gratielle Dumais

      Hello, I just watched SURVEY a report on Radio Canada and I understand better how it is possible that my numerous symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis declared by a Neurologist in 2014 and of Fibromyalgia by a Rheumatologist in 2015 are associated with my implants since 2003. of MENTOR. I do not speak English, but I understand a little and especially thanks to Google Translate. Thank you for all your valuable information and help on the subject of great importance. I am disabled and disabled because of autoimmune diseases. I do not know where to start and how to proceed first. Thank you in advance for your support. I live in Quebec in the Laurentians from Montreal to St-Jérôme.

  49. Susan

    Please help, my daughter and I both have the McGhan Saline Filled Breast Implants. We both had them done in 2004. We need help with insurance company, attorney and doctors accepting this is an illness. Every test has been done over the last few years with everything coming back normal. Our health and the way we feel is not normal. We need Explants. Please any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Susan,
      If you don’t have any health insurance or if your policy does not cover the cost of explant surgery, now is the time to find an affordable insurance policy! If you live in the U.S. and have capsular contracture, chronic breast pain, or a ruptured or leaking silicone gel implant, there are health insurance plans that will pay the costs of removing your breast implants. Starting November 1, you will have the opportunity to choose an affordable health insurance policy through the U.S. government’s Health Insurance Marketplace. This Marketplace is only open November 1-December 15. For more information, read here: If you want health insurance so that you can get your implants removed or for any other medical coverage at any point in 2019, Nov 1- Dec 15 is your deadline. If you would like our free assistance in choosing an insurance plan that is likely to cover the costs of removing your breast implants, you can email [email protected]. Dr. Diana Zuckerman is the president of the National Center for Health Research, which has a program that helps women with health insurance get coverage for their breast implant removal. If you currently have health insurance and would like assistance in getting your insurance to cover your breast implant survey contact them as well.

  50. Brandi Schowengerdt

    Hello I am interested about this as well I had breast implants put in in 2004 and since then I have had a drastic turn in my health I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have had to have my thyroid removed due to having Graves‘ disease. I suffer from chronic pain every day I have had a change in my eyesight brain fog anxiety depression The list goes on and on so I would like more information on this as well thank you

  51. Beverly Morgan

    I had silicone implants put in around 1981 and had them replaced with the saline ones about in 1992 because the doctor told me that they were ruptured. I have been involved in the Dow Corning lawsuit since the removal. My problem is that my attorney has quit handling the lawsuits and I don’t know if any doctors that are still involved in the suit or attorneys for that matter. I live inLas Vegas. NV.
    Can you help me?

  52. Evelynn flores

    Hello I have Mentor memory gel implants 4-17-15 but out of no where have been suffering from joint pain, hair loss, and rashes. I recently had blood work done came back positive for an autoimmune disorder. Further test will be done because my doctor is leaning towards lupus. I’m extremly healthy I exercise a lot and are extremity careful with my diet, since I’m a personal trainer. I was choked to look over my labs, I have abnormal levels of thyroid, and other readings that I cannot understand. Reading all these post are bringing light to my situation. I will be seeing my doctor soon Please give me advice on what my approach should be it give me any advice on what my next step should be ..
    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Evelynn,
      Your symptoms are classic breast implant illness symptoms and the solution is to explant your implants properly and allow your body to detox and heal over time and your symptoms most likely will go away, thousands and thousands are explanting and healing.

    2. Karla

      I would see an immunology doctor. I did not heal on my own and had to get IVIG ( immune system transfusion) and healed that way.

  53. Janine Denardo

    I have had my implants for over 31yrs and been wanting them out Kaiser 1st doctor told me they are fine now I went to a 2nd Kaiser doctor and he has agreed to take them out I have autoimmune,viltilgo,dysplasia Hashimoto,stiff person syndrome

    1. Mia Richardson

      Interested in any information regarding breast implant illness as I am booked in for surgery in 2weeks to have mine removed. I’ve had the implants for 10 years and my health has declined very rapidly. I couldn’t even try to explain all of the doctors / specialist appointments I’ve been to since having them in the last 10years in this email. Still I don’t have one doctor Who will actually listen to me. As I’m having them out in 2 weeks any information would be very helpful. Regards Mia Richardson

      1. melissa ann privett

        Breast Implant Illness and Healing With Nicole Facebook group has over 57.000 members. Ask to join this group.

  54. Tammy Bolieau

    I had asked someone about a lawsuit awhile back and was informed my implants were banned or not approved for implant when they were put in so I am very interested in the development of these suits. Or info anyone has …

  55. Michelle B

    I have mentor saline implants, state of Texas. Ive had so many unexplained problems with my health. Please is there any attorney Recommendations. Recommendations don’t have a Facebook and I don’t want to look suspicious if I open Facebook with no followers and having a brand new FB account. I’m currently using Instagram.

  56. Jessica C Kirby Olinger

    I cannot get Anyone here in Columbus GA. To listen to how serious of a state of health I am in….I know my body …energy levels..etc. Now I am with CC on left at Bakers 4 level.Right is very painful as well now. For last 3 month’s I have gone fro ER telling me breast pain from anxiety to J.zB.Amos blowing me off saying need mammogram….like he’ll I said these are35 yrs old …my health is deteriorating at a rapid rate and because of having Medicaid only ….no plastic surgeon will do removal…For Pete’s sake….please is there anyone that will get me in get these out before I end up totally unable to see or use my arms? I’ll never go to Drs….am not a hypocondriac….I need help now

  57. Melody garcia

    I had late seeing developed infection turned to sepsis hospitalized emergency ex plant surgery then found out I may have cancer? Florida , melody garcia please text if possible.

  58. jacqueline

    I am very interested to follow the developments and your information in regard to breast implant lawsuits. Please retain my email address. Thank you, Jacqueline

  59. Jill Eisenberg

    I would like to either start a lawsuit or get involved with one in the state of CO. How do I do that?
    I have mentor silicone implants. Implanted in 2015, implant exchange from saline that were ruptured when removed. Capsule never removed.
    Sick as a dog a month after.

    Thank you
    Jill Eisenberg

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Jill,
      Probably the best thing to do is contact the lawyers who have filed cases on this page and see if they are taking additional cases.

  60. Susan Holman

    I’m 71 with 36 year old Dow Corning breast implants, and I’m overwhelmed with the complexities of the Dow Corning SF-DCT Settlement for their class action lawsuit. For the past 4 1/2 to 5 years I’ve gone from doctor to doctor desperately trying to find out why I was having episodes of severe fatigue, headaches feeling like my brain was swelling, flu like sysmptoms and mild sore throat, palpitations, insomnia, and terrible “brain fog” to name a few. The depression became worse as the symptoms progressed and I had no social life anymore, could hardly keep up my house and definitely not my yard, had to stop my post-retirement work as an antique doll dealer, and just cried a lot because I knew my family did not understand. Not one doctor mentioned a possible correlation with my breast implants & only tried to treat a specific symptom. Through on-line research, I diagnosed myself with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but not one of my doctors “believes in it”. So my problem is that although I am now familiar with the Guidelines for Dow Corning Breast Implant Litigation Settlement, I can’t find a doctor who will help me with the correct documentation! I live in Alabama, and is there a lawyer or any doctor in this state or in Florida who would believe my symptoms are caused by my implants and HELP ME? Thanks for listening! Susan

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Susan,
      Come to the facebook group and we can direct you to the Dow Corning Lawsuit group and they may be able to help you.

    2. Jessica C Kirby Olinger

      My implants are over 35 yrs old…friends got them for me…do not remember doctors name.I was told To find records but cannot he did it in his office ….Now I have rupture had multiple issues with health…am losing vision and pain in arms hands are unbearable .I I was told after mammogram 2 days , that left one is ruptured. And have since called a surgeon that will take Medicaid but have not seen him.This pain. Is so bad I cannot seem to function ….hands hurt so bad can hardly hold a pencil….driving the car has me in agonising pain in arms chest….feels deep to the bone….why is it they blow me off…I feel as though I am dying and cannot have a day with out this horror instead of quality of life. I only have Medicaid but is there someone who will help me so I can help myself survive.??? I am to where simply things are a painful act…
      Hard to breath ..or to be comfortable with all this agonising pain…..I was told I could not file any lawsuit on 1982 implants causing this rapid deteriation….I need them out now….family history of cancers….but can’t get Anyone to take me in and be rid of nightmare…as others have said home duties are being let go for failure of strength and energy to care for self and property. Am so angry that its being so hard here in Columbus to make them realise I have been hurting for years

    3. Kathleen Evans

      I am having the same problem in finding a doctor that believes in silicone causing illness.I am part of the Dow Corning lawsuit in Texas that will end in June of 2019.Time is short for me to send in medical reports from a Doctor.I have been sick for many years since my implants ruptured.I have been going to a pain clinic monthly for years.I need a Doctor in the Dayton Ohio area that believes in silicone poisoning to go to before June2019.Thank you for any help you can give me.

  61. Andrea Morgan

    In 2008 I received Allergan experimental gel breast implants I’d like to know if I should pursue a lawsuit I have black green and yellow fluid leaking out of both breasts.

  62. Kimberly Beisler

    I have allergan natrelle implants from 2013 post double mastectomy, in 2016 I was diagnosed with systemic sclerosis involving my lungs and GI. Also diagnosed with hashimotos, Interstitial lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and mixed connective tissue disease. Have a consult the end of August with an explant specialist. Anxious to see what she says. I can’t believe I’m sick like this.

    1. Amy McCarthy

      Kim- I just had an explant 3 weeks and have many of the same issues. In the process of exploring treatments right now but also interested in finding a lawyer who has experience with these cases in the Philadelphia area. Can I ask what treatments, if any, have been helpful for you? Hoping this will eventually be resolved if treated and since implants. And ruptured silicone now out of body

    2. Dawn

      Allergan Natrelle Silicone 12/15/14 reconstructive breast surgery after radical mastectomy right breast and lymph nodes.
      Sick non-stop 12/3/16-6/3/17
      3/9/17 EXPLANT due to Capsular contracture with infection
      Less than a month later had to have another emergency surgery to clean out area and stich me back up after wound ripped open.
      Still healing from all the surgeries and antibiotics and toxicity of Implant.

  63. Vaundalyn Judith Gramatovich

    I had silicone breast implants when I was twenty. When I was 50 I had a mammogram and one of my implants broke. Slowly over the next few years, I got sicker and sicker. I did not put two and two together until I was so sick I could hardly do anything the all over pain was so bad. Once at my GP’s, I had a test for inflammation and I was at 55 when it should be close to 0. He recommended prednisone but I decided to use medical cannabis and when I finished eating a pound of Pot my rate of inflammation went to 0. I had my implants removed but I still have some symptoms, mostly a bit of Brain Fog.

  64. Yvonne Romero

    Had Mentor smooth saline implant back in 2003 with dr Lawrence Foster Jr. First surgery botched had implants coming out of their pockets. Revision done since 2003 have had four spinal surgeries, hypothyroidism, chronic inflammation, restless leg syndrome, become a fall risk and I’m only 51 years old and nobody tells you it’s going to cost about $10,000 to fix. Breast implant illness is real! Chronic pain is tremendous, having several surgeries for unknown reasons. I am still stuck with the mentor implants and I know I need explant with Capsulectomy. Many complaints filed against Dr. Lawrence foster Jr. So many complaints that he surrendered his license and called it retired. Doctors and manufacturers need to be held accountable for causing illness.

  65. Josnne

    What if my implants were implanted in 1997 in New Zealand? I still have them and have many of the symptoms have them for 21 years ? What to do?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Josnee,
      Just follow the same process, get your implants explanted properly and start your healing. Read all the pages of this website which have all the information you need.

  66. Jessica D Presley

    Allergan Natrelle Silicione implanted July 2015. Immediate decline in health. Started with numbness in my arms as well as excruciating pain down my neck and into my right shoulder. Hair started falling out and breaking off. Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety… medicated for all of them. IBS-C started and I was hospitalized 3 times and had a tube in my nose to suck out the “stuff”.. I started having seizures in February 2017 with no explanation. Vertigo, vision changes, weight gain (100 pounds in the last 2 1/2 of 3 since my surgery) Tired all of the time (I do suffer from extreme insomnia, but I am tired regardless of whether or not I actually sleep) Problems with forgetfulness and concentration. The list goes on. I have NEVER received an exact diagnosis with a CAUSE for ANY of these issues.
    I am scheduled to have the implants taken out August 16th, 2018.

    1. Emily

      How did you make out with you explant? All of your symptoms sound very similar to mine. I had the same implants put in September 2017 and have gone down hill since. I am currently dealing with a neurologist to try and receive some sort of diagnosis as I also started having seizure activity in eeg recordings. Not sure what she is going to tell me but so far everything has been reported as normal such as blood tests and CT of the head etc.

      Really just feeling lost, alone, and depressed.

  67. Elizabeth Faiella

    I have 30 yr. old silicone implants. My right breast implant leaked+hardened into a turkey neck feeling lump. I have no insurance.

  68. hanging onfor my life

    they are trying to give me the run around i can barley walk and they will not take out my implants. help me please.

  69. Janine Jessup

    I want to sue them for Breast Implant Illness. How do I go about it? And what about a class action lawsuit?

  70. Sallie Nesmith

    I am very interested in your breast implant lawsuits information. Please keep me informed

  71. Sheila Bess

    I have 25 year old Ment.or saline implants and have had a lot of strange things happening to my body for quite some time. I am sick all the time. The doctors don’t even use that type of implants anymore. Now I want them out because I know. They are the cause and have to come up with all the funds to get them tested.

  72. Delma molina

    What lawyer can represent me regarding my condition of implants since 1985 reptured, causing pain and discomfort and other symptoms.

  73. Delma Molina

    Breast implants implanted on 1985. Right one ruptured and need help removing procedure necessary. No insurance helping me. Please contact me. ASAP I’m in a lot of discomfort and I need your advise. You can use any of my emails : [email protected] or
    [email protected].
    I will appreciate your prompt attention regarding this matter. Please help.

  74. Shelia Hagerty

    I had implants over 30 years ago in the 1980’s. The doctor never told me about anything, nor about a must to get them checked every ten years. I have leakage now ,I had a CT scan and found out. No one ever told me anything., Till 30 or more years later, my breast hurt all the time. Physical problems. My bladder and burning in both breast. I have many problems. Chronic pain and fatigue. Sweats in my chest. I need help. Please I’m 62 years old.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Shelia,
      You must find a surgeon to explant you properly which means En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy. Please read all the pages of this website as it will give you all the information you need about what a proper explant is and the surgeons in your area that may explant. After your explant over time you will detox and heal and eventually recover your health.

    2. Terri

      I had implants replaced 3 times. I had reconstruction after mastectomies in 1991. The first replacement was because the silicone was taken off the market and they were replaced with saline, the second time because the saline became lumpy and misshapen, and the “new” silicone he was approved by the FDA, and the 3rd because they both became encapsulated, one ruptured and I was on antibiotics several times because of cellulitis.

    3. Carmel

      Hi Shelia, I had my silicone breast implants in 1991 and I am now 66 years old, I to was never told I would have to get them replaced after 10 years, I thought they were in for life. I would have never had them if I would have known. I can still get around, still exercise and eat fairly well but now that I read all the symptoms associated with implants a red flag comes up. I have a lot of these symptoms, insomnia, joint inflammation, tingling in hands and feet, fatigue, incontinence, jaw problems, memory loss, and the list goes on. I never would have thought the implants were the cause. I am scared but really want them out so I can live to see my grandkids graduate and get married. I live in Canada so I might have problems finding a surgeon that does explants and I can’t afford going to the states to get it done. If someone from Winnipeg has had them removed I would really appreciate a name and address. Thank you.

  75. Nora S. Cools

    May 21, 2018
    I am 72 yrs. Old, I had augmentation in 1980. Both breasts silicone gel from Dow Corning are now ruptured according to my MRI. Eventually they will leak for normal aging per Scientists and Explant Surgeons I researched. I have capsular contractor I have lumps and my left breast is hard as a rock (I assumed it is BIA-ALCL). I also have GCTS (Option 2), fibromyalgia, etc. documented. I only collect Social Security as income. National Center for Health Research said Medicare can cover the removal. Would it be Explant certified surgeon (en bloc)? There are these lawyers (Fenstersheib&Berkowitz,P.A.) who want to represent me and Dow Corning says they have lawyers too who can represent me. Should I use lawyers. They said they charge 30% from what Dow Corning will pay me if I have a claim from their Guidelines. I need your advice. Thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Nora,
      Yes your explant surgeons needs to be skilled and experienced with En Bloc / Total Capsulectomy. Your implants are silicone and ruptured and they should be removed En Bloc for your best and highest chance at recovery. Hmmm, not sure if you should use a lawyer or not re your claim with Dow, perhaps come to the legal group and ask that questions.

  76. Jennifer Howard

    On 3/8/2011 I had Mentor Implant Surgery.
    This year -2018- I have been diagnosed with autoimmune diseases. I don’t know what to do. Will these be removed for free of charge?

    1. Karen Larson

      Jennifer, I have always been very healthy until I had Mentor memory gel breast implants placed at Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston on 9/9/10 .
      I was very healthy & happy prior to the surgery. After a few months I became sick with severe fatigue, and my brain in a fog. Also major depression and anxiety. There were many other symptoms that kept me so miserable, too many to list. I went to the Dr, he ordered labs in February 2012. My nightmare began March 2013, I was hiking with my fiancé when I got a cellular voice message on a Friday afternoon. The dr’s office notifying me my lab work was positive for Scleroderma. I didn’t know then of what was ahead for me. Then the onslaught began. A biopsy of my thyroid by an Endocrinologist found I have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease. In Autumn 2014 my joints ached , and hands would become claw like. I couldn’t extend my fingers for a few hours every morning. Shortly thereafter, I got a diagnosis of Raynaud’s disease and Rheumatoid arthritis from my Rheumatologist She firmly encouraged me seek a transfer from my job as a Circulating Nurse in the OR due to the extremely cold environment, which triggered symptoms of Raynaud’s disease – which, of course, is another autoimmune disorder. Generalized aches & pains continued to plague me. Since then I had been diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder. My chronic dry mouth and dry eyes is the result of Sjögren’s disease. In the fall of 2014 after testing kidney function, GFR level was 18 …just 2 points away from needing dialysis. I began losing weight unintentionally. Weight loss was over 60 lbs gone. After every kind of test imaginable I was diagnosed with the thyroid disorder called Hashimoto’s disease. More tests in early 2015 to follow up on my CKD Stage 4 kidney disease, I found out I had another auto immune disease. This time I was told I had Lupus which is the cause of my chronic kidney failure. Most recently in June 2018, I had a punch biopsy by a dermatologist for sudden & lingering itching which was tortuous & relentless. Itching that wakes me from sleep. Results of biopsy was atopic dermatitis, or Eczema. It involves inflammation under the skin & is yet another auto immune monster. I want to be healthy again. I’ve been told by 3 Doctor’s & a NP that if I have my implants removed it may be possible to reverse all these miserable, unwanted diseases. I’m trying to learn more about explant surgery. It’s an emotional decision with fears about body image & scarring. Plus, money is a problem. I don’t have several thousand dollars to get it done. I wish I knew whether ex-planting would help my declining health. I want to go hiking again & not be SOB. Or to be able to stand up from a squatted position without needing help. I want to stop itching!!
      I could say: I am sick & tired, of being sick & tired!
      I’m praying one day soon I can be healthy again. I’ll pray the exact prayer for you, too and all other ladies who are having these same problems.


    Please keep posted if any lawsuits supply any financial assistance for others.i suffer every day because I was told saline was safe. I got implants in 2008, and have 98% of all the BII symptoms.

  78. Tereasa A. Taylor

    Please keep me posted on all legal action for Saline Implants manufactured in 1995-1996. I have several symptoms, confirmed autoimmune diseases (Connective Tissue/Systemic Diseases, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Lupus, Hashimotos, Graves, Celiac, Neuropathy, POTS, Breast Calcifications, Breast Tissue Biopsy Surgery, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Infertility, etc, etc, etc). I am in your FB Group. Thank you all!

  79. Pam Savory

    I have had so many auto-immune problems since my implants 20 years ago. Shortly after the implants, I told my surgeon how ill I was and I thought it was from the implants….of course, no response. Many mysterious illnesses. I eat clean and no gluten for 6 years, etc. That helped, but still get unexplained problems.
    Ready for removal!

  80. Tracy LaRosa

    How do I find an attorney for implant illness? What should I tell my dr. to do/save during my explant next week?
    Thank You!

  81. Lori

    I found a lump 4/1/18 scheduled for explant 6/14/18. I never correlated my illness to silicone . Unless one has cancer mammograms come back with no issues . Thank you for your help with research getting my health back .

  82. Nicola Hardesty

    I can not find an attorney in my area that will or can help me I have Mentor high profile silicone 800cc implants . Scheduling explant for Later in June what to know what is legally needed to help with a case against Mentor or original PS

  83. Confidential

    Hello, I received Mentor (I think) smooth saline implants in 2002 by Dr. Sam Rosenthal who is since deceased.

    About a year after the surgery, I began to have extreme vision problems, losing sight during work meetings for example and having to pull my car over while driving. I got glasses even though the doctor thought it was odd to go from perfect vision straight to my first pair of glasses at a -2.75. I didn’t realize that was the beginning of hell. Now 15 years later, I have had heart issues, skin and hair, thyroid, fatigue, no libido which is wrecking my relationship, fungal issues back and forth over the years, losing hair, reynauds, braig fog, random dizziness, and more.

    I’ve done numerous detoxes and eat very strict. If I stray even a bit, I am sickly and nearly incapacitated. No perfumes, cleaners, exhausts, drinking, gluten, dairy, etc. I have to live in a bubble in order to walk this tightrope.

    What can be done for people such as myself. It has been 15 years and I want these toxic bags out and I am ready for my recovery to begin. This is beyond reprehensible to allow this to happen to people who trust in doctors to care for them.

  84. Kelly Green Mink

    I have mentor saline implants and i have all the symptoms for breast illiness. I am going to have explant surgery tomorrow. And hopefully i will feel better. Ive been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder but they dont know which one. What info do i need to gett off the implants tommorrow incase ill need. It later.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      Try and get your implants back from your surgeon, you paid for them and legally they belong to you. If you cannot have your implants returned to you ensure that you get photos of them and also the manufacturer, batch number and the serial number.

  85. dawn

    Breast implant after mastectomy right side. 5-6 surgeries . Sick for 6 months ended in capsular contracture infection and emergency removal a year and one month ago. Another emergency surgery one month after due to stich’s ripping open. I plan on a lawsuit in the near future

  86. Carla Ford

    My name is Carla Ford and I live in Fleming, Ga. I had Saline Breast Implants put in about 12yrs ago. About a year after having them done I started getting sick. I went to doctor after doctor trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Finally I had a doctor tell me I had Fibromyalgia. My health has steadily declined and now I am on disability because I can longer function. I know it is the implants that has destroyed my life. Please let me know what is being done for people like me.

  87. Concerned patient

    My Natrelle saline implant ruptured after just 7 years. Prior to this I had no problems or illness. I was forced to replace and had to pay over 4,000 for surgery, and now, a week post op, have been unreasonably ill. I am still currently under treatment to discover why I am still so ill (dizzy, fatigue, disorientatiin, nauseas, neck and back muscle pain, bloating) after 9 days since surgery. I had no medication post op, except the day after surgery in which I took my pain pill 2 times. I have been out of pocket for dr visits, an antibiotic, labs, and still going until we can figure out what is going on. But everyday is limited. It is really starting to impact my ability to work, care for my family, and my social life.

    Has anyone else been this sick unexplained? What are my options? Any feedback is appreciated.

  88. Joanne hunt

    I have had McGann inter Shield soft prothesis given to me 7/25 /1980 shortly after the operation i noticed i couldnt lay still without feeling pins and needles while laying to be hypnotized to stop smoking near the date 1985. In 1981 i noticed mood swings. In 1986 the moods progressed and we tried anxiety medication. Then medications switched. Nothing helped by much. In 2000 the mood swings got worse i would go for long walks i quess the walks helped. My need to commit suicide became more frequent. In 2009 i was hospitilized ive been on medication for mood swings risperodone. Around that time they found my right breast was leaking. I did not know this no one told me. I found the report on a cd from imaging center explaining leak in both breast told in 2016

  89. Elizabeth Pogor

    All of this and more! I have an extremely long history of health problems. Too long to list. Seeing an attorney this week.

  90. Suzanne Patterson

    I received my silicone implants in 2009 at the age of 49. My breasts were deflated from breastfeeding 5 babies years before so getting my figure back made me feel ten years younger! I LOVED my implants so much that even though I experienced breast pain almost immediately after the procedure, I joked that I wouldn’t have them removed “even if they were killing me!” Unfortunately, the pain worsened and I began to get sick (muscle weakness, joint pain, IBS, memory loss, reflux, rapid weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, etc.) but I worked for several plastic surgeons who assured me that the implants were not the cause of my symptoms. In December 2017, when I was no longer able to work, barely able to walk up stairs, and too weak to sit on the floor to play with or hold my grandbabies, I started reading the testimonials on this and other websites and realized the facts were undeniable. I did my research and scheduled the En Bloc explant procedure with Dr. Marguerite Barnett in Sarasota, FL. She was amazing! It’s only been 3 weeks since I had the implants removed but I feel so much better, already! I’m sleeping through the night for the first time in years, have almost no joint pain, no more unexplained choking, and can walk on a treadmill again. I’ve lost 14 pounds and although my breasts aren’t full and perky, they look like an average 58 year old grandmother’s breasts. I’m looking forward to continued healing! I gave up full breasts but I am getting my life back. I want other women to know it’s worth the trade-off. Beauty doesn’t necessarily mean healthy… but healthy is beautiful! So is Truth! Let the truth about silicone toxicity be told so other women don’s waste years of their lives (and thousands of dollars!) “looking good” but feeling like they’re dying!

  91. Suzanne Howell

    I had implants in 2006 which both have ruptured leaving me very sick. It took me awhile to put it all together but I feel like I’m slowly firing. I’m so tired my stomach always hurts , I have about 20 severe migraines a month, a continual ras on different parts of my body, my joints hurt so bad when I wake up I wonder if I will be able to hold my cup of coffee some days. My skin is dry, I have no memory at all. My vision has deteriorated to where I cannot see any words on paper without glasses. I have no energy and shortness of breath. My friends that have known me for years are very concerned. My health has gone bad and continues to daily. I’m scared I won’t be alive long at this rate. I can’t afford to have my implants taken out but if I don’t my only child is going to be without her mother I can feel it. It’s horrible to be so sick but look so normal to everyone. So it’s not only physically damaging it’s mentally too. If there’s anyway to get my implants paid for to be removed I would love to know how to do it. It’s not fair doctors are getting away with putting this poison in women’s bodies without warning of any kind. Please send me any information possible to help get them out. I’m so scared everyday. Thank you.

      1. Tammy

        This is my story exactly! But I thought the explant assistance program was suspended? If you are disabled and have Medicare, they may cover the ad surgery! My surgeon, Marguerite Barnett says that mine will likely be covered due to the pain in my breasts.

        1. admin Post author

          Hi Tammy,
          Explant Assistance is only suspended temporarily so they can catch up with all the applications and they are likely caught up now and so I would apply unless you are covered by insurance.

  92. Susan Westrup

    I have Dow Corning implants since 1992. It was discovered in 2011, that I had severe RA, and have no auto immune disease in my family. My breasts ruptured and leaked, and I need them explanted. I didn’t do it sooner because both shoulders due to RA are torn and I’m in constant pain. But I must get them taken out, but it’s past date. I no longer can work as optometrist because of severe joint issues, leading to replacements, etc… money is a big issue to have them removed because I have Medicare because of disability. What can I do? I am registered with the DOW CORNING SFDCT AND I HAVE AN SID NUMBER.

  93. Aleesha kiehl

    I got my implants in 1992 I don’t remember the exact date but have endured years of numerous illnesses and would like to know how to be included in this lawsuit. My implants have been leaking for yrs and my surgeon told me for all these yrs that its fine it can’t hurt me I trusted him. My insurance won’t pay for the enblock complete capsolectomy because they say its an elective cosmetic surgery. I am at the end of my rope and I know I will soon die if I don’t get this surgery thats not being dramatic its fact I can’t deal with the excruciating pain sicknesses insomnia and so many other things much longer. I’ve been suffering too many yrs I’m exhausted. I am desperately seeking help. I am 100% absolutely postive and convinced the implants have caused me all of this suffering. Breast implant illness is real! Please help me

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Aleesha,
      Come to the Breast Implant Lawsuit group on facebook and we will fill you in on more there.

  94. Tamra S.Devine

    I do not remember who the manufacturer was of my silicone implants. I got them in 1986 or 1987. Both are ruptured now and I have chronic idiopathic giant urticaria and have had for eight or nine years. I would like to talk with a lawyer and be informed of lawsuits regarding breast implant issues.

    1. marina traverso

      I live in NY and i had implants in 1977 from Heyer-Schulte style 7000.. 1989 i had McGann Medical corp. Style 40 , Lot CM 9185 ..i can not find any info other that are foreign ..not sure what country. Six years later they capsule ..they where very hard for years .. i’m very sick with many illness . I found a great Dr that referred me to a wonderful surgeon are getting explanted on March 5th..they are both rupture ..i also have Medicare and Medicaid..they pay part of the explantation and no reconstruction.. im 66 and i pray that after surgery i will start to feel better from the long list of illness . I also was part of the lawsuit years ago by this settlement. MDL-926 Claims office is closed now… and could not find a dr to consider to fill the forms or that the illness i have with due to the Implants…I gave up then the claims office sent me a check for 1000 i cashed it due to financial hardship and thinking i could not get a Dr. to help me ..i’m not elegible for the settlement of Dow corning either. i have ill, discouraged and depressed for yrs. . .Pls if any one has information on these implants..i would like to know about any lawsuits, i thank you, Marina

  95. Nina Champion

    Had bilateral removal of breast with implants. I have some of the items listed as side effects Would like to be kept informed about new developments and upcoming law suits

  96. Zandra Mcclendon

    I too had my implants removed years ago. Both implants were ruptured. I had been very ill and decided that was the only other thing it could be. They were silicone and my body was trying to absorb the implants to rid my self of this toxin. The surgery to remove the implants was supposed to be about 1 and half hour, it was over three hours long. The doctor said it was like trying to scrap mozzarella cheese off tissue. The sacs that the silicon was in completely dissolved so I was not able to participate in the class action law suit. The doctor was no longer in practice and all my files were destroyed. So we did not know the brand. I am 63 and do have some health issues, but feel blessed to be alive.

  97. Denise Marie

    I’m disabled now, but been sick since the time of my saline implants, which was in 1996, please help and advise me on the next steps, Thank You!

    1. Melissa

      there was a gal who had silicone implants leak. She had her veins all vacumed clean, she had her auto immune , vision & illnesses get much better after the silicone was removed. She received SS Didability for this – it was the first case ever… in 1996. Hope this is of help! :)))

  98. Paula Britt

    I am 59 years old. I had saline implants in 2000. Since that time i have had nearly all the symptoms listed. I have been to doctors, had tests done and got no relief. I was diagnosed with rumthoid arthritis, depressios, severe depression with sucidal thoughts. And many other health issues. None of which have gone away. I really thought i was going nuts. My daughter, a nurse, found some sites for me to look at. And here i am. I plan to have my implants removed as soon as time and money allow. This hgas been very informative goe me. Thank you

  99. Cheryl

    My breast implants were in for 12 years. One capsulating and the doctor told me he could replace it but never told me there was a fifty percent chance it was going to come back again! I also was feeling weak and very tired with breast pain.
    I have had them taken out and a lot of my pain has subsided. The breast that was capsulating looks horrible while the other still looks ok. Because of the infection of the capsulating, I was told it was stuck to my muscle and tissues. The ripped out half my breast with the implant! Yet the doctor told me not to worry about it. Please it you are thinking about Implants, DONT DO IT

  100. kaleenth schwan

    I had Dow Corning implants was diagnosed with ACTD was a claimant in the SFDCT in 1994 received 5000 I was told by a plastic surgeon I would be fine if the silicone was removed and saline put in I am so ashamed to say I believed him after all he is a “Doctor” I had mentor silastic gel implants put in and the nightmare began, long story short I literally became disabled and incapacitated due to my numerous medical physical problems that was 2001 it took me 5 years and hundreds of Doctor visits I finally was approved for social security disability five years no income single mom with 2 sons not one Doctor EVER told me about the toxiciity leaking into my body in addition to my very serious debilitating problems of course I lost my wonderful career as a flight attendant lost my home my cars my family lost my self respect as a human being my parents and siblings all thought I was exagerating, that I was crazy, and I was not sick that I just did not want to work can you believe it???? My two wonderful sons stood by me and still do to this day!!!! I am now seeking increased severity with the SFDCT I am so mad at myself I fell for it all since I am a claimant in the SFDCT am I able to sue mentor as I believe those are the implants I have now, regardless of the implants I have can I still sue or am I out of luck since I am and was a claimant in the SFDCT. I can not even express in words the SEVERE damage emotionally, physically, and financially these implants have caused I am on SSD and a small pension paycheck to paycheck I want the implants removed but I can not afford 10,000 for surgery I pray I get something from SFDCT so I can have them removed immediately I am so VERY VERY sick I literally feel like I am dying

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kaleenth,
      Yes just because you are part of the Dow Corning SFDCT you can still sue Mentor, two different types of implants and two different companies.

  101. Pam

    I am just finding out about the illness from breast implants. I was very healthy and working when I got them in 2005. Now I can’t work. I have hashimoto disease, fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue and many more issues. I have gained almost double my weight. I honestly will b happy with having the cost of them being removed covered if nothing else.

  102. Lisa Kendrick

    Hi Myname is Lisa Kendrick,
    I had my implants saline mentor done in February 2002. I have never been contacted or told of this. When I had the implants I was assured other than the surgery this was safe and I was told I would probably be back in a few years for bigger ones.. I did not do this to be bigger at that time 37 I had 4 children breast feed and lost breast tissue I wanted to return to my size before having children.
    About 8 years ago health issues started but never find anything I developed high blood pressure I figure age my back hurts from front to back I was told strain it never goes away I believe the pain is why my pressure stays up even with blood pressure meds.
    They seem to no longer help.
    I have a rash that is unexplained I have tried everything it started 4 years ago.. my chest gets mottled. I get random pain all over my body get bouts of fatigue and since the skin rash started my neck get lumps that don’t hurt but are very out there.. my breast get burning pain randomly and I have been telling this to friends and family that I feel suddenly old.. yes I am 53 but alway active I just tire faster.. I do not sleep well at night and I have no resolve.
    My cousin called me and told me to look into this her friend just had hers removed.
    I’m mortified! I don’t even know where to begin.
    I look this up and many of the symptoms I have yet every doctor I have been to knowing I have implants never suggested this could be the reason?!
    I feel nuts all these years my relationship with my husband distant and I do not even know where to start?
    I do not have health insurance I just left work because of my health.
    I need advice

  103. Sonya Farmer

    I have the gummy bear implants and one has ruptured . I’ve been to doctor after doctor trying to get some help finding out what is wrong with me only to find out I have silicone leaking in my body ! I’m getting sicker by the day .. not sure what lm suppose to do now

  104. Deborah

    Hi i got my implants done 11 years ago. I have alk the illness symptoms. I dont drink smoke or do drugs i am healthy then why do i feel like someone hit me on the head every day. I figured it that it was my implants when i had a dream i believe God was letting me know it was my implants. I went to see my surgeon in Chicago Dr.Horn. i told him i want these implants removed since i payed the extended 2000 warranty for any complications. He denied that my unknown illness is because of my implants. God willing i will have them removed Thursday and see if my implants are the cause and if they are i will sue for denying my illness due to the implants. If you know a lawyer i can contact let me know.

  105. Natalie Verchere

    Meme/surgitek implanted in 1988, never contacted never told anything about these meme implants doctor no longer can be found. Told implants where ruptured from mammogram last year. Right implant Scar Tissue ruptured right side of body leaking silicone my face my arm lesions pain. it actually peels off like super glue so I am a walking evidence of this damage. Breathing so anyone want to contact me I got my health feel free. I have been turned away by doctors made fun of called all kinds of names made to cry in their office no one is going no one would help me I am disabled after a career of 30 years it’s very odd is he a clear substance is so sticky come out of lesions after I soak in hot water

  106. Patricia Davis

    I received a very small sum in comparison to the suffering and now total disability I have suffered.

    If there is an avenue for new litigation I need help. I went from (often sick but still working) to total disability. I had a Dow Corning rupture that “was a mess” according to the explanation surgeon, who conveniently forgot and since that time numerous surgeries and now very ill.

    1. Natalie Verchere

      Hi, your story sounds so similar to mine .. did you see the Dow Corning now has the extended deadline until 2019 to file a claim and they already have the settlement in place

    2. Carolyn Scott

      DOW CHEMICAL has been producing products that have not only been poisoning people but also the air, water and soil for decades. You can learn more about them in the documentary TEXAS GOLD, which “profiles the brave and ballsy actions of a fourth generation fisherwoman” who takes them and the other chemical giants on in an epic battle to stop the pollution of the Gulf Bays.

  107. Trudy Roberts

    I have no I. My implants that were 35 years old were ruptured by a mammogram durijng a well woman physical. I now have gotten into a cy come of going to ER every 4-6 weeks for dyspnea (shortness of breath) fo r last 3yrs. I can’t finbd a surgeon for replant because of my poor lung function which the implant ruptured caused. I h have never smoked or had lung problems before.

  108. Julie Lindsey

    I had my saline implants put in May 2008. I never noticed issues until about 5 years ago random pains on my left side from top rib cage all down my flank. As years have passed I now get random sharp shooting pains and muscle tightness, I get headaches as well, brain fog increased significantly over the last year. I will be contacting a surgeon asap and hoping I can even afford to get them removed.

  109. Rita Michelle Fuchs

    I got saline implants in 2002 which were manufactured by McGhan (formerly Inamed, now Allergan). In 2008 I began experiencing regular aching pain and zapping in my legs and back and by 2010 I was riddled with back and neck pain, extreme muscle tension, then severe jaw pain, and chronic migraines with brain fog and blurred vision too. For years as a patient of Kaiser Permanente I’ve undergone countless doctor visits, painful tests, and MRI’s ruling out MS, Lhyme, Rheumetoid/Psoriatic arthritis, Lupus and many more auto immune diseases that could be the culprit. I nearly lost my life in 2013 due to serotonin shock syndrome from trying medications prescribed by a Rheumatologist for my pain. I keep getting results with high levels of C3 which is common with auto immune disease because my body was attacking itself. I had a mammogram in 2014 because of stabbing pain in my breasts that even shot through to my arm but it was “too dense” for the scans to conclusively confirm or rule out anything. Finally after being told several times that “it’s not my implants and just have Fibromyalgia” I listened to my body instead of the doctors and decided to have them removed on 12/22/17. I requested to keep my capsules in tact and only one survived the explant but it’s filled with mold (which is currently in my possession). I immediately felt about 60% improvement in my back, neck, leg and head pain as well as my normal muscle stiffness. I still have issues breathing which has been attributed to the anxiety and depression I’ve developed from spending years in daily pain with no end in sight. I clearly lost a decade of my life to mold poisoning and although I cannot get it back I do feel that I am owed a hefty compensation. I don’t know if I’ll always suffer from anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia, and arthritis or if some symptoms will remain but I will never be the same because i was lied to by the manufacturers in 2002 when i was told “saline is safe.” My surgeon has always assured me that the implant sac manufacturer promises mold cannot enter the air tight valve yet I have clear evidence of a faulty vavle. Now I’m on the hunt for an experienced attorney that can confidently represent me with no up front out of pocket costs as I surely deserve to be compensated for a decade of misery and a lifetime of health issues.

    1. brandy moncelli

      i have the same brand of saline implants that are now 12 years old. i have an appt to get the explant enbloc surgery. i’ve been suffering with many symptoms but the most prodominant are chronic hives with anaphylaxis and angiodema. i have attacks once or twice a month around my cycle. it has taken away from my quality of life and has taken a toll on my body and my face. i have hope that this implant removal will get my quality of life back.

  110. Gail

    I have had my implants since 1989 and the plastic surgeon has since passed away, so I do not have access to my medical file.
    I want to explant in 2018. Is there a class action suit anywhere that I can look into for helping me to explant? I live alone, single, no children and depend solely on myself for all of my financial needs.
    Thank you (for everything – this website feels so comforting and empowering)

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Gail,
      There is an explant assistance fund for US ladies here: Some medical insurance covers explant for medically approved reasons which are rupture, capsular contracture, pain or infection/necrosis. If you are in Canada your explant may be covered under provincial health insurance. There is no class action lawsuit for explant but a few firms are working on multidistrict litigation against Mentor and there are a few cases against Allergan also as listed on the Lawsuit page of the website.

  111. Taylor Nelson

    Hello, I received saline implants 2 years ago. I had just beat stage 4 cancer. I have since developed an auto immune disease I also have had a baby, prior to getting implants they told me I could still breast feed I even watched a video saying I would be able to, that was false we had so many problems with my son when he was a newborn, he rejected formula and we had to get donor breast milk. When we took him to his first doctor appt they weighed him before and after and he weighed the same I couldn’t produce any milk for him. I’d like to know if I would be eligible for some one to take my case. Thank you

  112. Hazel king

    Hi there I am 49 and severely unwell .please can you tell me if I can sue allergen or transform surgery for not explaining to me the chemicals in the implants and now I can’t afford to get them removed please help I don’t know where to start

  113. Paulette Keller

    I had memory gel implants in 2008. My implants now have bumps and deformities that are visible when looking at them. Is there any information about this or lawsuits that are out there?

  114. Karen Long

    I have had saline breast implants for over 20 years and have been trying to find out for years what is causing me chronic pain, fatigue, pneumonia’s, thyroid issues bacteria overgrowth, IBS, rashes, allergic reactions to everything, and was even diagnosed with Lyme disease and I live in Florida and don’t recall getting bit by a tick. etc. I never had any issues or problems before implants but also have been told by Doctors it could be the implants.
    I don’t know how to find out what kind of implants I have as to what lawsuit to join but I would like to join so please help!!!
    Thank you,

  115. Susan Lane

    Explant on 12/13/17
    interested in finding out what can be done as far as lawsuit. Mentor/silicone. I feel like I am dying.
    so much time wasted….so much money wasted. What can be done!!!!!!!

  116. Pamela

    I had Mentor Saline implants for 15 years and had to have them replaced Dec. 2015. I had Mentor silicone/gel put in this time. In March of 2016 I started having neck pain and was trying to have that treated by a chiropractor. Well then i started having all over random body pain which has extremely progressed. I also have all over body itching, almost like allergy related and I have bladder issues, and IBS. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at the beginning of this year. The meds they have tried me on do not help at all and I am getting worse by the week. I am also having very bad breast pain on and off. Like i can’t even touch them it gets so bad. I am trying to see if all of this could be related to the breast implants now being silicone? I had saline for 15 years and had 0 problems.

  117. Donna Rollins

    I am interested in joining the litigation. I have contacted the law office of Lenz Moss. I received my Mentor Smooth Rnd Moderate Plus Profile Gells in May of 2010. Shortly after, i developed what i can only classify as a swollen Lymph gland nodule the size of a pea in my left breast. It has always caused pain and discomfort, but Dr. did not recommend anything and had little to say to me.
    I am currently a new member of your FB page.
    How do i get more testing, and at what cost?
    I currently am insured through Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal.

  118. Sharon Wood

    I received silicone implants in 1985. They looked great at first but contracture began within several years until at 16 years they were badly contorted looking. I had them removed in 2001 (and replaced with Saline) they were not ruptured. However, I was being treated for Graves disease, an auto immune illness, that may have been likely brought on by the silicone implants. In 2002, to treat the Graves, I had the RAI 131 treatment which ablated my thyroid Permanently and necessitated daily thyroid meds Permanently. The loss of my thyroid changed my energy level permanently as well. The DOW Corning settlement had no disease category for “Graves” nor was there any payment for the severe contracture I lived with for many years and was ashamed of my breasts (the opposite outcome of why I got the implants in the first place). I am wondering if there are similar women who also developed Graves? We were left out of the disease category with DOW along with the unexpected outcome of contracture and the suffering it caused us. I have seen Hashimitos is an illness many women may have developed with implants, though not Graves disease.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sharon,
      All diseases to do with the thyroid and adrenals including Graves are very prevalent in us with breast implants and this is due to the fact that silicone chemicals and heavy metals are known endocrine disruptors and disrupt all the glands in our endocrine system in addition to toxing our organs.

  119. Lori

    I have Inamed, textured, high profile implants, implanted Jan. 2008. I have been having breast pain for some time now. I have an appointment with a local doctor in a couple of weeks to find out what is going on and explant info. Is there a time limit to file a lawsuit if this pain is related to the implants?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Lori,
      Please speak to an attorney about time limits but I believe you have two years after explant to file a lawsuit.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Aneta,
      Breast implants cause those symptoms and many, many more. I explanted and recovered my health. You can too.

  120. Madeline Dittus

    I have been debilitated by Breast Implant Illness beginning in June of 2016. I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with a Mentor gel-filled implant. I have been under a doctor’s care since August, 2016. In addition to the numerous negative effects of the toxins in my body, I acquired an autoimmune disease, scleroderma. I had a health care team at my home for seven months. After that, I went to therapy as an outpatient for over 2 months. I began a detox diet as soon as I learned of it in August, 2016. Abbott Law Firm will not take my case as I do not have the implant that was explanted from me in October, 2016. The pathology report states virtually nothing. It seems the plastic surgeon and the pathology doctor knew to try to protect themselves. While so debilitated, do they think I was thinking of telling the doctors to give me the implant? What do I do since I do not have the implant? Certainly, not having the implant, should not be an issue. Any information or advice would be appreciated.

  121. Andrea Morgan

    My Allergan breast implant has bested I got it in November 2007 it is October 2017 please help me find an attorney fast

  122. Andrea Morgan

    I would like to know how I can get in on the lawsuit I got Allergan breast implants made with silicone in 2007 it is Neil October of 2017 I’m 1 month away from my 10-year Mark and my implant has busted please help me I don’t know where to go from here

  123. Tori Garza

    Is this lawsuit for silicone implants only? I have saline implants (Allergen)and mine recently ruptured. I started feeling sick and slowly started seeing my breast lose shape. Went to my OB doctor and she verified my implant has ruptured but dismissed my illness associated with the implants. I am nieve I didn’t know my surgeon should have given me information on my implants and I called the surgeons office they are telling me it’s been too long they don’t have my records. If I had the information Allergen said they would replace them if I had the numbers off my implants, I can’t afford to get them replaced on my own. My surgery was 12/10, hasn’t even been 7 years anyone have any advice?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tori,
      As I understand it, the lawsuits now include saline implants too. There are really two firms that are gathering information and cases for both saline and silicone implants and these firms are the Abbot Law Firm at 877 292 1500 and Lenze Moss at 310 322 8800. Give both a call for more information.

      1. Susan Fratini-Alsip

        If you go to where you had surgery and request “ALL” records from the time, surgery, procedure, you might have to pay a little money to get your records, but then you will have them. Make sure you keep a copy for yourself from now on. Technically you should do this with All your medical records, because none of us know when an issue could arise. I wish you the best. I am waiting for an MRI to verify that my silicone implant is torn. They suspect it is, from the ultrasound done last month. I was concerned about the two lumps under my other arm. I now believe that they are my lymph nodes trying to clean out the silicone from my body. I will be finding out in a couple days. I have Inamed implants from 2006.

  124. Mina

    I had my BA back in 2004 with Mentor Saline Implants. Over the years I have developed Hashimotos (autoimmune disease), seemingly out of nowhere, along with countless other ailments. What class action lawsuits are available against this horrible company? Breast implant illness is so very real, and I’m tired of being dismissed by “doctors.” There needs to be more attention brought to this matter so more women won’t make the same mistake. My vain decision years ago has costed me my health, and was single handedly the worst decision I have ever made. Any help would be much appreciated!

  125. Jana M Davis

    I’m interested in following developments and info with regard to breast implant lawsuits.
    My implants are silicone from 1987. I do not know the name, manufacturer or any information about the implants.

    I need to have bilateral explant capsulectomy due to encapsulation, rupture, leakage, and constant pain.
    I’m looking for information on how to get this surgery performed as a medical necessity because of the rupture, leakage and pain.

    I’ve been diagnosed with RA, fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr, chronic fatigue syndrome, IBS, osteopenia, shingles @ age 45, depression, anxiety.

    My list of symptoms is very long: body pain, muscle pain, cramps & weakness, inflammation, tingling, extremity numbness, brain fog, memory loss, confusion, skin rashes, dry skin, eczema, insomnia, vertigo, gait issues, allergies, digestive issues, leaky gut, breast pain, back pain, hip pain, abdominal pain, vaginal pain, frequent vision changes, dry eye syndrome, floaters, cataracts.

  126. Lucinda M McCarthy

    I have mentor implants and have pain all over my body the breast that still contains the implant is very painful. There is a hard spot in the nipple.

    1. Lucinda M McCarthy

      I also have brain fog eye problems stomach problems my hips and pelvis hurt. I have no insurance but am wondering. Is this is what is making me feel this way?

  127. Vicki Sentz

    I had silicone implants in 1976 in Indiana and they are leaking. I cannot afford to get them replaced. Do you know where I could get help.

  128. Alisande vazquez

    I have McGhan saline implants for 12 years now but read they are now another name. I have red blood spots on my body, fatigue a d weakness in legs every day despite being very athletic and eating holistically. I wanted to remove my implants 3 years ago but could not afford it. So if you know any other law suits or where I may get get, please let me know

  129. Heather Cartwright

    I believe my mentor implants are responsible for multiple auto immune diseases including connective tissue disease.

    1. Paulette Keller

      I too have autoimmune disease along with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I have several other health issues like these that have all started out of nowhere. My breasts are now deformed. Please let me know if you have found anything out because my health is deteriorating.

  130. Katherine Melton

    I have the 80’s silicone implants in me. I have been disabled for the last 3 years I just learned that they are both ruptured and need to be removed. I have no money and cannot find a doc that will take Medicaid. I know this is killing me and it is why I can hardly walk. I have been a hairdresser for 30 years, very healthy but not any more. I am living with my mother trying to find help to remove them. If any body could help guide me to legal and medical. Thank YOU all who have had and have this sickness to help others if you can.

  131. Angelica Mendoza

    I’ve had textured saline implants for about 19 years and developed rashes on my nipples but have always been told it was eczema. Also lots of itching on my nipples and breasts. I’ve had fatigue for years, mental fog, trouble concentrating, even when reading I know what the words are but sometimes the words just don’t come out of my mouth. And my mouth shakes when that occurs. I’ve also been diagnosed with chronic dry eye, have had my tear ducts plugged but didn’t works, depression, anxiety, and pain on my breasts. For years burning painful sensation but doctor said it was hormonal. Recently I went again because my breasts hurt so bad. Had an ultrasound done and technician consulted with doctor and said I have fluid build up in the cleavage area of both breasts which mean implants may have a slow leak. I’m afraid I’ve had this for a long time and what if there’s fungus or something else too. Dr called me back and told me that ultrasound showed no evidence of malignancy yet ultrasound technician said I had fluid build up. I’m looking to get my implants replaced. I’m so confused. Idk what to do. Taking money out of my retirement account to replace them. I was only 20 years old when I got these implants. I am now 39. What do I do? I need help and guidance. I’m in Southern California.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Angelica,
      If you have textured implants and your tests show or indicate there may be fluid between your capsule and implant then we highly suggest that you seek a proper En Bloc/Total Capsulectomy explant and ensure that your surgeon is knowledgeable and tests for BIA-ALCL as textured implants are implicated in BIA-ALCL and fluid is a symptom of BIA-ALCL. Please read the following page from the website on BIA-ALCL:

  132. Barbarina Johnston

    I got my first augmentation 1996, first rupture 2000-2001 had my first revision 2001 to correct the rupture. Later in 2001 I received a letter explaining the saline the used was exposed to black mold. 2nd revision later 2001. Now 2017 I have another rupture I need another revision. Now I’m told these ruptures have left me exposed to the auto immune desease and some cancer exposure. I can’t afford to pay a surgeon the operating room charges. Mentor says they’ll cover my implant replacement but no surgical. I’ve got the ruptured implant still in me. Going on now 2 years. I need help I want these out and replaced. I’m looking sided. I feel so much less appealing to myself. Please will some one help me before it’s to late for me.

  133. Christina Benninger

    What if I don’t know what kind mine were. They were put in in 1987 and were smooth. I had them removed 2 years ago. Both had been leaking for many years. Right was encapsulated and left was disintegrated! The surgeon had to scrap my chest cavity as best she could, to get the silicone out. Neither one of the implants were saved. Would I be able to use surgery notes? I also believe I still have silicone left inside. My symptoms have gotten worse, not better! Any thoughts?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Christina,
      In the case your implants are not available to you due to disintegration, then your operative report and any other medical file records would have to do but speak with an attorney too.

  134. Desiree G Lewis

    I have Mentor implants since 2010. I have also been diagnosed with black mold toxicity along with other auto immune issues.
    I am interested in more information.


    I had explant surgery yesterday and need to know where to go from here. When I found this site and a few others, I knew this great health mystery was solved. I could have written the list of symptoms, as I have most all of them. I am relieved, yet so angry that we have been poisoned by something we paid to have plugged into our bodies, after being convinced they were perfectly safe. Thank you again for this site. You may have saved my life.

    1. Fay Roberson

      Robin, I too have had my mentor smoother silicon gel implants for 11 yrs. And have gotten worse with health. They started hurting me real bad about 5 yrs. Ago and since I’ve got IBM and have my body is hurting all over and I’m very depressed . For the last 5 yrs. My memory has gotten so bad and I can’t hardly remember anything anymore and my eye sight has drastically gone down also. I’m so depressed as this surgery was a revision from a doctor in Jax. Fla. From capulation in 2006 it’s been down Hill since then. Lord help me…. I’m so glad you feel better. Have you gotten help with the expense of this remove? Where do I start. I will have over 20,000. Dollars if I have this last surgery… just depressed and hurting all the time. Ladies plz do more research before you change your life forever…


    After several years of illness, countless doctors and specialist I became frustrated about a month ago I typed all my symptoms in and googled to see what the heck was being missed. The first thing that popped up…this site and breast implant illness. I thank god for you, all of you that have brought awareness to this. I was stunned, it never occurred to me that my 11y-o implants were killing me. I ha

  137. Mari Ann Ghastin

    I have Allergan,Natrelle silicone implant that deflated in May 2017. I need help in finding a attorney to help me with this problem

  138. Angela

    My right breast implant has already ruptured about 4 years ago and I had both of them replaced now I’ve got another one that has a leaky valve in it and it’s getting smaller as weeks and days go on. Messi or extremely swollen all the way up to my knees ache real bad and I just I hurt all over and I’ve got Legions all over my body and then got blisters in them I don’t know what to do I tell you I just I don’t know what to do please email me and tell me what I should do

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Angela,
      Please focus on arranging your explant. You can try and see if your placing surgeon will explant you properly or you may have to find a surgeon from the list on this website. Nicole

  139. Catherine Cirillo

    Have any of the complaints been in reference to eye problems? I have so many complaints that I would have to write a book!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Catherine,
      Yes eye problems occur due to breast implants. Common eye problems from implants are a decline in vision, dryness of the eyes, floaters and even hemorraging in the eye which I have had several times due to kidney problems caused by breast implants and their chemicals. Nicole

  140. Carol

    I became very sick a few years ago had a rupture but my illness started about 1.5 yrs prior. Had tge explant. Surgeon wont put implants back in d/t how sick I was. Filed suit against mentor but attorney stated in my consents mentor had placed a clause they woyld not be held liable. Was told do to this I did not have a case. I had to get a lift bc the ruptured side was very deformed. Im still recovering but doing much better.

  141. Ria van der Moolen

    Good Day, I live in South Africa and had implants about 1985 a few years on it became hard and uncomfortable but I had so many other more important things that had to be dealt with first that I learned to live with it until April this year when I woke up with a terrible pain in my left breast. I was sent from one doctor to the other and after several checks and scans it was diagnosed as a leaking implant and advised to have an explant immediately. My medical aid do not cover any procedures connected to cosmetic, so I had to borrow the money for the operation which came to a huge amount of R35,000 (ZAR) that is without any pathology tests. I am 66 years old and for the rest of my life I will have to repay this money.

    I did register in 1994 and when my Medical Aid did not want to cover the cost of the operation, I wrote to Dow Corning in USA and received this reply: You registered with the MDL-926 Claims office (in 1994); however, in order to become a participant in the Dow Corning settlement, you had to register separately. The claimants who registered received a proof of claim number (poc#) by mail from Daticon Systems, Inc. We cannot confirm that you are registered in the Dow Corning settlement.

    Unfortunately since you did not file a Notice of Intent form by the deadline for Notice of Intent claims, i.e., August 30, 2004, then the claim was not submitted in a timely manner. Therefore, you are not eligible to participate in the Dow Corning Plan of Reorganization.

    I cannot afford to sue them, thus I wrote again and again, requesting and actually begging them to consider to send me the money to cover my loan but they either ignore my emails or otherwise I cannot explain why they dont even react.

    I hope that you understand my situation a bit and if you can give me some advise, to whom I can email at Dow Corning, I shall appreciate very much, as I am sure that if I can get to the right person, they might just have a change of heart.

  142. Liz M.

    Hi there,
    I had implants put in almost ten years now, and I have been suffering from all kinds of pains since. Many of the symptoms (achy joints and muscles, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, and most recently what seems to be some type of reactive autoimmune condition or perhaps even cancer). After facing so many health issues over the years, I just realized they started shortly after the implants were put in. I have also been dealing with pain on my left breast and most of the left side of my body including swollen lymph nodes. At the time I started with the symptoms I was only in my late 30’s and some Doctor said I had Fibromyalgia, others felt I was too young but it seemed I was developing arthritis. To this day I have never received notification or any information on concerns or health warnings regarding the silicone implants I had put in. In addition, the Plastic Surgeon that did the surgery told me I never had to replace the implants because they were a special and improved quality. After having so much pain all over, fatigue, and now all my inflammation markers are coming positive in addition to mild anemia; I realize the implants are likely making me sick and the main problem. I have had so much medical testing this year that I am about to lose my mind and break my bank. I want to have my implants removed, but I am even more afraid of not finding the right doctor and whether I will be able to afford to pay for the surgery. Can you please help?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Liz,
      Get a full copy of your insurance policy and check how you may be covered for explant. Insurance generally covers for explant for rupture, capsular contacture, pain or infection necrosis. Some policies have exclusions for cosmetic work and some have inclusions for other things. Insurance companies almost always deny first round and you may need to appeal over and over. Please see the codes you will need listed on the Resource page of this website and also an organization that will assist you in getting your explant paid for by insurance. Also if your implants are silicone you may be able to apply here for finanical assistance:

  143. Suaann C Guerzon

    I have suffered for 5 years with multiple symptoms, that went undiagnosed for years. I just want to share one thing, in hopes it may help someone. I had a few different Mammograms, including one at the Mayo Clinic-Both came back fine-Two days later decided to have a Chest Mri done, and discovered both implants were totally ruptured. Do Not Waste Your Time on a mammograms to look for an issue-GET AN MRI

  144. willow

    4/15/15 implant of gummy silicone, Allergan Natrelle. July 2016 till current I have been so fatigued, and mentally “lost”.
    From 7/8/16 to 12/26/16 I had 7 surgeries, all on my arms. Lots of blood work, dr’s apts., rheumatology apts, dermatology apts and still at it.
    After numerous replies that these symptoms and surgeries are not related to implants I am digging in deep research and finding answers to
    what my intuition has been telling me. That I am sick due to implants. I am currently working towards explant.
    I am so thankful for this website, it has been my angel. I need to and want to stay informed with the breast implant/explants.

  145. Elizabeth Gard

    Mentor breast implants over 10 plus years. Recently underwent blood testing to test reasons why I’m experiencing fatigue. I would like to be kept inform if my brand is on or ever to be on a recall list. Thx!

  146. Alison Ruiz

    I had implants done 7/3/17 and just now am finding out surgeon withheld these many related health threats. The testing for baseline readings would be too late now, a week after surgery? Labs were done shortly before CA surgery 12/19/16, but not specific to heavy metals. I need to know what specific tests…

  147. Elizabeth Aumiller


  148. Sarah

    I’m so happy I came across this website. You’re a life saver. I have been going crazy feeling like I’ve been dying for the past year. I’ve had constant fatigue, cognitive fogginess, vertigo every day, terrible rash that won’t go away, allergies, dizziness on a day to day basis, hot and cold episodes, swollen glands and lymphnodes, pain in right and now in left breast, sensitivity to light and sound and the list goes on, visiting doctor after doctor running test trying to find the reason behind all the symptoms. Now, Everything makes sense. I’m currently looking for a doctor for explantation. I recently passed the 3 year marker for having mentor implants and would like to be involved in this case. I want to help others not to endure all the pain, wasted time and terrible frustration of not knowing that their implants are killing them.

  149. Lindsay

    I got my implants at the age of 16 in 2000. I’m slowly dying. I have severe varicose veins in my left leg and pain up and down that whole side of my body on a daily basis. My left breast hurts and looks constricted which started about 5 years ago and has just gotten worse this past year. I was told by my surgeon that my right implant fell out of the pocket when I went in to have him check them about 5 years ago. He said I needed them replaced but I didn’t have the money to get them done. I have chronic fatigue all the time and just feel like I have no energy but I’m still young I shouldn’t feel this tired all the time. I have yeast problems and suffer from chronic UTI that started right after my surgery. I am planning on having them removed in August but I’m nervous to go back to the same doctor. Should I go to a surgeon that specializes in explant due to being sick? I also have blood filled cysts all over my kidneys. I always have muscle pain and can relate it to how people describe fibromyalgia. My surgeon also told me when I went to see him 5 years ago that I’m basically the only person that didn’t come back to have my specific breast implant removed due to complications. He said that every single person that had the same implants I have got them removed! He tried to get me back in for a replacement with a discount but I couldn’t even afford to do that. If he knew the complications these implants caused, he should have taken them out, period. I have textured mentor saline 320ccs. They are completely lopsided because of the right one being dropped out of the pocket. I’ve lived with them looking this way the whole time because originally I thought the left one was messed up and possibly never dropped all the way but indeed it was the right one that was actually messed up. Now, the past year I have been getting very painful nodules in my breasts during the weeks before my period but they seem to feel better after I begin my monthly. I keep telling myself that it is probably just hormonal but I’m getting concerned more and more as it seems to be getting worse each month. I would like to include myself in any lawsuits brought against Mentor. Thank you.

  150. kathleen Waters

    I am currently experiencing so many symptoms. I have Mentor implants from 1998. They are saline but I have had strange illnesses over the last 4 years. They called my lung nodules Necrotizing granulomatous inflammation. THey have tested me for everything from cancer and beyond. I have asked so many doctors could the implants be making me sick? They ALL say no. I disagree. I have done countless research everywhere and I know they are. Please help! Now I am experiencing horrible pain in my back. I have nodules in my lungs and hilar and mediastinal lympadenopathy. I had a tumor removed from my parathyroid and the wound wont heal due to some kind of inflammatory process.

  151. Pamela R. Eskine

    In September 1994 I had McGhan Textured shell saline filled breastfeeding implants implanted under my arms and under my chest muscles. In in February 1995 I developed TMJ, and other related pain in my jaw. Then pluracy type pain. In 1998 I developed chronic yeast infections and IBS. In 2001 I was put on medication for irregular heartbeat, and had a hysterectomy that year as well. In 2002 I had rectal surgery from chronic IBS. In 2003 I had the breast implants removed and requested that they take them out whole and that I wanted them back. On the day of surgery I broke out in a horrible rash all over my torso. They performed the surgery anyway, and I received my implants back scrubbed clean and sealed in surgical packs. I was very upset because I wanted them back whole and untouched. They told me that it was against protocol to give them to me unsterile. In 2003 I developed Mononucleosis and in 2004 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and CFS. I have been being treated for that ever since. I was a healthy, active young mom of two in 1994. Took dancing lessons and performed in competitions. I also did step aerobics 4-5 times a week, as well as participated in school activities for both of my children. Breast implants gave me a cross I didn’t know I would have to bear. My doctor told me that they were saline and very safe. I trusted him! Now my life is a lot different, but I am living it the best way I can. I have the best husband a women could have. I just wanted to know if there was any case pending against The McGhan textured saline implants or not.

  152. Ashlee Browe

    I would like to stay up to date with the lawsuit please. Is there anyway to add my name to the list of women who have been harmed by this company?

  153. Kellie Doyle

    I am 62 and I have been really debating about seeking legal action. I had a double mastectomy in November, 2016. Cosmetically, the implants failed. They dropped (even though they were A cups), the scars are very visible, and my chest caved in.

    Along with this, I haven’t recovered well. I have complained to all my doctors who have basically shrugged their shoulders. I’m fatigued, weak, headaches, have deep skin itching, and am holding about 6 pounds of water weight that affects my breathing.

    I was never warned that there was either a risk regarding implant illness or that doing the implants at the same time as the double mastectomy was also an added risk. I’ve spent the last months thinking that my heart and therefore kidneys were damaged during the surgery, but now am thinking it could be this.

  154. Jennifer Head

    I have implants and have every symptoms on your list except hair loss. I feel so bad that I’ve not gotten out of bed for 3 days. I’m ready to have mine removed immediately! Please help.

  155. Sandy morado

    I have 5th generation gummy bear cohesive round implants 475 cc. My body rejected them immediately. I have burning, itching, peeling off areolas very disfigured. I had puss and bleeding for 14 months straight. I’m currently on a steroids to stop the infection in my nipples. I’m also on Singular to help Capsulation. I have indured muscle pain. like a charlie horse in my breast muscles. Ive had to peel my breast out of my bras they we’re incrusted w puss. It’s been a long journey. I’ve been to 17 Doctors . THEY ALL LIE AND THEY ALL COVER UP FOR EACH OTHER. I HAVE MOST OF THE BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS SYMPTOMS. AND I HAVE NUEROLOGICAL PROBLEMS W MY ARMS AND HANDS. MY BREATHING IS BEGINNING TO FEEL SHORT OF BREATH. MANY MANY OTHER PROBLEMS BEGINNING. HOW DO I REGISTER FOR THE MENTOR CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT?? Any ONE

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Sandy,
      There is no class action lawsuit against Mentor as yet. I suggest contacting lawyers that have brought other suits up against Mentor in order to get your lawsuit going. Nicole

  156. Dori Ahern

    I just had the same implants as Ms. Ebrahimi explanted two weeks ago. I felt immediately better, not 100% yet, but better. I am documenting the case as well as i can and would like to be part of any lawsuit.

  157. Tara Slayton

    I have all theses systems
    Since I got implant . I though I have bad depression and ptsd but maybe implants causing it

    Extreme and chronic fatigue
    Muscle pain
    Muscle weakness
    Muscle cramps
    Bone pain
    Swelling in the joints
    Pain in the joints
    Memory loss
    Shortness of breath
    Nausea and dizziness
    Numbness in the extremities
    Issues with vision
    Weight gain
    Heart palpitations

    1. kathleen Waters

      I have had all of these. Every doctor and I mean every doctor says it is not the implants. I had a bronchoscopy to see if I had lymphoma. It was negative. I have all of your symptoms. I have saline since 1998.
      I dont know why I ever did this.

    2. Kerri Farley

      I have all of these as well. Terrible life altering issues. I sympathize and empathize with everyone here. Explanation in three weeks.

    3. Sarah

      Dear Tara, you could be my twin with all the symptoms you listed!! I am having explant surgery next month. Although I am very nervous about how my breasts will look afterward, if I even feel 50% better it will well be worth it!

  158. Lisa Wilson

    I am very interested in future Mentor lawsuits as well. I was implanted with Mentor Siltex gel silicone implants and was told they do not leak because they are the gummy bear type of implants. I ended up becoming very sick and found out the implant did indeed leak not only into my scar capsule but outside and into my lymph nodes and completely displaced 4 nodes. I had explant surgery and still have the leaked gummy bear implant held at the hospital as proof. Also had my lymph nodes removed but I still test positive for autoimmune markers and various health issues. I have a long horrible story with various surgeries and permanent health issues and would love to know if there was a class action suit. I live in Los Angeles.

  159. Linda Springer

    I had silicone implants done two years ago my fatigue is insane with shortness of breath muscle pain and weakness joint pain . I know it’s my implants I want them out yesterday and cannot afford it , but cannot afford not to get them out !

    1. Kristina

      There is a company that helps with the cost of explant. Google explant assistance program. Also, my insurance company paid for the en bloc as well as the explant. Have your plastic surgeon submit the claim to your insurance company. It’s very likely they will cover the cost. Mine covered -00%. I’m 3 days out of the explant surgery after 25 years of silicone implants. Thank god they are GONE.

  160. Susan Barren

    I believe my implants are made by Mentor and they are over 10 yrs old and I’m getting very sick and would like more information about this possible law suit. My Dr is not being helpful at all. His office is not returning my call after I was told they no longer take insurance.

  161. Carol

    Hi Nicole how can we become part of the lawsuit? Is that for Saline Mentor implants as well?

    Thanks, Carol

    1. admin Post author

      Come to the facebook group for Breast Implant Lawsuits, there are currently three ladies with Mentor silicone implants that have cases underway. There is another case for Allergan Saline underway. So far no cases for Mentor saline but there is a group for Mentor saline that you should join. Nicole

  162. Ana-Lisa Smith

    I have Mentor, and I am an RN- not only have I suffered with pain, but became disabled. I have been diagnosed with MS, Fibro, Lupus, CFS- Hyperkyphosos, emphysema. I did not sign up for this and I ha e suffered for 25 years- I want them removed. Autoimmune illnesses I believe are being caused by these implants? FDA announced in 2017/ all are killing women? Why is no one doing anything? I would like to share my story. Tell IT TO THE WORLD.

    1. Sarah

      Hi Ana-Lisa,
      It’s all about the almighty dollar! Peoples lives and suffering don’t matter! Imagine if the cosmetic surgery industry admitted that these implants were toxic , how much money they would stand to lose! It’s disgusting how they can put money ahead of peoples health and well-being! I am having mine taken out next month and absolutely can’t wait to have these toxic bags out! I have been suffering from 5 to 6 years with multiple symptoms that affect my quality of life severely. I hope that you are able to remove yours and feel better! Keeping you in my prayers along with all the other women have an issues. Take care yourself!

  163. Haley Hunt

    My daughter had the Mentor memory gel implants put in on 2/5/16. She became deathly sick and we had every test ran known to man with no diagnosis. She explanted on 3/30/17 and has had remarkable improvement in just 4 days. She lost an entire year of her life at the age of 23 due to the Mentor Memorygel implants. We want to be involved in a class action lawsuit too.

  164. Judith capozi

    Yes I’m having a lot of issues since 2012 when I was implanted scheduled to be explanted may 2017 blood work not good

  165. Miriam

    I’ve had Mentor smooth round saline implants. First set in 1993, second in 2003. Since then I’ve had weight gain, ankle/leg swelling, hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, now Lyme’s and the list goes on.

  166. Tamra Devine

    I would long to have a. lawyer call me. I definitely have silicone leakage and health problems because of it.
    When I went back to the plastic surgion to tell him about my problems, he just looked at me and said “well there still pretty.”
    Please email me with a phone number of someone I can consult with about this.

  167. Annie Coleman

    I got implants in 2005 they were suppose to be saline come to find out there’s silicone on the outside I can feel my health declining had to mammograms because they found a lump and then they found protein deposits I don’t know what to do I’m sick to my stomach now I feel like I’m slowly dieing from toxic chemicals I just don’t feel like normal I’m 38 and should not feel like this please help I have no insurance an scared

  168. Diana

    Please let me know any development, my implants were done in Dec 2014
    Since that time I’m need experience hardenest of my breast and lots of pain…..
    And some other issues
    Don’t remember rigth now but I do have all the info of my implants

  169. Barbara Tolar

    Please add me to your list of those you are keeping informed regarding justice for illness brought on by implants. I got my implants in 2015 they ruptured in June 2016. I called a local doctor and my insurance company and they will not remove them because it is a pre-existing condition/cosmetic. Therefore I have to come up with the full amount of the surgery. My health is starting to decline. I got my mammogram today and hoping to have the surgery within the next couple of months.

  170. Kristen Drake

    I’ve been concerned about my health and have wondered over the years if I’m being poisoned. I had cohesive gel implants in 2004. As I look back on my timeline I pinpointed about when my cognitive functioning started to fail and now I’m mentally diagnosed with cognitive diseases. Could it be the implants? How can I prove that? I’m scared.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kristen,
      Yes it is your breast implants and cognition issues are one of the first symptoms to show up.

  171. Kristen

    Hi ,
    I’m so thankful that I found this site. I have had saline implants going on 15yrs. My hair is falling out, my eyes look dry and yellow, my head is pounding, my hands and feet are cold and my body has shocks running though it daily! I’m a full-time student at 44yr and work full-time as an LMT. I thought I was just tired from my plate being full. I fall asleep while cooking, driving, cleaning, and studying! I have struggled for years with massive headaches and nauseated feeling.
    I got the implants because I had tubular breast and had a MVA at age 16 that left me with horrible scars. I WANT THESE OUT today!! I’m failing my college courses, I’m tired all the time, debilitating tired! To top it off I’m severely allergic to penicillin: I feel like I’m going blind! I clear my throat daily. Right after the implants where put in I got a horrible infection in the right breast, while at the ER in 2005 the doctor that put my implants in didn’t care that I had an infection and told the ER to just give me some antibiotics and send me home!! Please help me get help. I will have them removed ASAP. I want my life

  172. Linda Barbano

    I, too, was misinformed by my surgeon. He told me they were safe and no harm could come from the saline implants unlike the silicone. In the end of 2002 they went in and one leaked. Out in 2007 it’s was killing me.

  173. Erica

    I have a Mentor saline implant and either the valve broke or implant broke, don’t know but I have seen two plastic surgeons that need 17,000 to fix. I don’t qualify for any loans but I have an ND who told the Drs I have extreme pain in my one breast and arm and can’t even lift my arm up. I feel exhausted and now getting depressed. Do I qualify to be in the lawsuit or do I jest keep getting sicker.

  174. Heather

    I had an uplift in 2006 and didn’t want implants but was told by my surgeon that he couldn’t do the uplift unless I had an implant so I went ahead with the smallest size just to get the surgery done. Since then I have had so many health problems and am now very ill. The implant in my left breast appears to have ruptured and is very painful. I am due to meet with a surgeon tomorrow to schedule an enbloc explant. I don’t know the make of implant and my original surgeon is no longer practicing so not sure if I can even follow this up. I do feel that the more women who stand up and make a fuss the more likely things will change – unfortunately it is always financial pressure which has the most effect. Therefore I will be following your advice incase it does become possible to take this to court further down the line. Many thanks for setting up this website and helping others the way you do – I got the surgeon’s name from your list of recommended explant surgeons in the UK. I hope she will be able to help me.

  175. Leah Neitermayer

    I have been chronically ill since having silicone implants in 2007. I’ve been seen by numerous specialist and have had to stop working in the medical field due to my chronic cough and fatigue. Need explant/ insurance won’t cover.. Please advise

  176. Lara

    I most likely will have the dr who did the implantation take mine out. I am having a hard time finding a good explant dr in the knoxville, TN area. How do I go about getting my implants from the dr after explant? Are there any laws stating that I have a right to them if dr doesn’t want to give them to me? I have myself binded with ace bandages due to sudden severe pain in right breast. Can’t lift arm without excruciating pain. I called health insurance. I told them I can’t sleep, drive, lift arm due to this pain. I was surprised that they said it is still cosmetic surgery to have implants out.

  177. Ana

    I have Mentor cohesive gel implants. I hurt constantly. I’m saving for explant surgery now! Any advice would be welcome on how to manage my pain and/or legal advice.

    Thank you!

    1. Kristen Drake

      I have the same type of implants done 2004. Since then I have had so many health concerns and recently I’ve been diagnosed with several cognitive disorders that I didn’t suffer from prior to implant. Symptoms didn’t start until about 4 years later and got so progressivd in the last 8 years or so that I feel I’m being poisoned. I’m so scared want them out

  178. laura

    Since receiving my Allergan 410 style “gummy bear” implants in 2003, I have been diagnosed with Lupus and most recently Fibromyalgia. I was actually apart of the canadian study that Approved the sale of the Gummy bear implants in the US. There’s irony for you. I made a list for my neurologist, whom I have an appointment on march 24th. We are trying to rule out MS. But after reading all of this i’m pretty convinced that Breast Implant illness is my issue.
    i’m angry because these implants were suggested to me by my PS. I was convinced they were safe because of they’re butter saline shell. That if it was to bleed, it would bleed into the barrier. I chose these implants over the saline because i was made to feel that these were they best option for me. As a single mom of two kids who has lost years from being sick and exhausted and most recently, the past two years not even being able to tolerate sun on my skin… I’m sick to my stomach that I did this to myself.

    are there any pending law suits for Allergan implants? Or for those apart of the Study?
    Thank you,

  179. Dawna Stafford

    I am on a fixed income. I must withdraw money from my mutual funds to pay for the explanation procedure. I have no idea the brand of my implants. They were placed in 1980. I recall the surgeon telling me the implants were a combination of saline and silicone. I’m quite ill, with issues possibly related to my deteriorating implants. I have no option, other than self pay. My insurance (HMO) will not cover the cost of a “cosmetic” procedure. It’s NOT cosmetic. I’m trying to save my life!!

  180. Pamela Meyers

    I am writing you to ask for some assistance legally to find out if I have a case. I had a ruptured implant by mentor and was in my body for quite some time . 2 weeks ago I had a newport beach surgeon replace the Implant but I am still feeling sick and feel like I may still have toxins from this in my body. I want to know if there is blood tests that can reveal toxins from Implants as well as other possible toxins to see if I have a case
    I would like to talk more on this matter

    thanks you Pamela Meyers

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Pamela,
      There are tests to measure heavy metals in tissues such as hair tests and other tissues. My best advice is to speak to or see a toxicologist about how to approach testing for legal purposes. I removed your phone number but will email you. Nicole

  181. Joni

    I have mentor implants, that are asymmetrical diff sizes but apparently “within normal asymmetry range”. I disclosed to my surgeon I had discoid lupus when asked about my medical history. When reading my implant booklet received after my op I was horrified to read under contraindications that the implants should not be used in patients with any form of lupus!!! is this even allowed??

  182. Greta Witcher

    I had breast reconstruction with Smooth Round High Profile Gel implants in 2011. Within a year or so I had fibromyalgia symptoms and have since been diagnosed. I have not really felt well since and have experienced a deterioration in my general health. I had a hematoma repair a week after placement and a fat grafting revision in 2015 because of rippling attributed to weight loss. I also have post mastectomy pain syndrome. My Plastic surgeon insists that mine are safe devices and has never recommended any lab testing or imaging. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Greta,
      Please come to the facebook group as many of your mastectomy sisters are in the facebook group and they are explanting and getting their health and life back. Nicole

  183. Private

    I have silicone implants. They have ruptured. Since I got them in 2008, I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, generalized anxiety disorder, major depression, and I have hundreds of small nodules under my skin throughout my body, especially in my upper body/arms. I just discovered this site by accident. It is an absolute miracle that I found this and that I finally have hope for getting my life back. Sometimes I can’t even get out of bed. This is a HORRIBLE situation, and I am so grateful to find out that there is something I can do about it.

  184. Marcy

    I have Mentor memory gel implants since 10/15. I have been sick ever since and its just getting worse. I am interested in following this info and will do whatever I can to help.

    I am having these explanted in April. CAN”T WAIT!

  185. Linda Davidson

    I knew this was going to happen! About 40 years ago after my breast implants were put I started having itching on the breast that scratching did not help, it was like an allergic reaction, I never thought about the implant, overt the years I developed severe health issues which ended up being caused by my implants, they ruptured and were leaking and I didn’t even know that until I had them removed! I thought I was going to die with all the health issues and was part of the class action law suit with thousands of other women going through the same thing! We were lied to, corrupt judges lied and I’m sure got paid off to do so, they supposedly did their own research and ruled in favor of the implant manufacturers, the whole system lied, they knew we were sick and didn’t care, I was diagnosed with Connective Tissue disease, I got my part, $38,000 which didn’t even cover all of the money I spent going from doctor to doctor to find out what was wrong with me, my kidneys were involved, brain, heart, and suffered from severe pain! Reading this makes me want to take them back to court! I got screwed in my lawsuit and I knew as soon as they put them back on the market it was going to happen again!!! These things are deadly, if feel certain if mine had not been removed I would have died, I was told the are safe and will not rupture, another lie! Please spread the word to other women, they are probably sick and haven’t even thought of these implants being the problem!

  186. Sarah Dane-Riske

    Saline implants in 2002 with no history of significant health issues. Health declined severely in 2010. Rashes, body aches, muscle weakness, headaches, extreme fatigue, memory fog, nausea and increased inflammatory markers lead physicians to work me up for Lupus. Years later I still do not have a diagnosis. I’ve had to quit one job and am trying desperately to keep my other one. I’ve gone from averaging 50 hour work weeks with an active life to having days I can barely get out of bed. My explant date is 2/16/17.
    It is time we stand together and work towards our pharmaceutical companies and physicians put our health before their wallets.

    1. Linda Davidson

      Me too! Everything your describing! I had a positive ANA and all of the symptoms of Lupus! This is the same exact things all of us women were experiencing!

      1. Lara

        I just stumbled on this site looking for an explant doctor. In the last week my right breast implant has become so painful I can barely lift my arm. I got my saline implants in 2003. Now, I am putting all these years of medical pain and anguish together. It started about 2 years after my implant surgery when slowly everything went to “hell”. Now, I have more than 10 autoimmune diseases and was just diagnosed with Lupus last August. How nice it would have been to know ahead of time, that these two killing bags would destroy my life. I had no medical warnings from the doctor that there was any evidence that implants were harmful. NONE!

        Now, I do weekly treatments at home with needles to put donor immune system into myself since I can not fight germs on my own anymore. My thyroid decided to turn into Hasimoto’s Hypothyroidism and slow my metabolism down so I would gain more weight than I ever have had in my whole life. Lupus, Depression, Carpal tunnel, Restless leg syndrome, Asthma, Pleurisy, IGG immune disorder (P.I.D.D), Muscle spasms, TMJ, Chronic fatigue, Osteoarthritis, Interstitial cystitis, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr, Disc Degeneration, Spinal Herniations, Spinal Stenosis, Adenomyosis and cystic ovaries are just some of what I have dealt with. Some of my problems haven’t all been from implants but added to the list, I sure could’ve done without the lump sum of what the implants have added.

        After years of having a painful capsulated left breast, I am now out of nowhere dealing with this right sided pain that is going into my ribcage. After my third child, I lost so much weight that I ended up with a size A cup. Compared to what I had before kids, that was very tiny. Looking back, NOTHING is worth what my life has become. All these illnesses has changed my marriage and how I was able to be a mother. Autoimmune diseases can look hidden, so I deal with others who think I have nothing wrong with me, except that I am looking for attention. I won’t stoop so low to shove my blood work in their face. Everyone is different and their bodies react differently. If I had a doctor give me ALL the details and be honest, I might have rethought my decision. I was someone who had a tendency to be more fragile than others. I knew this. My doctor didn’t and probably wouldn’t have cared either way. I went back recently to find out how much it was to get them out. He led me to believe that he could just puncture them & my body would absorb the saline. We could just leave the implant in. That was $250. However, he was pushing toward removing & putting in new. Which I was adamantly against. His other push was a $6,000 removal and lift. So, unfortunately…we are not people with lives that matter to some of these doctors. We are just names on their expensive boats, or their mortgage payments. In essence, we are just cattle bringing in the money. There is no thought to any of our pain, or life changes that these implants make. Without knowing ALL the details in order to make an educated decision, we are left to make an emotional decision. The only thing in the doctor’s office that gives us any choice toward our decision is that HUGE mirror they ask us to stand in front of with our shirt off. Going home with that image in our head, again, with all the “new me” options gets us excited and we make an uninformed emotional cosmetic decision. However, No one tells us the real truth is, it’s a medical decision that can change our life forever as we know it. If we only knew the truth…

  187. Gail

    I have been going thru hell since 2008! I had cancer & my surgeon talked me into silicone implants by mentor. I am in constant pain & am disfigured. It is 2017 & I found a recommended surgeon & he tells me I have capsular contracture & extensive scarring & he said we will be able to tell more when we get in there. I want to know if there is a current lawsuit against Mentor. Thanks so much, Gail

  188. Marilyn J. McKenzie-Kelton

    My 27 years old MCGHAN textured silicone envelopes, filled with 500 cc of silicone gel were removed, Enbloc on 01/25/17, by Ed Melmed, Dallas TX. I have disgusting, nasty implants in 2 plastic containers in my refrigerator. Dr.Melmed says that the silicone envelopes have melted into the calcified scar tissue ball, surrounding each implant. He gave them to me whole, because if he snipped through scar tissue shell. Sticky guey silicone jel would of run all over his office table! I’m interested in Lawsuit. Medicare refuses to pay 80%, so far. I’m Appealing! My surgery was definitely:”medically necessary” I’ve had to take prescribed 15 mgs of Oxycodone, 3 × day, for past 15 years to keep my pain level at 5 instead of 10. I was put on SS.Disability January 2003, because of extreme chronic muscle & joint pain. I grew allergic to night shade vege & fruit plant foods. I grew allergic to all foods, like all nuts, spinach, cranberries, avocados, blueberries, seeds like Flax & Chia, etc. My favorite foods! I divorced my devoted husband of 20 years, February 6, 1991, left my adult kids & grandkids, friends & Family, ALL living in Tampa, FL to move to Arkansas Ozarks to hide & die! I was a certified Personal health & exercise consultation, but too embarrassed and I’ll to let clients & family see me, in such miserable pain! Many test, many doctors could give me a for sure diagnosis! 09/28/16, I asked Google, “Do women with Breast Implants have pain?” and found 1,000 in closed to public Facebook groups. I was very happy to learn the truth about Breast Implants, but scared! I researched list of surgeons, found Dr.Melmed, then investigated him. For years. He hasn’t put implants in, only removes them! He was for me! We had to borrow $8,000. & travel in our old Van. 10 hours to Dallas. TX. & stayed 3 nights in Hotels. Very expensive surgery, but worth every dollar! All my BII disappeared, as soon as my poisonous implants were off my chest! That was 7 days ago & today I feel 33 instead of 73! No more pain, no more Oxycontin/Oxycodone! I see my Primary Care physician 02/02/17 to show him my nasty implants and tell him I’m drug free @ age 73! Dr. Taylor has been treating my inflammation/pain for 8 years! He could never fine cause of my pain. I showed him testimonials from other women with my same pain. He said, but FDA approved breast implants as SAFE. I said, we are being lied to! I’m teaching him with “SHOW & TELL”. tomorrow!

      1. Carolyn Simpson

        I need to find a surgeon in Philadelphia or new jersey who will do an en bloc procedure and work with me on medicare. I have 40 year old ruptured calcified implants and very little money. I need help

    1. Tracey de Vries

      Bravo indeed!! It is just so mind boggling that we the victims have to do this show and tell to make the basterds believe us and put all the dots together! My GP doctor apologized to me, after I can to him with all the evidence and my research about Breast Implant Illness and then looked back at my history of what I was telling him and it finally made sense to him!! We need to make these doctors more aware that this is happening to sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many women. So that when a woman with implants presents herself they don’t waste precious time in diagnosis!!~ so glad you are doing well now Marilyn, did your food allergies go away too??

  189. michelle landry

    i am writing looking for representation for breast implant illness. i have mentor in 2002 but had them replaced due to them hardening and painful and disfigured. i replaced with natrelle silicone in 2009. i have had health issues since first implant. i continued to get worse every year not knowing why. i have had severe autoimmune symptoms . i have been on steroids , methotrexate , steroids , breathing medications and much more for years. i researched breast implant illness through an acquaintance. i
    realized after researching i had every symptoms and more. i found a dr. to remove them because i felt like i was dying a slow death. many of my days were bedridden, i lost my life , my fiance my home , my job because of this severe illness . no dr. every told me i would get sick and become bedridden. sorry my writing is not grammatically correct .

  190. Lauri

    I am very interested in seeing where this suit against Mentor Worldwide LLC goes. I had breast augmentation in 2010 and I too have Mentor Memory Gel Silicone breast implants. Three months post surgery I had a severe capsular contraction and had to have another surgery. I have been experiencing a whole host of health/medical issues over the last 4 years and have spent thousands of dollars on therapies, meds, and even neck surgery. No one seemed to have the answer. I self diagnosed with Breast Implant Illness when I stumbled upon a website. Now, I plan to have an explant as soon as possible and I am beside myself thinking about having to now pay for this. I will have about $20,000 in this mess by the time I start trying to get my health back. I keep having the thought….they should be sued for this!

  191. Kellye Moses

    Interested. Mine are from 2002. I recently called them to ask about the registry. I was in the study. They said they threw all of their records away prior to 2006.

  192. Lindsey Hagood Higgins

    Yes, I am interested, as I just had reconstructive surgery, capseltomy masectomy and implants, Mentor Double Lumen were ruptured. Explains why I have been sick off and on for the past decade and most recently last 3 years. Mammograms kept coming back abnormnal with cells growing. Had a field day with me. Most stress I have had in my life. Has taken me away from work, chronic ear infections, constantly muscular pain that has subsided, every time I get bit by a bug, I get very ill.

    Surgery went well, as I had them removed last week. I instantly felt better and then when they told me they were ruptured, but contained, I cried. WE all know that it touched the skin, leaked into my arm pit, the one leaked out so bad, I woke up one morning with skin just hanging in my arm pit .

    I have insurance, but not out of network. That is an entire different issue in itself.

    Thanks for your help in this matter. I am not on facebook, so any website or emails you can send me would greatly be appreciated :)! Thank you in advance, Lindsey H Higgins

  193. ShAnnon estes

    I am going to have surgery in February due to rupture of Mentor memory gel silicone implant. I would like more info on lawsuit please.

  194. Nikki Breaux

    I have my 3rd set of Mentor breast implants being my right side ruptured twice. I am very unhappy with the ones I have now. I have green and yellow nipple discharge as well as thick white pus coming out my incision that is more than a year old. I want my implants removed as soon as I can find a competent surgeon.

  195. Bridgett

    In 1995 I received Mentor textured implants. I went from doctor to doctor and 20 years later after, numerous autoimmune diseases later I find out . The doctors kept telling me that my problems, symptoms were not the implants and would attribute the problems to everything else. 10/10/2016 I was explanted .
    Still struggling with doctors, trying to find a lawyer or firm. I would so greatly appreciate suggestions. My family has been helping me. This is a constant struggle doctors do not want to help. Any suggestions

  196. Tonnie Trotter

    My mother has McGhan silicone breast implants. Recently diagnosed with BIA-ALCL,S which is a very rare and very fast growing cancer. She has been very depressed since getting them, thinking this whole time the depression was from other circumstances. Recently the right breast implant was removed with a mass the same size. I can not begin to tell you all the horrible things she has been through since May 2016.


    I have the memory gel implants & I have at least 1/2 of the symptons you’ve provided. Mine were implanted in 2007. If there is a law suit, I want in on it. I don;t know about explanting, I’m on a fixed income.
    I also have a floating bubble in my left breast, and the right one I feel ripples in the outline.


    I’ve had Mentor memory Gel Implants 12/19/2007, 325cc’s,I only have one product ID#1314194,left serial#5740008-029, right ser#5740008-010 by Dr. Donald Kress in Fredericksburg , MD.
    Memory Gel Silicone. My left breast causes pain every once in a while, recently I had an mri of them, radiologist said everything a ok, but I saw left side perfect circle, right side looked like a hanging figure 8.
    I would be very interested in anything that comes up due to Mentor’s and Dr.’s neglence.

  199. Angela Lewis

    I had breast augmentation with mastopexy in May of 2015. I have had major complications and 3 surgeries later I am still having issues. I have had infections, severe pain etc. I need a 4th surgery to fix the capsular contracture sin both breast but I refuse to let my PS lay another hand on me and I don’t have the money to pay someone else. I have been researching things and want to get the word out to other women on how dangerous these implants can be.

  200. Anita Swanson

    I got mentor memory gel silicone implants in 2008 and have been sick for years . I want to be added to a class action law suite if there’s one .

  201. Tracey mcreynolds

    I am having a lot of health issues that I have recently found could be linked to my saline implants. I originally had the surgery 20 years ago, but have had two additional surgeries, one implant completely deflated, had tge replacement surgery and maybe over year later had one slowly leaking. Over the last 4-5 years I have had number of issues, have had hot flashes, night sweats, pain terrible back pain, stomach issues sleep issues menstrual cycle ect, over the last 2 1/2 years they’ve gotten worse, my dr was giving me over counter hot flash meds to help but they didn’t August of 2014 dr did test to see if I was in prementapause and tested thyroid, test only showed my adrenal glands were depleted by half. About year ago my thyroid gland has inflamed and pushing pressure at front of throat, making it difficult to swallow, my voice has changed and throat hurts constantly, I have not had a period in over a year, the back pain is extreme, hot flashes insane, just yesterday had one about every 20 minutes, they are brutal, exhausting and taking over my life, my implants feel weird also the inner sides of both just feel like air, I experience a lot of dull pain. This has taken over my existence and made it so I sometimes don’t want to continue my miserable life, I need some guidance , thank you tracry

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tracey,
      You need to explant those toxic breast implants and detox and you will recover over a period of months and even a couple years. Nicole

  202. Laurie Lacour

    I’ve been sick for years found out my implants were ruptured had them changed Dr said they can’t make u sick so had saline put in I have a list of health issues and found research on breast implant illness so had them explanted May 2015. I’m better but still really sick. Sometimes I think I’m dying. Is there any law suites going on now. I’m disable and loss my job because of being so sick. Please someone let me know if u know of any help

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Laurie,
      Was your explant proper – meaning did all capsule tissue get removed and was the silicone cleaned up as much as possible from your chest. Were your lymph nodes checked for silicone? If one or two of them are gunked up they may need to be removed. Sometimes low grade bacterial infections are present in the lymph in ladies that have had ruptured silicone implants. Almost all ladies have fungus infections that need antifungal/low mycotoxin diets and natural and prescription antifungals in order to feel better. Low Dose Naltrexone is a godsend for some ladies suffering from autoimmune responses and symptoms in the body due to silicone. Can you get a doctor to try you on Low Dose Naltrexone, start on a very low dose and work your way up. Heal your gut with gut healing regimes to ensure your systems of detoxification are working. Follow the guidelines on the Detoxification page of this website. Nicole

  203. Sara Haggard

    I have had Mentor saline implants since 2008. My hair started falling out 6 mo later and I had no energy. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2010 and have been on medication for that ever since. I can hardly get out of bed lately and have many of the symptoms described. I live in WA state and want to be part of this lawsuit!
    I was just introduced to this website today by my sister who also has implants and is very sick. I’m going to begin researching a surgeon for explantation.
    Thank you so much for creating this site.

  204. Stephanie

    I would appreciate if someone could please contact me. I had allergan natrelle implants put in 2015. I have had nothing but problems since. I am 47 years old with unexplained vertigo, ringing in the ears, brain fog and the list goes on. I went to see another plastic surgeon for 2nd opinion and was told that both were failed. I had been going to the surgeon that placed them and telling him they were hurting me and he said I needed to continue massaging them. Well that is not the case they both are capsular contractures… I had this surgery are double mastectomy.

  205. Cathy

    I am having an explant on 12/28/16. My mastectomy surgeon asked me at my last sono visit with him about how my auto immunes were doing. By the end of me telling him he suggested removal. I found a different plastic surgeon from my original who said ” I am starting to turn my head. I can’t begin to tell you how many women this past year I removed the implants who have the same problems as you. Give it another tens years and I believe there will be something else come up”. My primary this past Thursday when I went for surgery clearance said ” we spoke about this two years ago and your surgeons all said no they weren’t the cause. Unreal”. He also said ” I always wondered how the FDA years ago stopped them and then it was ok. Never could figure out what they changed as I don’t think anything but yet now there ok”. Live on LI and found someone on our side. 11 1/2 hour surgery being done as a Diep C tissue transfer. He doesn’t agree with the Tram Flap. Said “why would anyone remove your abdominal muscles. Doesn’t make sense”. He is a Micro surgeon Plastic Surgeon triple board certified. We are going to call the NY lawyer you posted after all this. Thank you.

  206. Mary G.

    Please add me to the list. Saline implants were the worst mistake I ever made. Implanted in 2004, corrected in 2005, explanted in 2009. … still suffering!

  207. Michelle Girven

    My daughter has Mentor silicone gel implant 11/12 explant 12/2016. Autoimmune disease symptoms began 2013. Diagnosed CNS vasculitis w possible systemic disease in 2015.

    I’d like to keep up to date on legal issues for her. She’s a military wife with two young sons. I can concentrate on this for her. Thanks so much for keeping this site so women are aware of what’s going on.


  208. Elizabeth Taylor

    In November of 2014, I had Mentor Smooth Round High Profile Saline implants placed in both breast. the Breast implant size is 420cc with the final fill volume extended to 450cc. In the pat 6 months, I have developed fatigue, muscle aches, bone pain, and joint pain, raynauds syndrome, and have been recently diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. I have had since the beginning in and around my breast, swelling, burning, hot to touch, and painful discomfort. so much so that wearing a loose fitting bra can be very painful. I am looking for help and guidance on legal and medical options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  209. Veronica Wadman

    I was a very active healthy person before my implants in 2008. About a year following the implants my health started declining. I have been sent to many doctors and paid thousands for tests since then. About five years ago I couldn’t even get out of bed all while trying to raise 2 children on my own. My work downgraded me in my position because I was missing alot of work. My doctor tried several different medications and finally put me on one that has helped to manage but I continue to have new health issues. I wish I would have seen this post years ago. If I don’t take the medication… I am miserable stuck in bed. I will pursue having them removed.

  210. Victoria Brown

    I am more than willing to join this group. Please keep me informed about what to do to join this fight. I explanted in October after 33 years.

  211. Melissa

    When I had my surgery done in 2008, my surgeon had me sign up for Mentor’s memory gel study (a ten year study with survey on my health-sent to me every year). They stopped sending them about 2 years ago, and sent a letter saying that they didn’t need the data anymore. I think I am ok, however, I have been getting chest pain on my left side that I have been told is anxiety and stress related. Sometimes it is severe, and it is scary, and I never thought it could be implant related; I thought it was more heart/stress related. Not sure how to bring this up to my Family Doctor so that he will understand or take me seriously; I cannot afford to pay for any surgeries right now!

  212. Sherry L Daly

    My name is Sherry. I do not have breast implants but instead have a one of a kind shoulder implant due to having cancer as a kid. I had Osteo Sarcoma. I,have been very sick ever since they put the implant in around 25 years after surviving the cancer. I had been healthy up until the implant. Not long after the implant I woke up feeling as if I had a giant ace bandage wrapped around my torso. I was then diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I have since had one major illness after another and my feet and legs are turning black and I suffer from horrible nerve pain. I know my body and know this implant is literally killing me slowly and horribly . it is a very long and excrusiating death. Please help me if you can, I can’t get anyone to listen or believe me.

  213. Terri Covi

    I had McGhann (inamed) implants inserted by Dr. Chan , Northern California, USA 1993-1994. I was diagnosed February 2016 with ALCL (anaplastic large cell lymphoma) and have had both implants removed; the left on December 2015, the right on November 2016. My prognosis with ALCL, given at diagnosis following pathology results in February 2016, was 2-3 years. I have had aggressive chemotherapy and radiation since diagnosis.

  214. Mary Fishburn

    I had Heyer Schulte implants put in 1979, I got very sick. I developed Hashimotos and severe fatigue. I explanted January 26, 2016. Dr Blais, examined my saline implants. His findings were the smooth texture had become like textured, MRSA infection and that my implant had been discontinued 2 yrs before I was implanted. I also has aspergillus Niger and another mold growing on them. I believe this is a case for a lawsuit.

  215. Shantishea

    Have positive ANA & RF but not lupus. Had silicone implants from double mastectomy in 2012. I believe my implants may bekilling me

  216. Vicki Dougherty

    I recently had my breast implants replaced and was informed by the surgeon that both of the implants he removed were ruptured and caused significant damage. I have had many issues over the past six years and I believe that all of these medical concerns are a direct result of the ruptured implants. I am having a hard time finding an attorney to help me get paid for my financial struggles with all of these medical problems. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

  217. Lisa Louise

    Interested in more info concerning lawsuits regarding implants! I have short term memory loss, brain fog, heart palpitations, dry eyes, hair loss, etc! I want them out!

  218. Susan

    I am very interested in more information regarding this lawsuit. My daughter is very ill and I am trying to be her strength now as she makes the decision to explant these implants that are poisoning her.

  219. Jennifer

    I am just like the lady that has the lawsuit in Seattle. Mentor Memory Gel implants, was suppose to be a part of a study but have never heard from Mentor in the past 4 years since I have implanted. I am very ill and in the process of getting everything checked out. I want to be sure and do things the right way to prepare for sewing them myself! Please tell me what I need to do. I am going to the plastic surgeon tomorrow that placed them and I’m not sure he can be trusted.

  220. Sandy Rice

    Would like to file a lawsuit. Primary physician diagnosed bilateral breast implants as a problem on the problem list 21-64 back in 2009. This problem was never spoke of, nor did I receive any treatment or further diagnostic testing for that suspected problem. Since then I have been to 67 specialty appointments in the last 3 years. A second physician from the same office took over my file and never addressed the issue either as I was being seen for chest pain and breast implant noises. I became disabled in 2007 and have had to have a hysterectomy with ovaries removed. I still can’t get my Drs to discuss breast implant illness as a possibility for my illnesses as it is listed in my medical records under problems.

  221. Connie Bond

    I have been hoping and praying this day would finally come! I have been seriously ill with a myriad of documented illnesses since I received Allergan Silicone implants
    7 years ago for breast reconstruction due to breast cancer; otherwise I was perfectly healthy. My explantation was 3 years ago. I have drained so much time, energy, money; in trying to fight this illness; the roadblocks to receiving treatment being the medical profession refusing to believe that these lmplants are making women sick. I feel I, along with all women affected deserve financial compensation but have been unable to find a lawfirm to take on the case. This is very much like things like asbestos, agent orange, “gulf war syndrome” making people sick for years and the government agencies refusing to acknowledge it. I want to be a part of this

  222. Dawn

    I just found out that my right breast implant is leaking, I do not know how long it has been leaking. Mine was put in August 2010 due to Breast Cancer. How do I join the lawsuit?

  223. Karen Mihacsi

    Hello again, wanted to add more of my illnesses since getting Gummy bear Mentor Silicone Implants in 2009. After getting my implants in, I never had another period since. It put me in menopause immediately with terrible hot flashes. I was only 44 yrs old. Before I had implants I was very healthy. Since having them for 7 years (getting them out tomorrow Dr. Feng) I have had 4 spine surgeries, thyroid cancer removal of right lobe, joint pain, swollen joints, fatigue, numbness, chronic Lyme disease, and degenerate spine disease, blurred vision problems and left side facial paralysis.
    My life has been destroyed by these things and can’t wait to get them out. My surgeon that put them in actually said they highly approved, better than any other implant and I never needed to replace them, that they were life time. I found out different. PLEASE ADD ME TO ANY LAWSUIT OR WEBSITES TO HELP OTHER WOMEN.

  224. Karen Mihacsi

    I have Mentor Gel Implants and I’m very sick. I having them removed tomorrow Nov. 7 2016. I have getting sicker ever since they were put in however I didn’t connect the dots together thinking it was the implants but have been informed it is. I now have chronic Lyme disease, degenerated spine disease and chronic fatigue.

  225. Tracy

    I had my Mentor silicone gel implants explanted today. There was substantial tissue damage to note. I have been suffering symptoms of BII for the past 6 years with my condition continuously worsening. I am thankful that I was able to have the poisonous sacs removed from my body and am praying for improvement of my health issues.

  226. Julie Darden

    I am not able to even work anymore. FIBROMYALGIA, reumatoid, inflammation of nerves , veins, hair loss, insomnia, joint pain, fatigue, blurred vision, foot pain, stage 4 capsular contracture, pain, knots, depression, lust goes on!!

  227. Beverly

    need silicone implants removed due to rupture. Surgery scheduled for 2 weeks from today.Mentor is covering $3500, but surgery will total approx $7000. Just got letter from insurance, and they will not cover cost. Is there a class action lawsuit that I can join? I do not have the money for the surgery, but I know implants are making me sick.

  228. Mike

    Health canada and parliament are lacking a lot of stuff 1 being they were warned in 2011 January by the FDA as to the actual outcome from the tests they performed and plastic surgeons were aware of the implant but neglected to tell patients as this is a billion dollar industry. The government collects millions a year thus hush it up simple bs .

  229. Patty L Hubbard

    im sick with these things and they are mentor. they said they were safe , i had a child with these things in me, and breast feed him, someone need to do a study on the children of this disaster and see if there is silicone in them……

  230. Robin Jenson

    I recently had my 1991 Mentor silicone implants removed & surgeon left behind a lot of silicone that has made very ill. Im scheduled to get more surgery soon to remove remaining silicone. I now have Raynaud’s disease, lymphedema in both legs from so mych inflammation, I’m seeing a rhumetologist in November to see if I have RA or some other autoimmune disease & I can’t work my normal hours bc of all the pain, my eyesight has also drastically declined. I was involved & received a check from the class act lawsuit in the 90’s but only excepted bc I wasn’t ill at the time & law firm told me it would be all that would ever be available so take it & if I’d opted out they said nothing more would ever be paid out even if I became ill. The silicone is the only thing that could’ve made me ill as I was very active & healthy until I had them removed & one must’ve broke while taking out & the silicone left behind that ct scan showed is making me very ill! Since I received a check in the 90’s for a small amt. does that mean I can’t still hold Mentor liable for the toxin left in my body that’s made me sick? Wonder what happens to the baby’s that were breast fed w/implanted moms like I did? I’d never forgive myself if my now 24 year old son turns out to have illness related to my bad decision!

    1. Jamie

      I think in this case, you would be suing the surgeon that took out the implants causing the rupture, NOT the manufacturer. I would speak with an Attorney ASAP as you might run into a statute problem otherwise. I know in NYS SOL for filing a medical malpractice case is 2.5 years, but the SOL is different for each individual state. Again I would urge you to speak with an Attorney ASAP.

  231. Brandice75

    Curious about a couple of details I didn’t see in this page or on the main intro page – saline implants are encased in a silicone shell, although filled with a saline solution – are they being addressed as dangerous, too? Is this in Web page in reference to all silicone implants, regardless, or only the Memory gel silicone implants, or Cohesive Gel implants?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Brandice,
      All to the profound ill health affects also come from saline implants too. Further, saline tend to get colonized with microorganisms that produce dangerous biotoxins. Nicole

  232. Linda Hernandez

    I have a Mentor implant. It is saline and was put in 2004 after breast cancer surgery removing my left breast. Now I am having complications. Limited arm and hand movement. Muscle pains. Bloating. Shoulder,back, and neck pain. Lost my job. I just feel like killing myself to get out of this hell.

  233. Wendy

    I’ve been sick for years. I have adrenal fatigue, been told I have fibromyalgia… and the list goes on. Since reading this I am going to get a mammogram. I just want my life back!

  234. Mary Anne Semoni

    I am related to someone who is going through hell, & almost every symptom imaginable. This is horrific. Please include her

  235. Kim yavorek

    How can I get involved with fact funding for this! I am explanting in April. Hopefully sooner! Has anyone put together a documentary telling womens stories?

  236. Victoria Jessen Brown

    I want to add my name to what I assume will be a growing list of “wronged” breast implant victims. I, too, was misinformed by my surgeon. He told me #1) I had saline implants. (Not so) #2) The implants would not interfere with mammograms or other tests such as echo cardiograms. (Not true) #3) The implants would NEVER rupture. (“You’ll go to your grave with them and if they exhume you 100 years later, your body will be decayed, but the implants will still be intact.”) Not true.

    1. Pamela manwaring

      Me too my dr said all the same exact stuff & I now have a leaking breast implant I’m sick & tired all the time .. I want to also know how to join this

    2. Alicia

      OMG, I heard similar info. I have been sick a whole year and recently diagnosed with Serorheumatoid arthritis! I have had unexplained autoimmune inflammatory process, horrible joint pain hips, elbows, wrists, knees, hands. Night sweats, headaches, Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, severe fatigue, diagnosed with Lyme disease and nothing to date is helping me. This is devastating news. I love my implants but would never sacrifice my health for them. They were one of the most painful surgeries I ever had. I came across this information by accident and I am floored. Noone ever said this might happen or was a risk! I was told they are indestructible! I am calling my Rheumatologist right away.

      1. Brenda

        I just had 29 year old Mentor smooth saline implants removed and have been sick with a whole range of debilitating symptoms for approx 15 years. The implants were found to be leaking and infected. The original implanting surgeon (who is no longer in practice) added more saline to the implants 6 years after the original implantation and the total cc’s surpassed the maximum amount that the particular implant was manufactured to contain. I am interesting in joining a Canadian lawsuit.

  237. kelly delacruz

    I’ve had McGhan saline implants since Feb. of 2002. I was always very healthy and energetic before the implant surgery, I worked full time and, with my husband, raised 3 children. About a year after the implant surgery I began having difficulty swallowing, losing handfuls of hair, very strange rash on my face, weight gain, joint pain, low back pain, depression, mental fog, panic attacks, edema, muscle wasting, headaches,
    debilitating fatigue to the point my husband would have to physically pick me up out of bed in the mornings and help me get dressed.
    Numerous medical, imaging, and psychological tests over the years with no diagnosis or conclusion.
    I’m passed trying to figure out what’s WRONG IN MY BODY. I know it’s the McGhan BREAST IMPLANTS
    making me sick! None of us who are implant sick will ever get the years we lost back! It’s TIME for the implant manufacturers to be held ACCOUNTABLE!

  238. Jennifer Hines

    I was in perfect health until I got my implants. My health has been declining since 5 months after my implants. it has been 6 years now. I can not believe I did not pursue this earlier! I have my consult for ex-plantation today!! TAKE THEM OUT

  239. Sonja R Jambard

    I have been suffering mystery illnesses for several years. Please keep me updated. Date of implant 8/8/91 silicone gel. Thank you.

    1. Robin Jenson

      Do you know what manufacturer made yours? Mine is Mentor & just had my removed but silicone spilled all inside during explanation now I’m very I’ll within 1 month of explanation & mine were in 1991 as well. Be sure to have a MRI done & an experienced surgeon to remove envelop capsulectomy only so it doesn’t spill into your body like my incompetant surgeon did to me! Get them out soon & safely!

    2. Teri Hill

      Wow! I believe that your silicone implants were from the original lawsuit dates…back before the FDA originally took silicone implants off the market. That was the original group including Dow Corning and the rest of the first marketers of silicone implants that settled out back then. They did not come back out on the market until somewhere around 2005 or so.

  240. Ellisa Martin

    Im sick from silicone 25 years now due to implants. Im very interested in lawsuit. FDA should stop approving implants. Help please!!!

  241. Lori Johnson

    I am very interested in following the development of future litigation. I have had implants for about 14 years. I am experiencing symptoms including pain in my breasts and underneath my armpits. I am working towards explanation.
    Thank you!

  242. Carla C. D.

    My daughter got silicone breast implants at age 18 in April 2006. It gave her such a boost of confidence in her self-image!
    She just discovered this connection between poisoning from implants and the illnesses she started suffering from in 2007 which have become so much severe and more and more symptoms. They have baffled many doctors for years.She can hardly wait for the explanation procedure and hopefully regaining health and hope! She and I are passionate about spreading the word and saving other women (and their loved ones) from the horrible suffering she has endured!

  243. Kari P.

    I signed a consent for saline implants in about 1990. At my explant last month, 8/19/16, I was told by the PS that the Dr. put silicone in me. He urged me that way but I said no and made my choice of saline. My health devastation story would fill many pages, near death. I have not been able to get my records from the hopital yet, I am going to try to come up with the exact year and try again as my explant doctor said records from a hospital are more possible to get than surgi-center. Perhaps see if he did this to someone else if he did it to me? He is very well known in Scottsdale, AZ. I have 35k in health insurance claims, 10 years of unemployed/uderemployed, 2nd mortgage on my home- a single mom of 2 at the time, 1998 when it hit hard, 30 yrs old. I never suspected “saline” implants (were “intact”), but then I did not have MY choice that I paid 9k for. I have basically been on integrative cancer/immune protocols for 11 years.

    1. Teri Hill

      I would sue his a$$ off girl! He has to have your records in storage. Get a private attorney and sue him for malpractice! I would hit him so damn hard his head would spin so fast he wouldn’t see straight for months! I would try to get my story on the news too!

  244. Dolores Tucci

    Very interested in following future litigation. Ive had saline implants for 20 years and have been sick for about 15 of those years!!!

  245. Sharon Michael

    I missed registration for Dow lawsuit. was in Europe and missed all conversation. Had implants after inflammatory breast disease in 1970. Both implants silicone ruptured diagnosed with multiple autoimmune illness .Feel like i am dying NO insurance coverage, Do not have resources for ex plant..

  246. Robin Thornton

    I’ve had my saline breast implants for 11 1/2 years. About 8 months after I got my implants I started getting sick. And to this day my health continues to get worse & worse, with no correct diagnosis!!
    There’s no doubt that I have Breast Implant Illness!!
    I have no insurance or the $$$ money to get my implants taken out!! Are there any resources that could help me financially, so I can get years deadly , highly toxic implants out of my body!! It has been 11 1/2 long years since I have even had 1day where I felt good & healthy!!

    1. Laurie Fuentes

      I’m having the same issues and no one can figure out why I feel the way I do. I have saline implants that I got in 2006

  247. Shannon

    I feel like my implants have robbed my life from me. I can no longer function and be the person I am in the world. Wishing on getting them or in the next couple of months. Definitely interested in legal action.

    1. Vicki


      I had my Breast Implants removed after my Left Implant ruptured in 1994, and the silicone went throughout my body and was in a “life threatening” situation with adrenal exhaustion! When my Left Implant ruptured after my Bi-lateral Subcutaneous Mastectomy, I did NOT get another set of Breast Implants!

      I entered into a Class Action lawsuit shortly after my rupture, but was very disappointed with the amount of money that I received!

      If you would like to contact me privately to get more of the details of my Class Action suit, you can contact me at my private e-mail address:

      [email protected]

      I wish you the very best in getting your Breast Implants removed and your Class Action Lawsuit!



  248. Melissa Heisel

    I too have many health issues that I believe are related to my Saline breast implants. I have now been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. I am looking to get them explanted.

  249. Nancy

    I would like to join your fb page. Gummy Bear Implants in 2012 sick for 3 years till explant last October. Numerous MRI’s, X-rays etc….. Positive ANA last August now it’s negitive! 🙂 felt better right after surgery and now off all anti inflam drugs, pain pills and no more fibromyalgia. these poison implants are killing us!

  250. Heather Gordon

    I have silicone gel implants going on almost 4 years now and have been on and off antibiotics for 3 years for chronic kidney and urinary tract infections, group b strep, pneumonia, bronchitis,pretty much everything under the sun. I even had mrsa infection in my left implant from a permanent suture I was not aware I had. I’m 30 years old and went from working 80 hrs a week managing a bar and raising a child to not being able to work at all and I can barely get myself out of bed anymore. I now have visible deformities on my right breast from what I believe to be a ruptured gel implant and is extremely painful and only getting worse but I cannot afford explant surgery since have not been able to work and the medical bills are stacking up. I have become extremely depressed and at times ready to end it all due to the constant wrong diagnosis and repeated infections it’s making me feel like I’m crazy!

  251. Dawn Meadows

    I would love to follow information for any lawsuit regarding implants. I have silicone gel from 2008. Diagnosis’s started within 2 years after. Please keep me posted..

  252. Ruth

    I have been ill for quite some time with chronic pain and bowel issues that have gotten worse over time. I had my implants in 1988 and was given no further information. I can not even remember the name of the plastic surgeon who performed the implants and his office is no longer where it was. I have recently been accidentally diagnosed with leakage as they were testing for another possible illness. I am awaiting a surgeons appointment this fall. I live in Ontario Canada and would greatly appreciate any guidance with respect to surgeons, natural remedies and lawyers .


  253. Dori

    Im in. Had them in for 18 months and have had 3 infections in the last 6. I was healthy as a horse before. Now i have blastocystis and candida and cannot get out of bed in the morning.

    Dont feel mentally up for all the work required for a lawsuit.

    Trying to get my state insurance to pay to have them taken out.

  254. Francine Lynn Young

    I have had silicone implants for 32 years, I am on my 5th surgery. I found out by reading my mammograms 3 yrs ago that the silicone was leaking, shortly after my first procedure , my right breast capsulized and had to be replaced. I had the silicone taken out during the big “scare” and saline put in but had trouble with the saline so had silicone put back in. at the present time my mentor gel implants that I had put in with a lift in 2004 are leaking so bad the silicone is leaking into my lymph nodes. I have not been feeling well for the last 5 yrs, never putting the correlation of the implants and my health together. I am now schedueled for my 5th surgery on Sept.1st, 2016. The only part of my surgery that is covered is the cost of the implants, $1650.00. I am responsible for $6000.00, if I had gone to the Dr. 2 years ago, the cost would’ve been covered %100 percent. my gyno never once called me and told me how bad the leaking was. I discovered it myself by reading my mammogram. HELP!!! I had to take a loan out of my 401K a couple of days ago and am waiting to have surgery. I am a flight attendant and cannot afford what is happening to me, I also have to take time off work to have this surgery to remove leaking implants, get all cleaned out and replaced with the same implant!!! my general practitioner thinks I am having a severe reaction to the silicone and instructed me to move my surgery date up to get these implants out a.s.a. p. I could use some guidance and support…Who can I call or write to???…Thank you…

    1. Susan Henson

      I’ve had my implants (same ones) for almost 30 years. In the past 5 years, my health has declined and I have been into see doctors for 75-80% of these symptoms, never relating my implants to the illnesses. I am also in need of help to resolve this issue. I am so distraught over this. Your story is mine, except I’ve never had them replaced. Have seen several cosmetic surgeons in the past 3 weeks as I’ve started having hardening and pain and now a bubble (rupture) in my left breast. I’m scared and looking for advice, healing info and detox, as well as, removal. Yet, what will I look like after removal if I don’t have them replaced?
      Please advise. The illnesses are debilitating and have drastically changed my quality of life. Any advice on legal help would be greatly appreciated.

      Susan Henson

  255. Tracy Davis

    Saline implants 2005. Almost all symptoms!!! Feel like I’m dying at times! I’m blown completely away realizing implants has taking my life from me ????

  256. Ronda Schilling

    I’ve been going to doctors for years with no diagnosis; only to be written off as to being a hypochondriac I feel. I’ve been told I have RA and now they are testing me for MS. I’ve been told by plastic surgeons that there is no such thing as breast implant syndrome, and I’ve been told there is, but my insurance will not cover it. I’m now going to a doctor in Ohio that specializes in treating breast implant syndrome to get yet another option. This Doctor has testified against the FDA and strongly believes that all implants are a hazard to our health, and said they can help me with documenting my case, if in fact the implants are my issue.

    1. Marcella Turner

      Who is the doctor in ohio pleas give me his name ive had all these symptoms for 8 yrs now i need help and soon!!

      1. admin Post author

        Hi Marcella,
        The PS in Ohio who is known for understanding breast implant illness and removing implants properly is Dr. Lu-Jean Feng. Nicole

        1. Teri Hill

          I think we all need to write letters to the FSA and let them know how many of us have the new Cohesive Gel Implants and massive Autoimmune disabilities now, when we were 100% healthy before. I even had saline implants prior, but had a rupture and replaced them with the gummies. I had the saline textured for 8 years and never had one health issue with them.

          I was part of the followup research group actually, but was told at a certain point, when they were having a hard time getting a hold of me for my reporting (because I was sick), that I really didn’t have to report my symptoms in any longer. I find that quite interesting!

  257. Roxanne Blom

    Date of Mentor Saline Implants put in 1-3-2002. Around 2008 I began having roaming pain throughout my body. One week it might be in my hip, next week in my feet, next week in my chest, etc… I’m not one to Go to the doctor unless it’s severe so I just lived with it. In 2015, it got so bad in my hands and wrist that I couldn’t grasp anything or lift anything. Thought I had injured my wrists somehow. Had blood work and MRI, doctor said it either looked like Lupus or Rheumadtoid Arthritis… Other symptoms include: chest pain, weakness in all muscles (used to be a personal trainer so I used to be fairly strong) major fatigue, brain fog, ringing in ears, when I get sick it takes along time to get better, sinus problems, headaches etc.. Two weeks ago my daughter sent me an article about Breast Implant Illness, and I can’t believe that there are so many other women out there suffering from the same things! But I’m extremely excited to hear that once the implants were removed (properly – En Bloc Capsulectomy and even removing some Lymph Nodes if necessary) most women’s symptoms went away (especially after detoxing the body from all the foreign substances (see for a list of chemicals). I have spent the last two weeks ago researching, watching You Tube videos and calling doctors all over the U.S. To find the right one to do this surgery.

  258. Karen-lea Hughes

    I do have many health issues , I have always felt it may be connected to my saline implants.

  259. Tracy Renee Wolfe-Hodges

    I have had 3 spontaneous deflates in 10 years. Became and am currently chronically ill.

  260. Paula Lawrence

    McCollum Crowley Moschet Miller & Laak, Ltd. attorneys in Denver, CO and Minneapolis, MN are interested in talking to women who have the cohesive gel “gummy bear” implants. Ask to speak to Andrew J. Marnach. If you were not given informed consent you might be interested in contacting Andrew.

  261. Brandy Crawford

    I got my implants (mentor) in 2009 and my health slowly deteriorated Over the years with all kind of side effects of these poisonous implants. 2015 been diagnosed with polyarthritis,memory loss,dry skin,very slow healing,vision changes,ringing in ears,sharp pains in right breast,joint and muscle pain,heart palpitations,headaches,insomnia. Before I got implants I was pretty healthy and got record to back that up.

    1. cheryl

      would love to hear more about your story i too had the mentor implants and very similar symptoms
      were your implants saline mentor?

  262. Teresa Diaz

    I’ve had my implants for 10 years, my illness started about 5 years ago, I thought I had the flu, but it never really went away, went to many doctors. I’ve been diagnosed with leaky gut, candida, low immune system, the mthr gene, low vitamin D, thyroid, because of pain in my stomach they talked me into glab blatter removal, I get weird rashes, IBS, food allergies, I get tired just going up steps. I’m sure I have more but just don’t remember. Oh, yeah, lol, plenty of brain fog.

  263. Jessica

    I’m interested. I have had saline implants for about 15 yrs. I haven’t had any symptoms yet from breast implant illness but have been told it’s just a matter of time. I would have never have got these if I knew they were dangerous. I’ve been wanting to get them removed for some time now but the it’s triple the cost of getting implants!! It’s ridiculous.

  264. Diane Knowlton


    Regarding those looking for information on lawsuits….there is an attorney in Florida who has a class action suit. I do not remember his name but you should be able to Google that state. He called me after I emailed him about several ruptures. I know there was also a suit out of Boston too. Hope this helps.

  265. Diane Knowlton

    I got my first saline implants in 1997. In 2010, I fell and rupture one. I had them both replaced. Since 2010, I have had FOUR other ruptures, all saline. The surgeon has never been able to identify why the implants failed. The only reason I kept replacing them was because removal would require a lift, etc. that I just could not afford. The surgeon never charged me a penny, not even for the OR or anesthesia. He covered all of it. He never even asked me to give him my $1,200 reimbursement from the manufacturer. Other then scar tissue, which he could never conclude as a cause, he had no explanation. I stand by him because he went above and beyond and was very distressed with my situation. He argued with the manufacturer. I spoke with an attorney who has a class action suit but he said I would have no recourse since I hadn’t paid for the surgeries and that they would blame the doctor. I’m wondering if you know if anyone else out there has had this many problems with rupture/leakage. I have not found other women who have had more then one replacement from rupture. Thank you.

    1. Lindsey Rae

      I have had 3 failures but my doctor isn’t willing to do it for free just shelled out thousands to him dec 2014 and again need repair who was your surgeon

    2. Lauren Schaller

      Hi Diane,

      I have had 3 ruptures since my first implantation in 2005. All have been spontaneous with no evidence of why. I’ve only had one side rupture at a time but it has been both sides, not one in particular. My PS uses Mentor which reimburses $1200, and I have to pay out of pocket for all the remaining costs. I can’t keep doing this. Have you had any luck finding any info?

  266. Laura jackson

    I’ve battled breast implant illness for years. I have fibromyalgia, memory loss or brain fog, no energy, my immune system has suffered dramatically not to mention the pain in my breast, joints and muscles. The list goes on and on……I had them taken out 3 days ago. I feel like I was misled and lied to. Can you please help me . I deserve compensation for all these years of pain. Thank you

  267. Michele

    I am also interested in the lawsuit, I have had mentor gel implants for almost 3 years now and have been sick with different things the whole time and now for the past 7 months ive been chronically sick with sinus and ear infections, hair falling out, heart palpitations, extreme anxiety, depression, unexplained fevers and a feeling of having the flu but goes away in the matter of a few hours after sleeping, pain in the joints of my fingers, shoulder pain, vertigo, feeling like I am going to vomit for no reason, gastrointestinal issues, mouth sores, memory loss, lack of concentration, vision changes, feelings of burning sensations in my right upper breast , have become prediabetic, loss of energy and motivation. I am planning on having them removed as soon as I find a doctor that I feel comfortable with any help or information is greatly appreciated. I do not have a facebook and really don’t want to.

    1. robin

      I had silicone implants in 1984 ,I was diagnosed with hoshimoto’s disease ,ra ,a low grade fever ,hair loss ,I also had a full term still born baby boy , iam very interested in a lawsuit

  268. Leslie Mower

    Yes, please add me to the list. I have been robbed of close to 2 years of my life. I have 2 small children that don’t understand why their mom is sick all the time. I’m tired of being tired. My body hasn’t never been the same once I got this done. I’m so frustrated at myself for not researching more. But I did go on the website and found information about how safe they were. I have cried rivers, spent thousands, and lost time holding my babies….. for boobs I thought was safe for me. Never would I have done this had I known the truth. Never.

  269. Denise Asaro

    I am certain I am suffering from silicone toxicity. I want to have Explant surgery as soon as possible but don’t know how to find a qualified doctor in the San Diego area.
    I have too many health issues to list, but only recently do my own research decided that it is most likely silicone toxicity.
    I would appreciate any information you have on doctors, the explant procedure or any future law suits. I will do anything to alert other women to the problems these implants can cause. I wish I would have known.
    Thanks so much for your information.

      1. Danna Feigenbaum

        Please add me to the list of people interested in talking to a lawyer. BC survivor and I have had a silicon implant for 2 years. Every symptom in the book! please help me get compensation !

    1. Melissa

      I just had explant from a dr in San Diego. He is amazing. Dr pousti. Go see him he will take good care of you.

  270. Brenda

    Hello I started getting sick about a year ago
    I have made an appointment to explant
    This things are killing me

  271. elizabeth power

    Hi I live in Ireland I have no one to stand by me I have scleraderma diffuse.I would love some advice?I have been ill soon after implantation one ruptured been ill now 12 years.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Elizabeth,
      Scleroderma is not an uncommon diagnoses due to breast implants, its just another of the long list of autoimmune illnesses implants cause. In order to recover and improve your condition you must explant your breast implants properly which means an En Bloc explant with a Total Capsulectomy – all capsule tissue (scar tissue built around your implant by your body) must be removed by your surgeon in order for you to have the best recovery possible. As much as possible, all silicone should be scraped and washed from your chest pockets. There are supplements you can take to help you detox silicone and support the rest of your body to detox and heal. Come to the facebook group and we will coach you through detox. Nicole

  272. Claire Colombo

    Hi Nicole,
    Now 4 months post explant, slowly healing but required L thyroidectomy 2 days ago due to growing thyroid nodules. Do you know of any attorneys in or around New Orleans area that are representing women with breast implant illness? Please add me to your list for updates on legal rights regarding Breast Implant Illness.
    Thanks again for the guidance and great information you provide for us.

  273. Merica Bodine

    After almost 3 years of being extremely ill and developing new health issues constantly, just last week my team of Dr.’s have figured out that I’m allergic to my silicone Allergan Natrelle implants, from my reconstructive surgery. I’m having a hard time finding information about attorneys who are handling these problems. And what my rights are as how to fix this.

  274. Aimee Murphy

    Mentor smooth saline breast implants. Suffered from breast implant illness from 2005-2016. I had them removed in February, 2016 . Yes- I do feel better????????

  275. J Irvin

    I would like to join the Facebook group. I created a Facebook account only for this purpose. Yesterday, I clicked Join Group. Today the status doesn’t say pending anymore and went back to the option to Join Group. I am hoping I just need to comment here in order to join the group in order to obtain more information. Thank you!

  276. Grace

    I had toxic silicone breast implants removed in “92 and the implant of saline. I was involved in the class lawsuit, for which I was awarded $25,000. I was told saline was harmless.

    Now, one breast is significantly smaller and obviously is leaking. I have many deteriorating health symptoms. I am going to see a surgeon (Newport Beach–thank you for the information!) as I want them removed.
    I want to know if I have any legal recourse.

  277. Angela Misterka

    Certain that I have silicone toxicity syndrome. 1 year after implants I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

  278. Lucy Moore

    I am interested in knowing where this litigation or non-litigation stands today. I am also interested on finding out who is the best attorney who could help me with a claim.

    Thank you very much.

    Lucy Moore
    [email protected]

  279. edna j. braz

    I have many syptems and illnesses that I am 100% sure are caused from my silicone implants ! They have been leaking now for 11/2 yrs. no insurance will cover. My pain is getting unbearable . The burning in my chest,in my chest and ribs. underarms and more. what can I do? Where can I find help? PLEASE help me!!!!! [email protected] I will be waiting and praying. THANK YOU

  280. Myra Lieberman

    My Mentor breast implants ruptured in 2013. My implant surgeon blew me off& dumped me. Someone from his office gave me copies of my records They were not together. In my file there was no real description of what they were or the dangers . The Mentor File & my file do not agree. The doctor does not now I have all the copies of my file & the Mentor. he told my nurse practitioner no matter what the MRI i insisted on showed he wouid do nothing . They wouid not give me an appt. I suspect my daughter called because he dumped me
    I found a surgeon online who turned out to be wonderful. so no matter what happens I do not want him blamed But the removal surgery too -9 hours & They broke several of my bottom teeth .
    My concerns have continued . I was so heavy and tired but mid 2015 I started to feel i’l different . My hair started falling out, I lost 60 pounds in 2 months The worse was the nausea all day until about 8pm & then U was starving & Then my heArt wouid pound & ICOUID only sleep 3 hours . My family doctor had no idea until the liver enzyme tests starts to be abnormal .
    he started suspecting thyroid but was not sure.,first low then high but autoimmine, for reasons I cannot explain in January 2016 I very gradually started to feel better& & my liver enzyme test was better . ,by the end of March I started feeling more like myself.
    But,now I an having tooth front bottom teeth had started disintegrating& now an in aony needing a root canal.
    I am MSW & was starting a thriving practice when everything had to stop now I am living in SS Retirement & struggling. I din’t know which way to go here. Mentor blaming the doctor & the doctor blaming then. All I know is I am a vibrant 68 year old.i don’t care about age. I n Ed help & someone needs to help me please Bb

  281. Jennifer Kerry

    I have just recently had my implants removed as of 9 days ago, and I am curious what my recourse is. I got my implants removed because of extreme pain and problems I’ve had connected to the gummy implants I’ve had. March 2015 I was putting a pillow in a pillow case and a few hours later my left breast had swollen to three times its normal size. My doctor said it had come out of its pocket. And he told me to wait for about 6 weeks to see if the breast softened and if it went back into place. Well it never softened all the way, my muscle on the left was ripped and I could possible have blood inside my breast pocket. My doctor told me had lost so much weight that I wouldn’t look attractive at that time taking them out. So he convinced me that they would heal themselves and I would be fine. Throughout the next year things got increasingly worse. Neck pain increased, the implant itself had stared to move under my armpit and up toward my neck and was causing me dire pain in my muscles and my whole body felt “sick”. So I began to do research. My husband has been telling me for 7 years, since I got my implants my life changed, and so did my families. When I saw Yolonda on the Housewifes of Beverly Hills and her journey that’s when I knew my implants were making me sick. So below is how my journey goes:

    I got my first set of saline implants in 2000, had those removed due to muscle tear in my left breast and I had “gummy bears” put in while having the saline removed in March of 2010. They were all the rage at the time and I was put into a study. Five months after my surgery, I had increased migraines, joint pain, shoulder pain on my right side, neck and back pain, and throughout the years a multitude of other issues. I had vision problems but they went away. I had muscle spasms that have still not resolved themselves. I’ve had loss of memory, tremors in my hands, numbness in my arms and fingers…. (So much so that I had the surgery where you snip the nerve at your elbow to stop the tingling in your pinkie and ring fingers – on both elbows). Extreme fatigue, chronic pain, lack of desire to do anything (which I’m sure is depression from the pain). I’ve suffered three seizures (grand mal) from medicine interaction, and almost killed myself and my niece during one when we fell into the Bay in Florida. Luckily it was a holiday and our family was there to fish us out of the water. I’ve taken more medicine, had more people think I’m drug seeking, had people judge me for being tired, and all the while I feel guilty because I hurt and I’ve searched every avenue looking for an answer. I had one pain management Doctor putting nerve blocks in my neck and when those didn’t work he cauterized my nerves. He also deadened my occipital nerves to help with my migraines. I’ve tried chiropractic care, I’ve gone to several Neurologists and they never could come up with anything different except it was genetic migraines. They diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. And for each diagnosis, came a new drug or several new drugs. And those side effects were another entire matter altogether. So, once I had the implants explanted, I asked for them back. My doctor kept forgetting I wanted them back but I wouldn’t stop asking and then the nurse called and told me that she had them but the left one ruptured. So then she said she would try and speak with the manufacturer and try to get me some compensation although it’s been years and it’s only a rupture. “Only a rupture”! Ok, I decided to get on the ball and contact Allergan/Natrelle myself. And they input all of my info but they told me I could only get $1200 if my mammogram proved that I had a hematoma. I then asked why I had a brochure saying that I had a warranty stating that I had $3500 reimbursement benefits if my implant ruptured. The man on the phone said that was for surgeries happening after November 1, 2014. My brochure did not say this. He then said maybe my doctors could pick up the slack. I was frustrated because my doctor wasn’t printing the brochure and extending the warranty to the clients. I sent all of the info they asked for and now I wait. Do I file a lawsuit?

  282. Kim Hadden

    I would love to follow the developments and possible class action lawsuit.

    My name when I got my implants 9 years and 5 months ago was Kim Anderson.
    My dr told me we would use silicone ever though he wasn’t supposed to because they were evaluating silicone implants. This was in November 2006. The next month they gave silicone the A OK and I got them legally.
    I was told they were safe and would not fail.
    I have been increasingly sicker since I got my implants. I have every single symptom except hair loss. I’m exhausted and in pain every day. Now I use wrong words at wrong times. I asked my husband if he was going to take a sweater. I meant shower. I thought I said shower. It’s terrifying. I’m angry and want them out NOW!!! I can’t afford it. I need help!! Please, if anyone knows a good Dr in the San Francisco bay area, please let me know.
    [email protected]

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kim,
      Please see the Explant Surgeon’s list on this website for a list of surgeons in your area. Nicole

  283. Debbie Smith

    I have had saline implants for over 20 years now and my health has continued to decline since then. I have chronic fatigue , chronic pain, chronic diarrhea, IBs and many more serious issues. I am now looking for a doctor that will explant and decapsulate them. Thank you.

  284. Linda

    Just had my implants removed last October. Feeling much better no more pain joint no more break outs on nose no more back aches. Was taking many medication for lupus plus other things now down to 4. Had them put in in Canada never was told you had to have a breast Mir every ten years. Had one done in October had billion of hole where it had been leeking for quite sometime. Even legs swollen and stomach guess liver could’ this take care of it. Had them in for 33 years

  285. Paula Lawrence

    Hi Linda, if you provide me with your address I can mail information from Dr. Arthur Brawer regarding silicone and attorney he recommends. 715-205-4255 cell or 715-865-2925 home. Paula

    1. Deb

      Hi Paula, Did you personally go to Dr. Brawer in New Jersey? I spoke with him at length last week. He requires a $2750.00 check upfront before he gives an appointment. I just don’t know what he does for that fee… Can you tell me and was it successful? Thanks much! Deb

  286. Paula Lawrence

    Nicole – Dr. Brawer has mailed me quite a bit of information regarding his silicone research over the last 30 years and an attorney he recommends in NJ. Please provide me with an address so I can mail you a copy to post or help get viral. I am mailing out to as many women I know. Any questions please contact me via email or phone: 715-205-4255 cell or 715-865-2925 home. Thank you for your help! Paula

  287. Karen Adams

    [email protected]
    Symptoms in last 5 yrs after havin my implants now for 15 yrs is;
    Fibromyalgia ,Tia’s (4 Tia’s in last 2 months )
    Fatigue ,depression, swelling in groin,armpits, neck that won’t go away after treatment for last 1.5 yrs,, vertigo, brain foggyness, memory loss, massive energy loss, vitamin d deficiancy, weakness in left arm.

  288. Debra williams

    My name is debra williams my married name when i got my implants was gillues im frim stockton ca. I went to lodi memorial hos. Back in 1985 to have the sylocone implants put in. I filed for class action lawsuit in 1994. Something baxtor company? Is my implant but was imformed the comoany went bank rupupt i was sad cause i wss beginning to see an feel the signs. I resently heard the company has still been giung thriugh lidigations hiw can i get more infirmation? Thank you. Debra

  289. Paula Lawrence

    Definitely add me to your list of those you are keeping informed regarding justice for illness brought on by implants.

  290. Brenda Aubuchon

    I suddenly developed a thyroid problem. Gain 30 lbs within 4 months and now take natural Armour. I still have my implants in and plan on going to the plastic surgeon on getting information on having them removed. I have always been in great shape and suddenly going to doctors endlessly about the weight gain, tiredness, hair loss, etc. I value my life greatly and feel lucky to have found this website. I suspected the implants but never took the time to do a search on breast implants & thyroid connection until this evening. thank God you have created this website for us women.!
    Please keep me posted on anything related to these toxic silicone implants! I have included my email address and name below for any updates on information pertaining to a lawsuit against the manufacturer. I feel the FDA once again has used women as guinea pigs. This is a good example of what lobbyist in Washington, DC accomplished to get these toxic implants back in production without a care in the world about ruining women’s health. It is time for all women who have or had silicone implants to fight this because our health as been jeopardize by fabricated information by the manufacturers of these implants.

  291. Joleen Dechant-Wagner

    I had Breast Implants in February of 2015. I also have had a tummy tuck and just recently a liposuction if the flank area. I was experiencing some of the symptoms mentioned above but just in the last 2-3 month have noticed more and they are getting worse.

  292. Jennifer

    [email protected]

    I just got my implants taken out 2 days ago. It only had them in for one year. In that year my health went downhill very fast. I have been to doctors my entire year trying to figure oit what was causing me to be ill. I am 33 years old and have been healthy my entire life. Only after I goty implants my health took a turm for the worst. My body aches, no energy, chest pain, hip, knee, back pain, pain in my ribs, tingling and numbness in my hands, brain fog, weak, felts like a 80 year old woman trapped in a 30yr old body. For a while no doctor could tell me what was wrong. So they gave me lexapro, wellbutrin, and xxanax. They told me I was just suffering from depression. After being on these meds. I did not feel any better I became very suicidal. I begged my doctor to take me off these meds. Bc I am not better and still do not feel well. I detoxed myself off of them bc I needed to know it was not these meds making me ill. Once detoxed I felt a little better but my body didnt change much if anything my body still felt like it was deteriorating. My doc. Then sent me to a rheumatologist, they said I tested positive for fibromyalgia or lupus they said they weren’t too sure. They gave me a script for pain and sent me on my way. No follow up no phone call after. I was shocked and upset and just couldnt believe it. I did not feel any better and then decided I need to change my diet and start exercising. I experienced while working out a massive pain up to the back of my head. Unexplained and so I let it go. Then it happend 4 more times and the pain lasted longer until the next day. I ended up in ER they could not figure out what waa wrong. My doc. Then sent me to a neurologist he couldn’t explain why this was happening. Requested a MRI of my head..nothing. I felt hopeless at this point and tired of doctora and testing w no answers. He told me to go see a psychologist. I never felt ao humiliated and cried more. I started to feel like I am crazy but I know all of these things arw real and happening. I then was talking w a friend and they told me to go see a endocrinologist. At this point I was having pelvic pain and allows of my other issues. I tried calling my OBGYN because the pelvic pain had been going on for 2 months and not going away. My OBGYN said they could not get me in for few weeks. I tried telling them it was urgent and I was in pain and have been having a lot of issues. They said sorry we just cant fit you in. I said forget it I will find a different doctor and I put that off hoping the pain would go away. Once I saw the endocrinologist I explained to him my frustrations of feeling bounced around and feeling like a Guinea pig w no one believing me that I am as sick as I am telling people. I know my body something is not right. My husband at this point is blamming my implants he said its just very strange you have been sick for a year and have had the implants for a year? I begged the doctor please tell me what’s wrong w me. He felt my neck and said he found a lumped in my neck and he said pelvic pain with all of my symptoms I could have ovarian cancer. He said I might have hashimato disease. He then told me after looking through my chart that I did test positive for lupus. Though he does not feel I have lupus. After more blood testing and ultrasounds. He said I have a cyst on my left ovary and tested positive for a goiter. The pain in my ovary hurt so bad that when I breath in It hurts in my lower back. He told me to consider thinking about taking out my implants. He said that people sometimes don’t do well with them. Every persons body is different and there was a lawsuit 10 years ago. All these woman we’re experiencing what you are telling me. They did a bunch of testing and the results came back inconclusive. What does that tell you? He said to me…please think about that. You been sick for a year you have had these for a year. You are sick and we don’t know why. Healthy your entire life and now having issue after issue. I had my year ck up for my implants the following week. I told my breast doctor all of these other doctors concerns and he immediately said that’s it we are not messing around anymore. If your testing positive for lupus this is not a joke. He told me Jen if the implants are making you sick your lupus numbers will decrease once the implants are out. If the numbers remain the same then you are sick and should be treated for lupus. He told me he gave it a year but he didn’t want to me suffer any longer. He claimed I was the first patient of his to get sick from implants. I cried and couldnt believe how much his opinion changed from the last time I saw him. He before was swearing to me my implants are safe and could not be the cause. He said I prob suffer with a pinched nerve in my back or neck and should get and MRI because that could be why I have no energy and am tired. So he sent me on my way thinking the implants are very safe and nothing like this can happen. My reg. Doc. Asked for a ultrasound of my implants and not a MRI at that point bc she wanted to make sure my implants we’re not leaking. The ultrasound came back ok. She was very unsure why a breast doc. Would ask for a MRI not an Ultrasound of my implants. She said his profession are implants and he should have wanted to make me feel better that my implants were ok. When the ultrasound came back ok. I went on my way telling my husband he was wrong. There is something else wrong w me. After my seco d visit and telling him other doctors are saying it’s my implants. My breast doctor told me that they needed to come out that next day. I could not afford to pay to take them out let alone I am still making payments on them. I cried because now I am going to be paying on something I no longer have and now my boobs are going to look horrible. They told me they would only charge me 575.00. I was awake for the entire procedure. I asked if I could have the implants once removed. They refused my request and told me they couldn’t do that & I couldn’t even see them. I felt at that point maybe they had something to hide? I go back this tues. For a follow up. I don’t know what to do and am at a loss because I am in so much debt and loss of so much work due to being ill doctors appointments etc. Do I have a case? Is there anyone that can help me? I have to wait but I will be testing myself Just to see and provide these implants are the cause.

  293. Terri Ramsey

    Have had silicone implants for over 30 years. Currently searching for explant surgeon and I can’t wait to have these things out of my body. I’ve suffered from BII for twenty years, disabled the last six.

  294. Keely

    Just found out I’m allergic to fungus aspergillus. But I’ve been ill for ages.Not sure if it is related yet but I’ve been battling for 4yrs with the hospital. I’ve been on a waiting list for effectively 4yrs to have them out as one is ruptured. Their silence speaks volumes

  295. Charlene

    I would like to be part of a class action suit against breast implant manufacturers. I am sick and I’m planning to explant as soon as possible.

  296. Anna lloyd

    Its Seems Like there is nothing I can do , for the last 2 years I have suffered so much pain and sorrow , What kills me is The Dr, King in Wisconsin encouraged me to get the Silicone implants stating that They did not Leak where safer and more natural looking , that the Silicone would cohesive to its self if it ever leaked . I have been so sick . it took forever for them to take to heart that My Body was not well from them . I still have Silicone in My left breast and I am sick . all the time He removed the left one and all kinds of goo and infection came out , While I was pregnant and awake I felt , Him ” Dr King ” cut My body , his hand under My beast tissue moving around , then after it was done ” he said to me ” I believe I got it all out as far as I can see . G_D have mercy upon me save us from this evil that is happen to Women today . They are killing Us with false hope that beauty comes in Silicone implants . I cry all the time I just want to be healthy again and Normal . I have pain in My joints , I am always so tired , I can’t get over a cold if it is a cold ? My husband hasn’t touched Me in years .. I feel So broken because I will never be the same again . Right now I am going to have a Ultra sound to look at it again , then a MRRI . They want Me to pay ,, I have been paying from the Moment I spoke to that Dr KING . @ Deans Clinic in Madison Wisconsin . Please Ladies love yourself the way you are , never change if for any reason . Pray for me .

  297. Whitney Chapman

    I have been extremely sick since May 2 , 2007 after I had Reconstruction surgery because of cancer. Was completely healthy never sick . Now I’m always sick. Food allergies, metal allergies, night sweats. Headaches, brain fog, and so many more that just pop up from time to time. Have had every test known to man it seems.

  298. Jane

    My silicone breasts are leaking. The right implant is leaking into the surrounding tissue – while the left is still in the intracapsular leaking stage. It is unclear how long this has been going on, but it is clear from the MRI that it has been, as the PS stated ‘some time – don’t put this off’. But yet – he only does surgeries on certain Mondays. My explantation surgery is scheduled for April 18th. I’m highly suspicious that this has been the cause for my unexplainable autoimmune problems since last July when my mouth started having bouts of mysterious inflammation. Dentists and oral surgeons were baffled. X-rays showed nothing. The teeth on my right side had to be removed.

  299. Loraine gallagher

    I am interested in information in regard to future litigation. I have Allergen Style 168, a textured round saline implants, done in March 1995. For years I’ve been going to the doctor with complaints of all the symptoms, but everything I’m tested for comes back normal. It finally dawned on me, I need to be my own advocate and began researching the corallation between my ongoing symptoms and my implants.
    I’m also wondering what information there might be on pushing back to my insurance company. If rupture, contraction or leaking are happening, and my implants were done for reconstuctive reasons, having them removed would be covered. Because it was cosmetic, explant surgery is not covered.
    So frustrating!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Loraine,
      Come to the Facbook group Breast Implant Lawsuits as we will have a significant announcement soon.

      1. Pamela g speraw

        Ex plants are not covered some by blue cross blue sheild ppo ??
        Just started to consider having my only one removed
        From mastectomy from breast cancer
        First one removed due to maybe leaking

        1. admin Post author

          Hi Pamela,
          Your explant may be covered because it was for reconstruction. Please check with your insurance provider. Nicole

  300. Sherrie Parks Sarver

    Hi my name is Sherrie ([email protected]) I had Breast Cancer,1) Lumpectomy with no clearance 2) chose a Double Mastectomy over a 2nd Lumpectomy due to Education There of 3) Had Expanders for 6 Months 4) Got Implants and 2 days later a Hematoma wondering if there were any lawsuits against Implant Manufacturers or etc? I had many sickness during my travel (some may be irrelevant) anyway Thank You for your time Sherrie Parks Sarver 903-330-6201 [email protected]

  301. Teresa diane chase

    Finally all this makes sense. After a lady and me started talking. I just started out with small systems algeries and joint pain MINE are 12-13 yrs old. I get sharp pains and mine has lumps in them. I refused a mammagram which confirmed with begion cysts was what was wrote! Ive now got sle lupus but bad neurophy really list is way to long. But my doctor lied said salaine if ruptured it was water soluable and wudn hurt us and ive hurd so many women talked to was lied to. I wish these doctors n surgeons would take up for us woman instead of getting rid of evidence or acting like they forgot and threw away!! Its time for women tht hasnt lost their lifes to a disease tht these implants has took from them already to get them out and enjoy what life they still got. And R.I.P. FOR THE VICTIMS THT DOCS LIED TO OR THEY JUST DIDNT KNOW. GOD BLESS Y EACH

  302. Claire

    Hi Nicole,
    I am 1 week post explant, mixed good and bad days, seeing naturopathic MD next week. PS told me everything was fine with my path report (did not send capsule for bacterial/fungal analysis as I requested because she said she didn’t see anything!) Path report negative for cancer, but showed marked fibrosis, foreign material w/foreign body giant cell reaction, synovial metaplasia, chronic inflammation and focal histiocytes consistent with silicone, my primary MD said path report didn’t look NORMAL to him. She did mention that implants cause bone atrophy. She would not release implants to me, but did allow me to see them (which appeared intact), she has reluctantly agreed to send them to Dr. Blais for me. Still exp intense itching, primary MD prescribed antifungals. I am interested in following developments on information for future litigation. Thanks again for your website, I shared information you provided with my PCP and they where quite shocked.

  303. Paula Martin

    I had breast cancer and was given Silicone Gel implants. Swelling burning itching pain. This went on for over two years. I was told to quit blameing the implants by my Plastic Surgeon. I had to have more skin removed and the so called permanent implants put in 5 weeks ago. Was told by the Surgeon that my previous implants never healed ! In over two years ???? And then was given the same implants again ???? And the swelling itching burning has already begun again after five weeks. At four weeks I had two drains left on the right side. I drained my drains the morning of my last Doctor apt and smelt a very gas like smell in the fluid. I took a sample to the Surgeon’s office and they wouldn’t look at it just pulled that drain. At 5 wks one drain left draining blood and worm like things coming from my drain…. I need help ! Advice ! My Sturgeon thinks I’m crazy . My Surgeon is the head of a Huge hospital in the plastic surgery Department and feels she makes no mistakes. I am just lost in what to do next or who to turn to !!

  304. Laurie

    I have had my silicone implants for 18-20 years. This past year I began having muscle and joint pain all over my body, muscle spams, weakness, fatigued and depression. I am suppose to be removing these implants in 2.5 months but to be honest I feel like they are killing me and i need to find a surgoen who will do it in 2 weeks. Please if you know of a good surgeon in Boston, ma let me know. I hope to God this toxic feeling goes away once I remove these toxic implants.

  305. Sheila M

    Just had an explant 1/26/16 after many years of debilitating illness. The ONLY thing that all signs point to are Breast Implant Illness. As I was so sick & couldn’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for an explant, the doctor I had to go with was a plastic surgeon assigned through insurance. He refused to allow me to even see MY own implants and scar capsules taken out, despite my ***repeated*** requests.

    Been so sick that I have been unable to work, have a family, have any social life, etc- essentially my entire life has been ruined- that is just a mere summary of what my life has been in the over 1 decade of having these of what I NOW know, toxic deathbags inside my body. I have been to countless Drs and so many appts because of a whole host of troubling symptoms (will go into more detail once I complete my list) the main ones being severe fatigue, chronic inflammation & chronic pain. Now at the age of 36 yrs old, I am trying to piece my life back together. ONLY 1 MONTH AFTER EXPLANT & I AM BECOMING A WHOLE NEW PERSON!!! I actually have energy!!!

    There is no way that I could even begin to explain how hard this has been. 13.5 years of not being able to make a living/build a career, 13.5 years of not being able to even do more than get out of bed most days- I could go on & on… If you have implants, PLEASE SEEK TO GET THEM OUT NOW! DO NOT WAIT! Get a friend to lobby for you at appointments. I had no one. Make sure the PS you have will allow you to KEEP your implants! I was not even allowed to see mine. I am outraged & angry at how terribly I have been treated for all of these years. Drs treated me as though I were crazy. Wonder how they would feel if their bodies were under attack every single second of every single day for years to a decade or more?! Someone needs to be held accountable for countless women losing their lives & livelihood as a result of big medical, misleading doctors, etc covering up, minimizing, denying, etc the dangers of breast implants.

    Anyone else want to share experiences? Could really use someone to talk to.

    Wishing you all the very best.

    1. Teresa diane chase

      Thank you.and so glad your feeling better. Im 52 @need mine out but go my primary care doc march 8 I just pray she helps me and I can find a surgeon before I lose my life. God bless you

    2. Paula Lawrence

      Hi Sheila,
      If you would like to call me and talk I’d love to talk to you – my home number is 715-865-2925 (central time) and my cell is 715-205-4255. Hope you’re getting better each day! My explant surgery is 5/9 and I can’t wait – I have never been so excited for any day in my life. Looking forward to hearing from you! Paula

  306. joyce

    had silicone replaced with saline in 1999
    have pain in left breast but Dr said mammogeaphy did not show anything I believe there is a problem

  307. Amanda

    This is the sickest I have been in all of my life. I impanted 11 years ago and have had no answers to my joint pain, inflammation, severe musle spasms, randomly deforming fingers, brain fog and many more symptoms until I came across an article on Facebook that instantly made all of this make sense. I am patiently waiting to be done nursing my third son so I can get these toxic bags removed and on the road to recovery.

  308. Holly Green

    OMG! I am experiencing more than half of these symptoms! I am a nurse and started to have health issues about a year after receiving my silicone implants (5/2013) after a vehicle roll over dislocated my left saline implant so these were the replacements as they were ‘supposed to be safe’ and now I have one thing after another happening with my health. I was a healthy human prior to the implants and now labs are skewed and both my GP and Cardiologist are scratching their heads as to what is wrong with me. I decided to do my own research and have been have burning around the Left implant and got to thinking WOW all my health issuses started AFTER these silicone implants so know I seek answers because I WANT TO FEEL BETTER!!!!!!! ANYONE???? HELP! Where do I start?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Holly,
      Please read all the pages of this website and that will give you all the information you need to start your process of Explantation and recovery. Nicole

  309. Joann

    Hi, my best friend in the entire world I feel in my gut is dying from implant poisoning. She has been ill for a couple of years now and is now considered handicapped and sleeps most of her life. She has all the symptoms that I have been reading about. We want to do this the right way every step of the way. We need guidance and where to start. She has a huge file of testings, misdiagnoses, and tons of medications. She even does IVIG monthly to try to make her better. We are so sad and really need help. Could you please email me or call me at your convienence?

    1. Teresa diane chase

      O lord she be in my prayers. I going thru also acid reflux. Digestive and IBS. Gosh I hope these ppl are for real n help all they can. Only thing some of us dont have long:(

  310. Angie Peacock

    I can’t even begin to explain how many illnesses I have had, along with surgeries.
    four days after this surgery within four days I had a superior Mesenteric dissection of my artery, that continues to be watched with numerous CT SCANS/Angiograms .

    I’m hoping in March I will have them removed so I can also get my health back.

  311. Lesley

    This is now something that I have been looking at as a potential core issue of my health challenges as well. I am very scared/

  312. Cynthia Garton

    My question is how can companies like Dow . dictate an end date to file claims against them when I have every right to file for damages when discovered?

  313. Faith May

    I was never told the truth about breast implants. My first one in the 80’s ruptured on the right side, and I had them replaced by saline, thinking that I was safe. They never told me that saline has silicone in it too or that there were other toxic things in the implants. I had the saline ones replaced because the doctor had done such a bad job, with silicone in 2011 as my doctor said there was no problem with the new silicone implants. I have had fatigue, brain fog and forgetfulness for years. Then after the last implants my right wrist started swelling and really bothering me to the point that I couldn’t do any sports that I had done before and had constant pain and trouble using my hand. I had an MRI and it showed 8 cysts that my Osteopath said looked exactly like the problem people had when they had silicone joints put in. I show RA factors but it’s only in my wrist and he says if I trully had RA it would be all over my body. Now I have lumps in my right arm pit and my doctor wants me to have them out to see if I have lymphoma. I really want women to know how dangerous breast implants are!!!

  314. Susan Lester

    I have been sick for almost four years and have my implants in for almost 20 years now. I am not disabled and home bound from all of my symptoms. I have an apt to get them removed on Feb 3rd, but they said if it is only medically necessary. I just had a hysterectomy and cysts removed the size of navel oranges thinking this is the problem, but it is not. I have all the symptoms and then some about breast implant symptoms. I am 50 years old and used to be 100% healthy never going to the doctor. Now I go 2-3 times a week and lots of medications.

  315. Cynthia Berringer

    I am a 59 year old who has been sick for years. Recently diagnosed with Lupus and RA, I suffer bone and joint pain, skin problems, losing my hair, sleep problems, eating problems, and many more issues. Between 2000 and 2005 I had four back surgeries. I was on opiate pain medicine until recently when I was completely withdrawn by a new doctor. I truly thought that after stopping the pain meds my life would improve but that has not happened, if anything it gets worse daily, one new symptom at a time. I believe I have had an implant issue for years without knowing but blamed my symptoms on my back surgery problems. I have not been able to work since 2005 and therefore am only covered by Medicare insurance. I live in a small Northern California town with limited medical care . I am hoping to get some idea of what to do next and how quickly should I take steps for removal. Any help would be truly appreciated. Thank you, Cynthia

      1. Cynthia Berringer

        Thank you so much for your response. I will check the website you suggested immediately.


    1. My story

      Hi there
      I also live in Australia and and have just been diagnosed with ALCL I’ve been booked in for surgery would love to hear more about your story and treatment .

  316. Lucy L

    I was implanted with Mcghan textured saline implants in 1994.

    In 1996, I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus. Between 1996 and 2010, diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, defenerative disc disease, seizure disorder, anxiety and depression (ya think?), Hypothyroid, etc, and in 2010, diagnosed with MS.

    I’ve been pretty much incapacitated for the past 5 years. 13 days ago, I had explant – enbloc surgery by Dr. H Jae Chun in Newport Beach CA. I think that I might – possibly – see a light at the end of the tunnel as a few nagging symptoms have lessened a bit. I urge you to consult Dr. Chun if you are anywhere close to Orange County. He’s quick, efficient, and effective.

    If you’re reading this, my heart goes out to you. There are so many of us in this blasted boat. I would Like to sue somebody…… Wouldn’t you?

    Peace & Love,

    1. Tessa

      lulu I have the same kind of implants done the same year and been diagnosed with the same things and more was completely healthy one day woke up and could not move my life has been a night mare and no one can give me answers I have constant iching insside one breast an pain in both an my dr. say its not my implants but my mother that past away always said its your dam implants im thinking she was right …thank you for your post Tessa

  317. Pam

    I have had saline implants since 1998. Nothing but illness, pain and suffering from them. I really want to have them explanted and hope my body will recover. I will need a really good doctor that can deal with the scar tissue and hopefully due some reconstruction. So I don’t just have hanging skin. I am 52 years old. I also want a really good attorney that has experience dealing with breast implant lawsuits. I can not believe how swept under the rug the illnesses these implants cause. I am located in Central California.

    1. Lori

      Hi Pam,
      I too have had a textured saline implant since 98 and am now having problems that the doctors can’t figure out. I also am located in Central California and am trying to find a doctor. I finally went back to my PS and he acted like none of my symptoms were at all related but he did at least seemed concerned, instead of a you’re crazy attitude. He still believes implants can last for life though. It was disappointing since I had really liked him and he is respected in the area. The one thing that concerned him most was the burning sensation I’ve been having. He suggested I get a mammogram. I told him I didn’t want one because I have almost no breast tissue of my own in that breast and am afraid of rupture but he said it was fine. I also couldn’t get my OB to order another test for me so I’m not sure what to do now. I do go to a Naturopath who’s been helping me but I’m just now linking the symptoms to the implant. I guess it was denial because I have less choices of what to do after an explant since I have more than one cup size to make up for/only one implant. I’m really freaking out having figured out the link. Insurance called my surgery cosmetic and wouldn’t pay for it the first time so I’m hoping to figure out a way to get it done this time.

  318. Jaclyn Rinaldi

    I am currently in search of an explant dr that is experienced and will honestly remove all that is making me ill. I have been sick for years and have been seeing so many different dr.’s and I never even thought of my implants casing all these issues. Its a shame that more women are not aware and more dr.’s do not see this or know enough to suggest implants could be the root of their patients complaints. I am so grateful to have found this blog and now your Facebook page, I would love to follow the developments in regard to future litigation. Thank you for all your efforts.

  319. Trace

    Count me in too. I would write all of my symptoms but basically it would be redundant; we all know what our different, yet similar symptoms are. I have been suffering for over 15 years. Saline implants, McGhan implanted in 1998. I am also curious about the chemicals that are attached to the Silicone Shell. I’ve read anywhere from 30 to 100 different toxins. DOES anyone have the exact or approximate list?

    I will be more than happy to sign up for a class action suit. Thank you for this post!

  320. Ivanna Resendez

    I had my silicone MENTOR implants put in June 2011. I was told my implant was ruptured in April 2015 when I went in for my yearly ultra sound. I booked an appointment with my doctor and was able to quickly have surgery to replace them. MENTOR comped the new set of implants immediately. My doctor ordered them on a Sunday night and MENTOR had new implants for me Monday morning for my surgery. They kept the explanted implants for “investigational purposes”. I was never even informed that I was able to keep them for my own investigation.

    I’ve been sick here and there for human life reasons and have not considered the reasons to be because of my implants. I will admit this, never in my life have I ever had any anxiety or depression issues until 2014; maybe that’s when the implant ruptured and caused some kind of chemical imbalance in my body that lead to anxiety and depression? I don’t know.

    If my story can help in any way, then please count me in.

  321. Janea

    I’m explanting in less than a week… WOW . I have never been so sick in my life as these last 5 years.
    I’ve had implants for 10 years, saline first second silicon. I opted to try it because the dr recommend it to me as a more natural feel. Okay.. Who wouldn’t want that? Never was I told about silicone swearing in the body and that I could end up so sick and without out a incline of it being my breast parts.
    Chronic joint and neck pain
    IBS/ leaky gut
    Brain Fog
    Constant illness/ bronchitis / flu symptoms
    Muscle pain

    About to be tested for MS!! Joy!!
    This is about what’s right. Companies need to make full complete disclosure to the consumer when it involves their health . No, IFs , ANDs or BUT(T)z…
    Why should we feel .. Oh I should’ve done more research- NO. It is an oath to serve patients w the best care and knowledge possible.
    Or if treating a patient to make sure they fully understand what is being done.
    I for one was never told what would happen to my health. Obviously I would have said no.

    So tired of being sick constantly!!
    I will absolutely be part of this if given the chance.
    My dr will be taking images of the implants and sending into pathology if any thing looks suspicious.

  322. Julliette

    After years of suffering illness and extensive medical tests, I have been found to be suffering from Breast Implant Illness.

    As I have spent all available funds to heal myself where mysterious illness puzzled the medical profession and offered no real solutions to my condition I sought out expensive natural therapies to keep myself alive.

    After extensive personal research I found the secret truth about breast implants. I was told that they would “last a lifetime” by the Plastic Surgeon who convinced me to have them after I just wanted my collapsed nipples that breast feeding two children induced repaired. Ironically – they will last until you die OF THEM!. Unless you are one of the lucky ones who figure it out. My experience with the medical industrial complex was one of evading and almost desperation to pin the health problems on some imaginary illness to cover up the murder scene. Mine was ” Oh you have Lymphoma, of which we sadly do not know what causes Lymphoma, we must irradiate you with chemotherapy and kill off your immune system so you will die quickly and go away”.

    007 – A License to Kill is what they call themselves in the back room.

    I am hoping to have an Explant this year on my nearly 25 year old implants. Any other procedure such as breast lift I can not afford at this time so my breast will be horribly deformed I assume.

    I need a lawyer – I want to join the Class Action Suite for all what they did to me and other poor women, some of whom are dead now.

    I ask the ADMIN for any referrals to Lawyers in the Kamloops region of British Columbia?

  323. Patty Woolsey

    I’m interested. I Have searched high and low for an attorney that will represent me. I had mentor silicone gel for breast reconstruction. When they were removed, I had them tested. They are full of aspergillus niger / mold. I have many health issues.

  324. Monique bock

    I’m interested. I have ALCL from implants and was never advised that I could get cancer from them. I’m one of about 60 people in the world that has developed this

  325. Tracy Clark

    Hello, thank you so much for your website and information, I could just cry, I actually am. I have been struggling for years trying to figure out what has been wrong with me. I will do my best to make a long story short.
    I had Saline Implants done in 1998. Approx 1 year later I experienced horrific hives, etc.
    Went to dermatologists, Immunologists, etc. Told just allergic to this and that.
    Years later, the hives got worse. Turned into eczema, dermatitis, dermatographism, al through out my body. Always tired, always looking sick. High WBC, High IGE, etc.
    Went to Plastic Surgeon over and over, was told NOT from Implants.
    I took it upon myself to do holistic measurements, spent thousands of Infrared Sauna, home colonics, vitamins, supplements, etc. Nothing worked.
    Became so sick I couldn’t even work.
    During this time, I lost my only sister, and both my parents all the while being sick. And because I was so sick my body was already working overtime, stress took over like you couldn’t imagine.

    Lost so much hair, my appetite, severe anxiety, and almost my will to live, but I had to keep going.

    I knew what I was feeling was NOT from just having allergies. My hives kept me up at night to the point I would scratch my skin off my legs and hands, bleed and cry with exhaustion. The constant scripts the MD’s gave me of steroid creams ate off my skin as well. I felt like I was loosing my mind. I would have panic attacks and constant crying spells.
    Severe armpit rashes now for 5 years non-stop, 2 periods a month, brain fog, severe night sweats, food intolerance, you name it, I had it and still have it.
    My hands have now turned into stone, cracking and splitting; even water burns my body. I am no longer able to work and am financially broke with no family support. I am scared and all alone.
    I came across this website and I KNOW for a FACT that this is from my Implants. Thank you so much for writing and advocating this!!

    I am now feverishly looking for help. I’ve been on the phone calling any and all doctors that are experienced with explantation. I have no idea how I am going to pay for this, but I need to get these out asap. I am so very ill I cannot even put into words. I am too tired…

    I live on LI NY if anyone reads this and has any advice or recommendations. Otherwise, I will do my best to find through internet. I, too, after I am feeling better, would love to advocate this injustice. This site was amazingly written and I know that so many like myself are suffering.
    No one could possibly imagine the hell we go through unless they’ve experienced it. Each time I would go to my Plastic surgeon, I would mention that I wanted my implants removed. He said, and I quote, “I don’t remove unless they are giving the patient problems.” ???!!! He would deny any correlation to my ailments with my implants.

    My implants have been in for over 17 years…I’ve been severely suffering for most of 17 years only to be told, “here take an anti-depressant, take an anti-histamine.” Anyone would be depressed had they been suffering for 17 years, so the doctors were half right! After being told over and over it’s not your implants by professionals you are trusting and believing in, it’s unreal that they really are that insanely cold, heartless and greedy. Breast implants are their bread and butter…I get that, but for god’s sake, they are selling poison to women in which some have died. They are no better than a drug dealer knowingly these products can kill. How can they turn their backs??
    Bravo-Good Job Plastic Surgeons! Bravo FDA….How can you live with yourselves? I hope your daughters never have to go through the hell you’ve put on so many. This NEEDS TO BE STOPPED and your day will come…I just hope I am not 6 feet under when it does!!!

  326. Michelle Mccormick

    I found this article after my explant 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately I did not tell the PS to save the implants for my examination and have taken his and his assistant’s word for it that they were not moldy or damaged and were intact. I did not have my capsule removed as he insisted there was no medical reason to do so and that the very thin tissue would absorb into my body. Now I’m panicked that I should have taken my implants with me and had the capsule removed because they were textured saline. They were almost 18 year old McGahns. I had fibromyalgia pre implantation. However quickly after implantation I had severe bladder pain diagnosed as Interstitial Cystitis without the presence of cysts and have battled MANY food sensitivities that lead to migraines and bladder pain. Had years of tinnitus, vertigo & neurological issues, and recently had many muscular & connective tissue problems. Uterine pain leading to a hysterectomy with absolutely nothing wrong with my uterus. Working out became a chore! I had them removed due to health issues otherwise they looked almost perfect. I thought I was getting the safe implants. Nobody ever said they had silicone on the exterior and that textured could potentially cause further problems. There was no easy internet access in ’98 when I had these implanted or I never would have done it. Total lack of information. Feeling extremely fatigued 2 weeks postop.

  327. Marie Jackson

    I have had my silicone implants for 9 years and have, or in some cases still do, suffer with most illnesses that others have. As I write this comment I am sick, so right now all I can say is “I WANT EM OUT”. I wish we all can get the medical help we need and hold Mentor and other companies responsible for the health issues these damn things has caused.

  328. Angie

    I was implanted in 1994 with Saline implants and outside Silicone and I still have them. I have been sick for years and with numerous symptoms. This past year has been the worse for me. I had surgery on my Neck in Feb and then 4 days later I was rushed to the ER due to severe abdominal pain, I was screaming that i was going to die and it still took two hour to get into the ER ROOM !!!
    After two ct scans I found out I had a SUPERIOR MESENTERIC DISSECTION of my AORTA that could had killed me. I pray to GOD that I have a second chance at life. I still continue to have this watched with Angiograms to make sure it heals. My last one showed that the Intimal Flap still has not healed and could cause another Thrombosis. Now with all my diagnosis from Dr’s starting back 14 years ago with Chronic Dermatisis which are LESIONS on the breast and all over my body. I have joint pain and redness with burning sensation, this has never went into remission even with immune suppressants . Before this illness I was diagnosed with Gastropersis and Gastritis …I will just make a list of all my diagnosis.


    Foot surgery
    Neck C 5-6/ Surgery
    Tested & Diagnosed
    Joint Pain
    Prenecious Anemia
    Carpel Tunnel (Left Elbow) yes Elbow
    Memory Loss
    Extreme Fatigue
    Spinal Stenosis
    Degenerative Disc Disorder
    Hair Loss
    Blurred Vision
    Night Sweats
    Brain Fog
    Muscle Weakness
    Heart Palpations
    Aorta Dissection
    Breast Pain / Stabbing & Shooting pain through the arm
    Lesions on the breast and body area

    I’m hoping to have mine removed in March and hopefully start my new life with recovery. I know it will take years and some things may not change, but I hope at least 80% will heal.


  329. Karen Digras

    25 year old silicone implant recently removed and not replaced. According to surgeon they were exploded everywhere and it was like trying to remove cotton candy from my chest. I get stitches out next week and want to have a list of questions to ask. I don’t believe anyone is looking for us after implants are removed as to health concerns. Never was I told by original surgeon that I should have check ups. Never was it recommended that mammograms might be too harsh on the implant and that other means should be used. When my breasts blew up twice the size they were doctors simply scratched their heads and said it was probably hormones. NEVER did they consider the massive fluid build up could be from the implants. Not a single OBGYN, Mammogram tech, or PRIMARY CARE DOCTOE EVER told me between years 7 to year 26 of having the implants that I should be checked and consider replacement or removal to avoid what has happened to me,, the future remains to be seen. I get little burning blisters on my body that seep burn and them scab under my breasts to the backs of calves and thighs.

  330. Paula Patton

    I am interested in pursuing a law suit to pay for my explant and send off the implants for analysis and also the proper post surgical detox protocols. Any suggestions? Waiting for a call back from some phone calls placed today. Mentor was the maker of my saline put in 16 years ago. Would love to go to Atlanta and have Dr. Kolb take them out.

  331. Lori Higgins

    Ive had my saline implants for 13 years. I’ve had all kinds of bizzare illnesses starting with migraines, mold toxicity, heavy metal toxicity, ringing in my ears and the list goes on. I stopped grooming dogs 8 weeks ago
    after 33 years of grooming. I thought that the pain I was experiencing was from overuse. The discomfort keeps getting progressively worse. Its all starting to make sense now and I’m scared!

  332. Jackie Nunez

    On Dec 1 2015 I had breast implants removed. They were silicone from 1985. I thought I was dying. My tongue was going numb, also my arms and having severe headaches muscle aches. I had b.o. that was not normal and ammonia smelling urine. My vision was blurrjng. Had 4 polyps in 9 months period. My whole body was inflammed. It hurt to eat. Doctors kept telling me nothing was wrong with me. It made me feel crazy. After removal I am starting to feel better. I truly believe I would have died had I not had them removed.

  333. Amy Dumas

    I am experiencing all of these symptoms & I have been in a mentor solid silicone study with my implants for 10 years with no help at all from them just excuses & getting ignored! Some days I can’t get out of bed…I am so sick & I hope that not another young girl will make the same mistake!!! I have been to so many Drs & have to see a pain specialist every month to deal with this! I have been to Mayo clinic in Jacksonville & in Scottsdale too. No Dr wants to say much about the implants except one that I saw when I lived in Kawaii but then we had to move because of my husbands work! Every Dr I have seen to remove my implants does not want to unless I get new ones to replace them! I just feel that this has been one of the worst decisions I have ever made & has cost me all quality of life!

  334. Holly

    I am 36 years old. My implants were placed in 2010. Over the past 4 years my health has deteriorated. But more so in the past year. Since August I have been dx with Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, chronic fatigue. All my lab work is normal. In the past few months my symptoms have become debilitating. I am a registered nurse and can barely work. I suffer from cold hands and feet, tingling fingers and toes, joint pain, muscle aches, exhaustion, ringing of ears, visual disturbances, memory loss, depression. I don’t even know where to start to get help. I just keep thinking what if my implants are the cause? My body is slipping away and maybe I have found the answer.

  335. Natalie Phillips

    I have 90% of the symptoms and my implants are 11 years old, with lumps and bumps now. I am very unwell and was suddenly diagnosed with celiac disease sept last year, also lactose intolerance, depression and whole lot more as above article says, I have had countless tests and on anti depressants, drs are treating what happens next but no one can tell me why I am suddenly so ill, I also had 4 misscarriages in last 3 years, I have so much medical evidence of 3 years of my life including sudden rupture appendix in the middle of miscarriage of twins at 8 weeks.

    I am very interested to find out more and be apart of your group with this, I am going to ask my dr to administer the tests u advised, some of them had already been done in past 2 years and my vit D very low as well.
    I had no idea until heard news last week regarding breast implants and heard about some symptoms, so much fits into what my health has been. I have permanent numbness my whole left side my finger tips i cant even feel.


  336. Juliette in Canada

    In ’93 I had my implants and was told they would last a lifetime. After 10 years they were hardening and drooping so I inquired the cost of removal or replacement and the price was way out of my range being then a single mom. No one told me that they had a shelf life and could endanger my life. A couple years down the road and my kids are on their own I was riddled with mysterious sickness even though I have always been a health nut and was still jogging at 53. Then my lymph nodes started to swell up and I had to endure a full year of doctors mauling me – every test under the sun – and they concluded I had Lymphoma and I was to have Chemotherapy and Radiation. I said no. They never once considered my leaking breast implants and my independent research drove me to this website. Am trying to arrange an explantation now. They should all be sued for all the pain and suffering I have endured.

  337. brianna

    Had cohesive gel implants put in about 10 month’s ago. Started feeling a loss of passion, emotions were blocked, didn’t has desire for much anymore, then the fatigue. Now the worst has came on. Felling in a drunk, haze 24-7! YES, 24-7!! I can’t do anything. I have the most crazy sensitivity to sunlight (the most), cell phone light’s, fluorescent light’s and computer scressn. I can barely work anymore. I though I was just getting old but I am only 29. My vision is al uncomfortable and I don’t see in H.D anymore. I have had C.T scan, ECG, all blood work, including LYME, and have many specialists. ENT, Neuro, N.D, Therapist, and Crainail acrel Therapist. Wasting so much money. ALL TESTS are NEGATVE. I am now explanting with Petra Schiller in Toronto in Feb. ANd I can’t wait! I want my life back and my son to have his Mummy back.

  338. Anne Lantrip

    I would like to be added to your group. I have only started to figure out my health issues are caused by my implants and want to be included. Thank you! This website if VERY informative!!! Thank you!!

  339. Kelley McNamara

    I had cohesive gel implants placed sub muscularly in 2008 due to an enormous amount of loose skin after nursing my two children. After six years I began to have burning pain in my left breast, left armpit, and chest wall. After three ultrasounds and a mammogram and ten months of wasted time, my worst fears have been confirmed……rupture. I am seeking surgical explanation ,en bloc, from the best explant surgeon in North America…Dr.Susan Kolb. I am flying from Vancouver Canada to Atlanta Georgia to have the explant and bilateral mastopexy without re implantation. I am so fatigued and sick from what I have known deep down for a while now. I beg women to read Dr.Kolbs book, The Naked Truth about Breast Implants, before walking down this dangerous path. I will post again after my Dec.11th explant. Thank you for this page and for taking a stand. Kelley

  340. Charmayne Fletcher

    I’m a medical mess. I’ve been to every doctor under the sun, tried every course of action there is. Never in a million years did I think that my implants were making me sick. I want these things out now. It’s funny, I never wanted them in the first place. I had a breast reduction w/ lift and the doctor said I would look funny if I didn’t have the implant. Biggest mistake I ever made. I just want my life back

  341. Kristin Plummer

    I had my first implants placed in 1997 due to cosmetic issues after nursing both of my children. Since then I have had a partial Thyroidectomy (2000), Hysterectomy (2008), Breast Cancer (1/2012), and Double Mastectomy (2/2012), Breast Reconstruction (4/2012), Breast Reconstruction Correction (2/2013). I have been struggling with health issues since the year 2000. I have been tested for thyroid function 50+ times, Lymes Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and what ever else each specialist I went to could think of. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Stress, PMDD, Adenomyosis, vertigo, sinus infections, Fibromyalgia, and (the big one until now) Breast Cancer. Finally, after 15 years it all comes together, I have Breast Implant Illness.
    This diagnosis comes after dealing with many many Dr.’s and their misassumptions, misdiagnoses, and accusations.
    After learning of BII from my friend at church who has it, I was able to gain knowledge and get in to see a well known, extremely knowledgeable Dr. and was diagnosed with a leaking implant and a mold and fugal infection throughout my body. Due to financial reasons she cannot be my surgeon. So, God provided Dr. …(my ENT) to help me because my primary Dr. has not believed me (even humiliating me by drug testing me), my Oncologist said, “I was latching onto a hypothesis” and got angry with me when I asked him to educate himself to see what he thought. But, Dr. (ENT) believed me saying “I want to better educate myself to help my patients”, and has gone above and beyond his specialty to help me. He sent me for a MRI after the ultrasound did not show a visible rupture and as diagnosed by Dr. (BII Specialist) I have an Intra Capsular Rupture of my implant which has most certainly caused the latest symptoms. Which means now my insurance will pay for the explanation.
    I was convinced to replace my saline implants with the Silicon “Gummy Bear” type to reconstruct after my Mastectomy. I was assured the materials were no longer an issue by my surgeon, the implants were not causing my health issues, and they were more natural feeling than saline. They lie! Why? Because Breast Augmentations are a cash cow for the industry and they prefer money over responsibility. They are quickly going to realize we are not as dumb and vain as they think!
    Please, please share your stories to help all the women who like myself were lied to and are walking around with killer implants in their bodies.
    The industry is continuing to count on the subject of breast implants and the negative connotation to keep this information suppressed. Please do not judge or worry about being judged, share the information about Breast Implant Illness where ever you can. Let us all be tenacious about this, this is a life and death matter.

  342. Jillian

    I absolutely want in on a class action lawsuit. I was deceived by my plastic surgeon, the implant company, and the FDA. I am angry! I had saline implants with valves placed in July 2000. I started getting sick within the year. By February 2002 I became disabled. I have been robbed of a normal life with my 5 children. I want some aspect of justice for myself and all other women who were lied to in order for the perpetrators to become richer. I want these toxic implants out!!!

  343. Judy

    Interested in following this. Implanted 1984 with silicone. Asked all the ‘right questions’ and was told they would “last forever.” Explanted in 2006 with Baker’s IV Capsular Contracture after rupture. Very messy according to my op report. Was told by first surgeon I went to that I would be “deformed and your husband won’t want you if you don’t get re-implanted.” Luckily, I did my research and found a wonderful surgeon in TX and I am NOT deformed in any way. I had so many symptoms because of these bags of poison in my body. Now, still dealing with Hashimoto’s but many symptoms are healed or healing after having them out. It sickens me that these are still legally allowed to be put into women’s bodies. How sad that so many of us have bought into the cultural ‘ideal’ and made this decison because we felt not good enough the way we were. I missed the last class action suit…count me in if this goes forward. They can’t make up for the years of pain and suffering and what we go though to get rid of them physically, psychologically and emotionally. They should be held accountable for what they have and continue to say is “safe” when they so clearly are not.

  344. Teresa Labaire

    hello, I’m, 65 I have had my saline implants out for about 6-7 years. They were removed after one began to become impacted and the other leaked. The implant co. Would only pay for one! At the time of removal the plastic surgeon told me he had a very difficult time getting them out and wasn’t able to remove all of the silicon but he had scraped as much as he could get!
    I have fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroid hashimotos a stomach disorde, brain fog etc. I can’t work I really need these people to be responsible for this terrible theft of my life.

  345. Tobie Oliver

    I have had the same breast implants for 40 years and have a lot of the symptoms listed with no medical reason that I feel so bad all time, and basically getting much worse as I get older.
    However, what is a person to do if they cannot afford to have them removed by a plastic surgeon ? I doubt that my insurance will cover this. I have no idea what type of dr that I would even look for to help with this.

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Tobie,
      Insurance does cover removals for different reasons. If you have a Baker’s IV capsular contracture, your implants are leaking or ruptured or if they are making you ill due to infection etc or causing you pain, insurance does cover removal. There are several surgeons in Texas, please see the Explant Surgeon list. A ND or functional medicine doctor can help you with detoxification and removal of co-infections such as fungus etc. Nicole

  346. terri

    I’m very interested in what you are doing. I’m on my second set of implants, having gone from the saline implants I got in 1998 to silicone in 2008. I have had a range of symptoms ever since my second surgery, including a postoperative infection on the left side. Fairly recently I was told I have a silent rupture on my left side. My symptoms are of course getting worse while I wait for surgery…

  347. Daphne Shaffer

    I have been very ill, actually it all started after getting implants. I never knew, nor did any of my Dr.’s that it could be from implants. I am getting ready to explant. Happy to find this site.

  348. Kat

    Diagnosed with ALCL this summer, presumably from textured implants. Why were patients not informed of the 2011 FDA report? We could have switched implants back then before Lymphoma developed.

  349. debra

    whatever you do DON’T tell the Drs. why you want your results tests, films, etc. just say for your records. They are your property, you paid for them but…many (most) places will give you a hard time ,some will refuse. You have to be very careful w/these people,their jobs are at stake and they protect the Drs. at all costs. Same w/Drs. they all send out suspisions on certain patients I would imagine if they think you are involved or getting involved in law suit. They know you”ll need a new Dr. they stick together. Find a Dr. you can trust or a referral from implanted (ill) women. Never tell, even the receptionist.

  350. Kelly

    My 35 year old daughter had saline implants 3 years ago. She has not worked in a year and a half do to the severity of her sickness. Next week on 9-2 she will be in surgery for a min of 8 hrs removing the implants with an Enbloc and a lift. She was a top real estate agent in Abilene Tx. Energetic upbeat and loves people….at this time she is practically living in bed. She has become “allergic to life” food perfume baby lotion (she has a 14 yr old son and a 1 yr old son) . because of all of the toxins that have taken over her life, she cannot function in our world of chemicals. She spent two weeks at the Environmental Health center in Dallas for testing. She has to give herself shots with antigens to survive her autoimmune disease. She is having her hair test today to see if silicone poisoning is present. The one thing we are having problems with is finding a trustworthy lab to send the implants to??? Do you have any resources to help us? Thank you for any answers you can give us. This has been a nightmare for our family. We are just thankful to at least know what we are fighting!!

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Kelly,
      If you are interested in having implants analyzed for why they caused illness, please send them to Dr. Pierre Blais of Innoval Failure Analysis whose contact information is on the Resource page of this website. Nicole

  351. Debbie Stokes

    Please keep me informed this is the 4th set of implants and not one Dr mentioned all those illnesses and I have all of them.

  352. Mary Knupp

    I have many health problems due to silicone. I had an explant February 2015, and am very scared about my health and recovery. I had no idea that I was in such danger.

  353. Marga van Amersfoort

    Hello ladies,
    I came across this website today. We have some exciting news which might interest you.
    This is our press release:
    “History is repeating itself”

    A Dutch organization SVS is going to sue the State on September 30th
    Their claim: “Silicone breast implants off the market until safety is proven”.
    According Ms van Amersfoort and Ms van der Brand, president and secretary of the SVS:
    “From 1992, our organization have being trying to convince the government and even the European Commission, that some women get health issues or get sick due to silicone breast implants.
    We have not being heard.
    Unlike America, we have no claim culture.
    In our case it is about the health of thousands of women.
    There was no ban on implants between 1992 and 2006.
    We have over 4000 women in our database, many poignant stories of women who didn’t get access to medical treatment simply because health problems are denied.

    Even breast cancer patients who get problems with their health after receiving implants as a follow up treatment for breast cancer or BRCA gene mutation, are denied access to medical treatment or have to pay to get their implants removed.

    In the past years we did our own research and what we found shocked us.
    It seems researchers/doctors only study their own field of literature but not as a whole.
    The publication ‘safety or silicone implants in 1999’(which is outdated!), indicated more research had to be done on platinum.
    This was repeated by the FDA in 2006.
    Only a few studies have been published after that time and the majority of these shows platinum in a more toxic state.
    But who makes or rather forces manufacturers on doing more research on platinum?
    We as patients can’t, so we have to rely on governments and health authorities.
    Another issue we found which never have been investigated according the SCENIHR report on PIP from 2012, the discoloration of implants.
    Which can be seen in many implants from all manufacturers. We found out that discoloration also can be a sign of degradation of the implant.
    When we investigated other silicone implant materials it was revealed, this phenomenon could mean that the composition changes over time.
    So it is no longer the material which is bio-compatible and granted with approval.

    Meanwhile most plastic surgeons keep saying ‘you can’t get sick from implant or be allergic to it, even breast implant associated ALCL (a cancer from the immune system) is being downgraded.

    Our organization is not against implants, but if these facts are not addressed and resolved once and for all, women continue to fall victim to these potentially toxic medical devices.
    We hope by taking this step more research by independent scientists is enforced and this will eventually lead to innovation in breast surgery”.

    If you are interested in background information on implants and we’ve gathered a lot, please feel free to visit our site:

    Question: Is it ok to place a link to you on our website?
    Kind regards from the Netherlands .
    Marga van Amersfoort

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Marga,
      Thank you for your very informative message and link to your valuable database. We will definitely be posting your link as a resources on this site and in our facebook group called Breast Implant Illness and Healing Official Group. Yes, it is okay to link to this site and let’s keep in contact. Kind regards, Nicole

  354. Carrie

    I can’t remember if I already sent this. I’m sorry if you received a bouble. I will go order my last surgery reconstruction records. The first teo surgeries were from a doctor I can’t recall the name of a clinic in lake Tahoe. I believe dr Mendez who had reconstructed my entire chest using mesh will have the prior records of the first surgeons name. Also, this reconstructive surgery was horrible pain. I healed so slow and swore I’d never do it again. I do have my implant card with mentor and the serial numbers on it. Next I’ll start seeing a few explant surgeons. I prefer dr kolb but she may be too hard on for me. I just have problems going to the store ten minutes away from my home. I don’t believe I can take care of myself alone in a city where I don’t know anyone. I’ll work on trying to figure a way to perhaps have someone go with me if I can find a way to afford it. Bless your heart for making this site and putting all of us together. Your all a God send. I love you for that

  355. Rebecca Boyd

    I have posted a couple of times here as I received my Mentor silicone implants June 3, 2014 after having bi lateral mastectomy 2007 & had tissue expanders in for 7 years. I became ill within 24 hours of getting implants with all symptoms women have spoke of including my teeth moving, gums receding, teeth disentegrating, irritated inner lips, mouth, loose teeth, jaw pain & pressure clear into sinuses, etc, etc. I just had my implants out July 31 by 9th surgeon I spoke with but he refused to do total capsulectomy nor would he remove the excess breast skin/tissue But I wanted the poison out of me!! I will need more surgeries as I still want capsules out & my left breast had a tram flap so definitely it has more skin than my right side, I’m lopsided & very caved in on my chest & just had staples out today & have my implants to mail to Dr. Blais in Canada for testing & my implants are yellow! I do Not yet feel any better or different as I hoped for but Pray I do soon as I’ve aged at least 15 years in just one year, NO energy or motivation, debilitating fatigue, etc & am Not the person I used to be. I am VERY interested in Legal action as I’ve documented alot as I’ve been to ER approx 10 times & was admitted to hospital just 9 days after implants but not know what was wrong till late last year & only happened across “silicone poisining” on Facebook breast cancer support group then Googled & found this forum & Hallelujah, I’m Not crazy!!! This has been the Worst year of my life & I’m not done yet! Please keep me posted via email Please as to any legal progression, etc as these implants are pure poisin & I’m Pissed! I did a report online w/FDA regarding my implants, etc & i encourage All ladies to do the same!!

  356. Shelley

    Its past due – time to get the word out about Saline and Silicone -Is anyone telling the bio-toxin truth about saline implants? The PS’s aren’t telling anyone what they need to know (who’d get implants if they knew the hell they’d live later?) , the implant manufacturers certainly aren’t – are they telling the doctors?

  357. Paula blades

    Hello, first off thank you for all your information and sharing your story.
    I was explanted two years ago and still deal with many symptoms you listed. I have been trying for two years to find an attorney to take my case. I only have one year left. I have been very discouraged every attorney states I have a good case but they don’t have time to deal with it!!!!!! Susan Kolb M.D. Did the explant of my mentor saline implants. She authored The Naked Truth About Breast Implants and has appeared twice on Monsters Inside Me. My implants were sent to an expert in Canada Dr. Peter Blais M.D. I have report from him stating the valves were faulty and implants were full of aspergillus mold among other fungi and bacteria.
    I lost my job as a pharmaceutical Rep. I have applied for disability with no luck yet. I am so furious I had implants for 20 years. My surgeon stated saline was totally safe and good for a life time!!!!!!!!!! Every specialist including Mayo Clinic stated it couldn’t be my implants making me sick. So I appreciate you getting the word out.. This has physically, mentally and financially devastated my life!,,
    Please help me find an attorney. I also want to get the word out and help other women.
    Kindest Regards

    1. AS

      I have been very ill! With various autoimmune complexities, which doctors are baffled. Yet, they will not admit or support or confirm that the implants are the cause. I had implants from 1983 and did not have the funds to pay for removal until now. No doctor would verify this was a major factor in my health struggle. Therefore, insurance does not cover anything of it. THE LIST OF ISSUES ARE: chronic fatigue, arthritis, mitochondria issues, micro muscles spasms, cognitive fog, inflammation, pain. I hope that this will turn around, that young woman will not choose to do this. Blessings

    2. Carrie

      I didn’t know dr kolb was on monsters inside me twice. I’ve only seen the Kathryn gordon one. Contact me if you haven’t found an attorney yet. I may be able to help you


        I am literally scheduled for breast explantation surgery on Nov 15. I am dying a slow death. I feel as though I am slowly being poisoned. I am so sick I cannot work, I cannot work out, I don’t even leave the house and I am so fragile, weak, fatigued, have depression, anxiety and panic attacks, nausea, muscle and joint pain, migraines, lack of motivation, brain fog, lack of concentration, short term memory loss and the list goes on and on for me. I am completely debilitated right now ….long story short, I am sicker than sick. My endocrinologist has advised that it is his professional opinion that the breast implants are slowly killing me. I must get them out ASAP. I have Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Disease so they should have never implanted them in the first place, which I did not know, but they did know that I was taking thyroid medication before implantation because it is listed on my intake paperwork. The implants have caused me the auto immune disorder and it is further destroying my thyroid which is barely functioning as it is (I was born with only the top of my thyroid). All of which I did not know about my thyroid until I was in my 40s because I was either misdiagnosed or undiagnosed all together until recently. I just recently found out I had a thyroid condition. I have bounced from dr to dr for the last 7-9 years trying to figure out why I was so sick, only to be told maybe “I should talk to someone, nothing was wrong with me.” All the while, I am sick as a dog every single day. The symptoms and issues are just getting worse and worse as each day passes and my ability to do things diminish with each passing day. I take so much medication just to function on a day-to-day basis. It is a disgrace that this is still happening and implants are still being implanted on the daily to date. I am definitely interested in taking legal action. These implants have devastated my life. I have been sick for the last 7-10 years, these implants have literally hijacked my body….. only to be told by doctor after doctor that nothing was wrong ….yet I was so sick I could not function. I can’t wait to get these implants out. I feel I am not going to make it if I don’t get them out. I can literally feel my body shutting down, time is running out. I’ve tried for so long to figure out why I was sick, and now I finally know after my endocrinologist advised they need to be removed ASAP. Please keep in touch with me at [email protected], the word needs to get out because these implants are not so pretty as they are presented to be. Its disgusting & I’m outraged and I don’t know how these surgeons sleep at night. Once I have them explantated, I will definitely have them tested.

        1. Cheryl

          Hello my name is
          Cheryl and I have had my implants for 12 years saline and I have all the same symptoms! Someone has to stop these people!!! I’m going to a surgeon this month and taking them out. Thank god for this web site.